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Boer War

N EDWARDS : The Transvaal in War and Peace
(1899-1900 Virtue)
John HASSALL : An Active Army Alphabet
(1899 Sands)
W T STEAD : War Against War in South Africa
(Oct 1899 to June 1900 Horace Marshall) - 30 Parts

L S AMERY : The Times History of the War in South Africa
(1900-9 Sampson Low) - 7 vols
E O ASHE : Beseiged by the Boers
(1900 Hutchinson)
J B ATKINS : The Relief of Ladysmith
(1900 Methuen)
Major F D BAILLIE : Mafeking - A Diary of the Siege
(1900 Constable)
H F Provost BATTERSBY : In the Web of a War
(1900 Methuen)
H J BATTS : Pretoria from Within during the War
(1900 John F Shaw)
E N BENNETT : With Methuen's Column
(1900 Swann Sonnenschien)
A BOWLBY : Reminiscences of the War in South Africa
(1900 Adlard)
S M BROWN : With the Royal Canadians
(1900 Publishers Syndicate Ltd, Toronto)
W BURDETT-COUTTS : The Sick and Wounded in South Africa
(1900 Cassell)
B BURLEIGH : The Natal Campaign
(1900 Chapman & Hall)
A C R CARTER : The Work of War Artists in South Africa
(1900 Art Journal Office)
Erskine CHILDERS : In the Ranks of the CIV
(1900 Smith Elder)
Bt Maj D W CHURCHER : From Alexandria to Ladysmith with the 87th
(c1900 J Ried)
Winston S CHURCHILL : London to Ladysmith via Pretoria
(1900 Longmans Green)
L CRESWICKE : South Africa and the Transvaal War
(1900-2 T C & E C Jack / Caxton) - 8 vols
Capt C M DIXON : The Leaguer of Ladysmith
(1900 Eyre & Spottiswoode)
J EMERSON NEILLY : Besieged with Baden-Powell
(1900 C A Pearson)
Angus HAMILTON : The Siege of Mafeking
(1900 Methuen)
H C HILLEGAS : The Boers in War
(1900 Appleton US)
With the Boer Forces
(1900 Methuen)
Countess HOWE : The Imperial Yeomanry Hospitals in South Africa 1900-2
(1902 Arthur L Humphreys) - 3 vols
W HUYSHE : The Graphic History of the South African War
(1900 The Graphic Office)
Donald MACDONALD : How We kept the Flag Flying - The Story of the Siege of Ladysmith
(1900 Ward Lock)
T G MARQUIS : Canada's Sons on Kopje and Veldt
(1900 Canada's Sons Publ Co, Toronto)
R J McHUGH : The Siege of Ladysmith
(1900 Chapman & Hall)
J O NEVILLE : Boer and the Britisher in South Africa
(1900 Thompson & Thomas, US)
H W NEVINSON : Ladysmith - The Diary of a Siege
(1900 Methuen)
Major A W A POLLOCK : With Seven Generals in the Boer War
(1900 Skeffington)
J RALPH : Towards Pretoria
(1900 C Arthur Pearson)
C N ROBINSON : With Roberts to the Transvaal
(1900 Newnes)
Earl of ROSSLYN : Twice Captured
(1900 Blackwood)
A H SCAIFE : The War to Date
(1900 T Fisher Unwin)
J M STANIFORTH : Cartoons of the Boer War
(1900-2 Western Mail Ltd) - 2 vols
G W STEEVENS : From Capetown to Ladysmith
(1900 W Blackwood)
Sir Frederick TREVES : The Tale of a Field Hospital
(1900 Cassell)
H W WILSON : With the Flag to Pretoria/After Pretoria - The Guerilla War
(1900-2 Harmsworth & Amalgamated Press) - 4 vols
F YOUNG : The Relief of Mafeking
(1900 Methuen)

Black and White Budget
(c1900 Black & White Publ) - 2 vols
A True History of the War
(1900 Harrison) - 5 vols
Illustrated London News Record of the Transvaal War
(1900 ILN/Sketch)
Under the Union Jack
(1900 Newnes) - 2 vols
The Mafeking Mail
(1900 Townshend & Son, Mafeking) - 152 issues
Pen Pictures of the War by Men at the Front
(1900 H Marshall, London)

