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Rev Wilbert Vere Awdry

Male : Writer of children's books. Married Margaret Emily Wade in 1938
Nationality : English Place of Birth : Ampfield, Nr Romsey, Hampshire

Date of Birth : 1911 Date of Death : 1997 Age : 86

Education : Dauntsey School & St Peter's Hall, Oxford
All published by EDMUND WARD
mainly illustrated by C Reginald Dalby
The Three Railway Engines
(1945) - William Middleton
Thomas the Tank Engine
(1946) - Reginald Payne
James the Red Engine
Tank Engine Thomas Again
Troublesome Engines
Henry the Green Engine
Toby theTram Engine
Gordon the Big Engine
Edward the Blue Engine
Four Little Engines
Percy the Small Engine
The Eight Famous Engines
(1957) - John T Kenney
Duck and the Diesel Engine
(1958) - John T Kenney
The Little Old Engine
(1959) - John T Kenney
The Twin Engines
(1960) - John T Kenney
Branch Line Engines
(1961) - John T Kenney
Gallant Old Engine
(1962) - John T Kenney
illus by Gunvor & Peter Edwards from here on
Stepney the Bluebell Engine
Mountain Engines
Very Old Engines
Main Line Engines
Small Railway Engines
(1967 Kaye & Ward)
Enterprising Engines
(1968 K & W)
Oliver the Western Engine
(1969 K & W)
Duke the Lost Engine
(1970 K & W)
Tramway Engines
(1972 K & W)
The following written by Christopher Awdry
(b.1940), son of the Rev
and illus by Clive Spong
Really Useful Engines
(1983 - all Kaye & Ward)
James and the Diesel Engines
Great Little Engines
More About Thomas the Tank Engine
Gordon the High-Speed Engine
Toby, Trucks and Trouble
Heinemann from here on
Thomas and the Twins
Jock the New Engine
Thomas and the Great Railway Show
Thomas Comes Home
(1992 £3.99)
Henry and the Express
(1993 £3.99)
Wilbert the Forest Engine
(1994 £3.99)
Thomas and the Fat Controller's Engines
(1995 £3.99)

Railway Series : Welsh editions
Y Tri Indian Tren
(1950 Ward)
Thomas Yr Injian Danc
(1950 Ward)
James Yr Injian Coch
(1950 Ward)
Thomas Injian-Danc Eto
(1950 Ward)

Painting Books
All pbs and published by Edmund Ward
Scenes from Thomas the Tank Engine for You to Paint
Scenes from James the Red Engine for You to Paint
Scenes from the Three Railway Engines for You to Paint
Scenes from the Troublesome Engines for You to Paint

Model Engine Books
All pbs and published in 1957 by Edmund Ward
Thomas the Tank Engine and Annie
Percy with Clarabell the Coach
Gordon the Engine and His Tender
James the Red Engine and His Tender

Pop-Up Books
All published by Kaye & Ward
Bertie the Bus and Thomas the Tank Engine
The Flying Kipper and Henry the Green Engine
Henry the Green Engine and the Elephant
Henry the Green Engine Gets Out
James the Red Engine and the Troublesome Trucks
Percy the Small Engine Takes the Plunge
Thomas the Tank Engine and the Tractor
Thomas the Tank Engine Goes Fishing

Omnibus Editions
Railway Stories
(1982 Kaye & Ward) - C Reginald Dalby & John T Kenney
More Railway Stories
(1983 Kaye & Ward) - C Reginald Dalby & John T Kenney

Other Books related to the Thomas Series
The Rev W Awdry's Railway Series Surprise Packet
(1972 Kaye & Ward)
- <Peter Edwards> In shape of a satchel
Thomas's Christmas Party
(1984 Kaye & Ward) - Clive Spong
Thomas's ABC
(1987 Heinemann) - T Wells
Thomas's Counting Book
(1987 Heinemann) - T Wells
Thomas the Tank Engine Press-Out Model Book
(1987 Kaye & Ward) - K Stott
Hello Thomas
(1988 Heinemann) - lift-the-flap book

Others Books By Rev Awdry
Our Child Begins to Pray
(1951 Ward) - Rene Cloke
Belinda the Beetle
(1958 Brockhampton) - Ionicus
Railway Map of the Island of Sodor
(1958 Ward) - C Reginald Dalby
Belinda Beats the Band
(1961 Brockhampton) - John T Kenney
(Ed) The Industrial Archaeology of Gloucestershire (1973 Gloucester Community Council) - pb
(Ed) A Guide to the Steam Railways of Britain (1979 Pelham Books) - with Christopher Cook
Island of Sodor : Its People, History and Railways
(1987 Heinemann) - with George Awdry
The Birmingham and Gloucester Railway
(1987 Alan Sutton) - with P B Long

Books by Christopher Awdry
Encyclopaedia of British Railway Companies
(1990 Patrick Stephens £20)
Brunel's Broad Gauge Railway
(1992 Oxford Publ Group £17.50)
Over the Summit - How Britain's Railways Crossed the High Hills
(1993 Silver Link £25)

Brian Sibley : The Thomas the Tank Engine Man
(1995 Heinemann £19.99)