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Aunt (books With This Title)

Aunt Affable
Aunt Affable's Story about Cock Robin alive & well again
(c1840's Dean) - Toybook
Aunt Affable's Story about William and Dick and What Echo Said to Them
(c1840 Dean)

Aunt Annie
Aunt Annie's Stories, or the Birthday's at Gordon Manor
(1868 Seeley, Jackson & Halliday. 4th Thou)

Aunt Effie
pseud of Lady Ann Hawkshaw 1812-1885
Aunt Effie's Rhymes for Little Children
(1852 Addey & Co) - Hablot K Browne
(1878 Routledge)
Aunt Effie's Rhymes for Children
(1856 McLoughlin NY)

Aunt Elinor
Aunt Elinor's Lectures on Architecture

Aunt Esther
Aunt Esther's Tales in Verse
(c1876 RTS)

Aunt Fanny
(Frances Barrow)
Daddy's Gone a-Hunting
(1879 Dean)
Pictures to Amuse and Tales to Amuse
(nd. c1880 Dean) - 12 moveable chromolithos
Offered in 1996 for £250

Aunt Friendly
Aunt Friendly's Nursery Keepsake
(c1871 Warne)
Aunt Friendly's Picture Book
(c1880 Warne)

Aunt Hattie
(Mrs Harriett Newell Woods Baker)
The Hole in the Pocket
Fashion and Folly
(1883 Chicago)

Aunt Ida
Walks and Talks : A Story-Book for Young Children
(c1854 John Murray 5/-)

Aunt Judy
A spin-off from Aunt Judy's Magazine
Many illustrators, incl Caldecott, Cruikshank
Aunt Judy's Christmas Volume
(1866-1885 Bell & Daldy)
Aunt Judy's May-Day Volume for Young People
(1868 Bell & Daldy)
Aunt Judy's Annual 1880
(1880 Bell)
Aunt Judy's Annual 1885 : Edited by H K F Gatty

Aunt Kitty
Florence Arnott, or Is She Generous ?
(1855 Routledge)

Aunt Louisa
Pseud of Laura B J Valentine
All Published by Warne
Aunt Louisa's London Gift Book
Aunt Louisa's London Picture Book
Offered in 1995 for £285
Aunt Louisa's Keepsake
Aunt Louisa's Nursery Favourites
(1870) - Kate Greenaway
Aunt Louisa's Bible Picture Book
(c1870) - Kronheim plates
Aunt Louisa's Sunday Picture Book
(1871) - Kronheim plates
Aunt Louisa's LondonToy Book - The Birthday Party
Aunt Louisa's Ships, Birds and Wonder Tales
Aunt Louisa's London Toy Book - Sea Side
Aunt Louisa's National Album
(nd. c1875) - Kronheim plates
Aunt Louisa's Birthday Gift
Aunt Louisa's Golden Gift
(nd. c1875)
Offered in 1995 for £255
Aunt Louisa's Holiday Guest
Aunt Louisa's Sunday Book
Hector the Dog
(1878 Aunt Louisa's London Toy Book No. 17) - 6 Kronheim plates
Aunt Louisa's Book of Nursery Rhymes
Aunt Louisa's Gift Book
(1882 Scribner & Welford NY)
Aunt Louisa's London Gift Book
(c1886) - 24 Kronheim plates
Offered in 1995 for £285
Aunt Louisa's Book of Animal Stories
Aunt Louisa's First Book for Children
Aunt Louisa's Book of Common Things
(c1910) - by Mrs L Valentine
Aunt Louisa's Book of Fairy Tales

Aunt Lucy
Aunt Lucy's Walks and Talks with Her Children
(1878 Mack)

Auntie's Little Rhyme Book
Auntie's Little Rhyme Book
(c1912 David McKay, Phila)

Aunt Martha
Aunt Martha's Corner Cupboard or Stories about Tea, Coffee, Sugar
(c1891 Nelson)

Aunt Mary
Aunt Mary's Tales
Aunt Mary's New-Year's Gift
Aunt Mary - Proud Girl Humbled
(1867 Allen Bros, NY)
Aunt Mary's Illustrated Reading Book
(c1880 Routledge)

Aunt Mattie
The Play School Stories for Little Folks Vol 4
(1869 Gould & Lincoln, Boston)

Aunt Mavor
Aunt Mavor's Nursery Tales for Good Little People
(1856 Routledge) - Fred Crowquill
Offered in 1996 for £225
Aunt Mavor's Picture Book - Uncle Hugh's Country House
(c1856 Routledge)
Aunt Mavor's Everlasting Toy Book - Hop O'My Thumb
(nd. c1864 Routledge & Warne)
Aunt Mavor's Toy Book - Jack and the Beanstalk
(nd. c1855 Routledge)
Aunt Mayor's Toybook : Cock Robin, etc
(1857 Routledge)

Aunt Susan
(E P Prentis)
Little Susy's Six Birthdays
(1867 Nisbet. 6th Ed)