Edgar WALLACE : Unofficial Dispatches
(1901 Hutchinson)
J BARNES : The Great War Trek
(1901 Appleton US)
R C BRILLINGTON : A Mule-Driver at the Front
(1901 Chapman & Hall)
Lady BRIGGS : The Staff Work of the Anglo-Boer War 1899-1901
(1901 Grant Richards)
A BRON : Diary of a Nurse in South Africa
(1901 Chapman & Hall)
V BROOKE-HUNT : A Woman's Memories of the War
(1901 Nisbet)
Maj-Gen H E COLEVILLE : The Work of the Ninth Division
(1901 Edward Arnold)
F H E CUNLIFFE : The History of the Boer War
(1901-4 Methuen) - 2 vols
R DANES : Cassell's History of the Boer War 1899-1901
(1901 Cassell)
T F DEWAR : With the Scottish Yeomanry
(1901 T Buncle)
F E FREEMANTLE : Impressions of a Doctor in Khaki
(1901 Murray)
Lieut-Col St J GORE : The Green Horse in Ladysmith
(5th Dragoon Guards) (1901 PP)
Capt A HALDANE : How we Escaped from Pretoria
(1901 Blackwood)
R HALL : The South African Campaign
(1901 John K Milne)
T T JEANS : Naval Brigades in the South African War
(1901 Sampson Low)
J D LEATHER-CULLEY : On the War Path
(1901 John Long)
H F MACKERN : Sidelights on the March
(1901 Murray)
Capt A T MAHAN : The War in South Africa
(1901 Peter Fenelon Collier, US)
G H MAKINS : Surgical Experiences in South Africa 1899-1900
(1901 Smith Elder)
Mortimer MENPES : War Impressions
(1901 A & C Black)
Lieut-Col A F MOCKLER-FERRYMAN : The Oxfordshire Light Infantry in South Africa
(1901 Eyre & Spottiswoode)
Lieut E W B MORRISON : With the Guns in South Africa
(1901 Spectator Printing Co, Canada)
H J OGDEN : The War Against the Dutch Republics
(1901 Nat Reform Union)
J March PHILLIPPS : With Rimington
(1901 Edward Arnold)
Lady Maud ROLLESTON : Yeoman Service
(1901 Smith Elder)
G H SMITH : With the Scottish Rifle Volunteers at the Front
(1901 Wm Hodge)
Count STERNBERG : My Experiences of the Boer War
(1901 Longmans Green)
F W UNGER : With Bobs and Kruger
(1901 Henry Coates, US)

Imperial Yeomanry Report
(Cd.803) (1901 HMSO)
South Africa Dispatches
(Cd.457-8) (1901 HMSO)
Report of the Royal Commission appointed to Consider and Report upon the Care and Treatment
of the Sick and Wounded during the South African Campaign
(1901 HMSO) - 3 vols
Report of the Committee of the Portland Hospital
(1901 Murray)
A Civilian War Hospital
(1901 Murray)
Count G de VILLEBOIS-MAREUIL : War Notes
(1901 A & C Black)
D WALLACE & F D BOYD : Report of the Work of the Edinburgh & East of Scotland Hospitals
(1901 Oliver & Boyd)

H BROWN & E Sharpe GREW : War with the Boers
(c1902 Virtue) - 5 vols
Sir Arthur CONAN DOYLE : The Great Boer War
(1902 Smith Elder)
The War in South Africa : Its Cause and Conduct
(1902 Smith Elder) - paper covers
Capt J H CUTHBERT : The 1st Battalion Scots Guards in South Africa 1899-1902
(1902 Harrison)
M DAVITT : The Boer Fight for Freedom
(1902 Funk & Wagnalls)
Christiaan DE WET : Three Years War
(1902 Constable)
S GALVAYNE : War Horses Present and Future
(1902 R A Everett)
C S GOLDMANN : With General French and the Cavalry in South Africa
(1902 Macmillan)
A R I HILEY & J A HASSELL : The Mobile Boer
(1902 Grafton Press, US)
Emily HOBHOUSE : The Brunt of the War and Where it Fell
(1902 Methuen)
Lieut M HUNT : With the Warwickshire Yeomanry
(1902 Cornish Bros)
The Intelligence Officer
(Lionel JAMES) : On the Heels of De Wet (1902 Blackwood)
Sidney PEEL : Trooper 8008 I.Y.
(1902 Edward Arnold)
L March PHILLIPPS : With Rimington
(1902 Edward Arnold)
P PIENAAR : With Steyn and De Wet
(1902 Methuen)
G H G SCOTT & G L McDONELL : The Record of the Mounted Infantry of the CIV
(1902 Spon)
VARIOUS : 2nd Battalion South Wales Borderers South African War 1899-1902
(1902 Swiss & Co)
Gen B VILJOEN : My Reminiscences of the Anglo Boer War
(1902 Hood, Douglas & Howard)
D VAN WARMELO : On Commando
(1902 Methuen)

