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Abc Books

Other Work :
The BAC (sic) bothe in Latyn and in Englusshe (c1538 Thomas Petyt)
[The earliest known ABC book]
John Hart : A Method or comfortable beginning for all unlearned
[The earliest known pictorial alphabet]

A Playbook for Children by 'J G'
Mary Cooper : The Child's New Play-Thing
The Young Child's ABC, or First Book
(1806 Samuel Wood, NY) - chapbook
ABC - The Silver Penny, for the Amusement and Instruction of Good Children
(nd. c1818 J Kendrew, York)
An Easy ABC Book and Child's First Primer
(nd. c1840 J Gilbertson, York)
The Amusing Alphabet, or Easy Steps to ABC
(c1845 Dean)
ABC - A Was an Archer
(nd. c1850 A Chapbook - sold by the Booksellers)
The Pictorial ABC
(c1855 J T Burdett)
The Absurd ABC
(c1870-4 Routledge) - Walter Crane
ABC of Dolls
(nd Father Tuck's "Holiday Series")
Nursery ABC and Simple Speller
(c1870 McLoughlin, NY)
My Little Darling's Pictorial ABC
(c1870 McLoughlin)
Work & Play ABC
(c1880 Raphael Tuck)
ABC Book
(c1880 New England Soap Co, SF)
Mollies ABC
(c1880s Dean's Giant Popular Series No 64)
Little ABC Book
(1884 McLoughlin Bros, NY)
ABC - The Bible Picture Alphabet
(c1890 RTS)
Pleasures and Pastimes ABC
(c1890 Father Tuck's Holiday Series)
ABC - Our Friends : An ABC of Children's Names & Three Little Kittens
(nd. c1895 Dean) - untearable picture book
ABC - Baby's ABC
(nd. c1895 Warne, Aunt Louisa's Royal Toy Book)
Phil May's ABC - Two Humorous Alphabets from A to Z
(1897 Leadenhall Press)
Dr Jollyboy's ABC
(1898 Wells Gardner & Darton) - Gordon Browne
ABC - An Alphabet of Animals
(1899 Blackie) - Carton Moore Park
Little Soldier Boys ABC
(1899 McLoughlin, NY)
Our Bird ABC
(nd. Father Tuck's Little Series)
Wild Animals ABC
(nd. Tuck No. 7017)

ABC - Mon Premier Alphabet
(c1900 Hachette, Paris)
A-Hunting We Will Go ! : An ABC Book
(c1900 Blackie, London)
Farmyard ABC
(c1900 Nelson)
ABC - The Holiday Playmate
(c1900 Warne)
Tiny Tots ABC
(c1900 Warne - Aunt Louisa's Playtime Toy Book)
Toyland ABC
(c1900 M A Donohue, Chicago)
Little Workers ABC and Pretty Picture Book
(1901 McLoughlin)
ABC - Alphabet of Children's Names
(nd. c1903 Nelson)
Animal and Train ABC
(c1908 Dean)
In the Forest ABC
(nd.c1910 Father Tuck'First lesson' Series)
In the Jungle ABC
(nd.c1910 Father Tuck'First lesson' Series)
Wild Animals ABC
(c1910 Father Tuck "First Lesson Series")
Among the Birds ABC
(c1910 Father Tuck's Little Pets Series) - untearable linen
ABC - Aunt Louisa's First Book for Children
(c1912 Warne)
How We Go Shopping ABC
(c1912 Raphael Tuck, Father Tuck's Little Pet Series)
Peter Pan's ABC
(c1913 Hodder & Stoughton) - Flora White
ABC of Nursery Objects
(c1915 Dean)
ABC - Dean's Rag Book A to Z
(nd. c1918 Dean)
ABC - Dean's Rag Book - ABC & 123
(nd. C1920 Dean)
An Animal ABC
(nd. 1923 Blackie) - Harry B Nielson

ABC of Toys
(c1930 Nelson)
ABC of Objects
(c1930 McLoughin)
My ABC Book
(1930s John F Shaw)
ABC in Living Models
(nd. c1935 Bookano)
The Daily Express ABC
(nd. c1935) - 7 stand-up pictures
The ABC Picture Book
(c1940's BB Ltd)
Town & Country ABC
(1940s Dean)
ABC of the Sea
(c1940s Renwick of Otley)
ABC Ragland
(nd. c1943 Bairn)
My Toyland ABC
(nd. c1945 Juvenile Productions)
The Farm Alphabet Party : An ABC Story by Pegeen Kenney
(1946 Rainbow, US)
The Animal ABC
(c1946 Ward Lock)
The ABC Book
(c1948 Birn)

1950 Plus
ABC - Jolly Jumps Ups ABC Book
(nd. c1950's Publicity Products) - 6 pop-ups
ABC Picture Book
(1950s Amex Co)
Cowboys and Indians ABC
(nd. c1950 Children's Press)
The ABC Pop-Up Book
(nd. 1950s Purnell)
My Toyland ABC
(c1950 Juvenile Productions)
ABC Story - Ant and Bee
(nd. 1951 Edmund Ward) - Angela Banner
ABC Picture Book
(by Mary Kendal Lee) (nd. c1951 Sampson Low & Marston)
Fairy Folks Picture ABC
(c1955 Juvenile Productions)
Prudence Kitten's ABC
(c1960 London) - 3 pop-ups
ABC Teddy Bears
(a board book) (1961 Nelson "Little Hercules")
Frist ABC
(1969 Lutterowrth Press) - Brenda Meredith-Seymour
Anno's Magical ABC : An Anamorphic Alphabet
(1981 Bodley Head)
My Pop-Up Book ABC
(1982 Dean) - Anne Graham
The ABC Alphabet Book
(1988 Bracken Books)