J B BACKHOUSE : With the Buffs in South Africa
(1903 Gale & Polden)
Maj J BELL : Some Experiences with the Ayrshire Yeomanry
(1903 PP)
Col J Y F BLAKE : A West Pointer with the Boers
(1903 Angel Guardian Press, US)
Maj N G CAMERON : South African War Record of the 1st Battalion Queen's Own
Cameron Highlanders 1900-2
(1903 Northern Counties Printing Co)
G CROWE : The Commission of HMS Terrible
(1903 Newnes)
Mrs General DE LA REY : A Woman's Wanderings and Trials
(1903 T Fisher Unwin)
Lieut-Col E P C GIROUAD : History of the Railways during the War in South Africa 1899-1902
(1903 HMSO)
A H C KEARSEY : War record of the York and Lancaster Regiment 1900-2
(1903 Geo Bell)
J D KESTELL : Through Shot and Flame
(1903 Methuen)
E NEETHLING : Should We Forget
(c1903 Holl-AF Publishing, Cape Town)
H H S PEARSE : The History of Lumsden's Horse
(1903 Longmans Green)
Col. T D PILCHER : Some Lessons from the Boer War 1899-1902
(1903 Isbister)
W T STEAD : How Britain Goes to War
(1903 Review of Reviews)
J STIRLING : Our Regiments in South Africa
(1903 Blackwood)
Capt S E ST LEGER : War Sketches in Colour
(1903 A & C Black)
+ De Luxe Ed of 250 numbered copies
J P STURROCK : The Fifes in South Africa
(1903 A Westwood)
W S INDER : On Active Service with the SJAB
(1903 Atkinson & Pollit)

J N BRINK : Recollections of a Boer POW at Ceylon
(1904 Dusseau, Cape Town)
Lieut-Col F F COLVIN & Capt E R GORDON : Diary of the 9th
(Q.R.) Lancers during the
South African Campaign 1899-1902
(1904 Cecil Roy)
Maj H DAVIDSON : The Seaforth Highlanders South Africa 1899-1902
(1904 Johnson)
Maj M L FERRAR : With the Green Howards in South Africa 1899-1902
(1904 Eden Fisher)
A D LUCKHOFF : Woman's Endurance
(1904 SA News, Cape Town)
VARIOUS : Detailed History of the Railways in the South African War 1899-1902
(1904 Royal Engineers Institute)
Col. W H H WATERS & Col. H DU CANE : The War in South Africa
(1904-6 Murray) - 2 vols
J Watkins YARDLEY : With the Inniskilling Dragoons
(1904 Longmans Green)
Sir W D WILSON : Report on the Medical Arrangements in the South African War
(1904 HMSO)

J BUFTON : Tasmanians in the Transvaal War
(1905 S G Loone, Hobart)
J W MORTON : 8th
(King's Royal Irish) Hussars Diary of the South African War
(1905 Gale & Polden)
Surgeon-Gen W F STEVENSON : Report on Surgical Cases Noted in the SA War 1899-1902
(1905 HMSO)
Capt J H TREMAYNE : XIII Hussars South African War
(1905 May)

G B BEAK : The Aftermath of War
(1906 Edward Arnold)
Lieut-Col R L BIRKIN : History of the 3rd Regiment Imperial Yeomanry
(1906 Vice)
Maj-Gen F MAURICE & Capt M H GRANT : History of the War in South Africa 1899-1902
(1906-10 Hurst & Blackett) - 8 vols
Sister X : The Tragedy and Comedy of War Hospitals
(1906 Murray)
B J VILJOEN : An Exiles General
(1906 A Noble Printing, US)
W B WORSFOLD : Lord Milner's Work in South Africa
(1906 Murray)
Maj-Gen R S S BADEN-POWELL : Sketches in Mafeking and East Africa
(1907 Smith Elder)
Capt H G M REW : Records of the Rough Riders
(XXth Battalion I.Y.) (1907 Brown & Wilson)
J STIRLING : The Colonials in South Africa
(1907 Blackwood)
T C WETTON : Reminscences of the 34th Battalion, Imperial Yeomanry
(1907 Sidney & Bartlett)
Capt C J L GILSON : History of the 1st Battalion Sherwood Foresters in the
Boer War 1899-1902
(1908 Swan Sonnenschein)
Col. M JACSON : The Record of a Regiment of the Line
(1st Battalion Devonshire Regiment)
(1908 Hutchinson)
Maj C F ROMER & Maj A E MAINWARING : The Second Battalion Royal Dublin Fusiliers
in the South African War
(1908 A L Humphreys)

E C LAURENCE : A Nurse's Life in War and Peace
(1912 Smith Elder)
Col. F LUTTMAN-JOHNSON : Record of Services 3rd Battalion
(P.O.W.) Leinster Regiment
(1913 Army & Navy Co-op Soc)
J BRANDT : The Petticoat Commando
(1913 Mills & Boon)
M C JACKSON : A Soldiers' Diary - South Africa 1899-1901
(1913 Max Goschen)
Sol PLAATJE : Native Life in South Africa
(1916 London)
Maj-Gen F SMITH : A Veterinary History of the War in South Africa 1899-1902
(1919 H & W Brown)
Deneys REITZ : Commando
(1929 Faber)
V POHL : Adventures of a Boer Family
(1944 Faber)
R KRUGER : Good-bye Dolly Gray
(1959 Cassell)
W K HANCOCK : Smuts - Vol 1 : The Sanguine Years 1870-1919
(1962 CUP)
W B PEMBERTON : Battles of the Boer War
(1964 Batsford)
R W SCHIKKERLING : Commando Courageous - A Boer's Diary
(1964 Keartland, Johannesburg)

After 1971
Rykie VAN REENEN : Boer War letters - Emily Hobhouse
(1977 Human & Rousseau, Cape Town)
Malvern VAN WYKE SMITH : Drummer Hodge - The Poetry of the Anglo-Boer War
(1978 OUP)
Thomas PAKENHAM : The Boer War
(1979 Weidenfeld & Nicolson)
(Ed) Peter WARWICK : The South African War (1980 Longman)
John WARWICK : Black People and the South African War 1899-1902
(1983 CUP)
Geoffrey WHEATCROFT : The Randlords
(1985 Weidenfeld & Nicolson)
Victor PEACH : By Jingo - Letters from the Veldt
(1987 Community Archive, Totnes)
(Ed) The Boer War in Postcards (1990 Alan Sutton)
Thomas PAKENHAM : The Boer War
(1992 Abacus)
I R SMITH : The Origins of the South African War
(1996 Longman)
Andre WESSEL : The Phases of the Anglo-Boer War
(1998 War Museum of the Boer Republics, Bloemfontein)
A BAKER : Battles and Battlefields of the Anglo-Boer War
(1999 Military Press £20)
H M JONES & M G M JONES : Gazeteer of the Second Anglo-Boer War 1899-1902
(1999 Military Press £25)
Tabitha JACKSON : The Boer War
(1999 Channel 4 Books £18.99)

VARIOUS : Selected Translations Pertaining to the Boer War
(1905 Govt Printing Office, US)
S MENDELSSOHN : Mendelssohn's South African Bibliography
(1968 Holland Press)
P OOSTHUIZEN : Boer War Memorabilia
(1987 Alderman Press)
R GREENWALL : Artists and Illustrators of the Anglo-Boer War
(1992 Fernwood Press, Vlaeberg)
R G HACKETT : South African War Books - An Illustrated Bibliography
(1994 PP £65)
R PERKINS : Regiments and Corps of the British Empire & Commonwealth 1758-1993
(1994 R Perkins £92.50)
A S WHITE : A Bibliography of Regimental Histories of the British Army
(1994 London Stamp Exchange £45)
G CHRISTISON : Book Collecting in South Africa
(1996 Oribi Books, Scottville £16)

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