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Capt (lt Col) Frederick Sadleir Brereton

Male : Writer of boys stories. Cousin of Henty. Married Ethel Lamb in 1898 and Isobel Murdoch in 1953
Date of Birth : 1872 Date of Death : 1957 Age : 85
With Shield and Assegai : A Tale of the Zulu War
With Rifle and Bayonet : A Story of the Boer War
(1900) - Wal Paget
In the King's Service : A Tale of Cromwell's Invasion of Ireland
The Dragon of Pekin : A Story of the Boxer Revolt
(nd. 1902 Blackie) - William Rainey
One of the Fighting Scouts : A Tale of Guerilla Warfare in South Africa
(1903 Blackie) - Stanley L Wood
A Soldier of Japan : A Tale of the Russo-Japanese War
(1906 Blackie) - Stanley L Wood
Roughriders of the Pampas : A Tale of Ranch Life in South America

The Great Aeroplane : A Thrilling Tale of Adventure
(1911) - Edward S Hodgson
Tom Stapleton The Boy Scout
(1911 Blackie) - Gordon Browne
How Canada Was Won
(c1912 Blackie) - William Rainey
The Hero of Panama : A Story of the Great Canal
(1912 Blackie) - William Rainey
King of Ranleigh ! : A School Story
With Wellington in Spain : A Story of the Peninsula
(1914 Blackie) - William Rainey
The Great Airship
(1914 Blackie) - C M Padday
On the Field of Waterloo
(1915 Blackie) - John de Walton
With French at the Front : A Story of the Great European War down to the Battle of the Aisne
(1915 Blackie) - Archie Webb

At Grips with the Turk : A Story of the Dardanelles Campaign
(1916 Blackie) - Wal Paget
On the Road to Bagdad : A Story of Townshend's Gallant Advance on the Tigris
(1917 Blackie) - Wal Paget
With Joffre at Verdun : A Story of the Western Front
(1917 Blackie) - Archie Webb
Under Haig in Flanders
From the Nile to the Tigris : Campaigning from Western Egypt to Mesoptomia
(1918 Blackie) - Frank Gillett
Under Foch's Command : A Tale of the Americans in France
(1919 Blackie) - W Paget
The Armoured- Car Scouts : The Campaign in the Caucasus
(1920 Blackie) - Archie Webb

AFTER 1921
Travel : An Account of Its Methods in Past & Present
(1931 London)
Scouts of the Bagdad Patrols
(1931 Cassell) - Stanley L Wood
(1934 Ward Lock)
Trapped in the Jungle
(1945 Hollis & Carter) - Vernon Soper

A Hero of Lucknow : A Tale of the Indian Mutiny
(Blackie) - William Rainey
With the Dyaks of Borneo : A Tale of the Head Hunters
(Blackie) - Fritz Bergen
Roger the Bold : A Tale of the Conquest of Mexico
(Blackie) - Stanley L Wood
With Roberts to Candahar : A Tale of the Third Afghan War
(Blackie) - William Rainey
With Our Russian Allies : A Tale of Cossack Fighting in the Eastern Campaign
With the Allies to the Rhine : A Story of the Finish of the War
(Blackie) - Frank Gillett
With Allenby in Palestine : A Story of the Latest Crusade
(nd. Blackie) - Frank Gillett
Under Haig in Flanders : A Story of Vimy, Messines & Ypres
Kidnapped by Moors : A Story of Morocco
A Hero of Sedan : A Tale of the Franco-Prussian War
A Sturdy Young Canadian
A Boy of the Dominion : A Tale of Canadian Immigration
Under the Chinese Dragon : A Tale of Mongolia
Jack Bargreave's Gold : A Search for Sunken Treasure
A Knight of St John : A Tale of the Siege of Malta - William Rainey
Foes of the Red Cockade : A Story of the French Revolution
(Blackie) - William Rainey
The Dragon of Pekin : A Story of the Boxer Revolt
A Gallant Grenadier : A Story of the Crimean War
Under the Spangled Banner : A Tale of the Spanish American War
(Blackie) - Paul Hardy
In the Grip of the Mullah : A Tale of Adventure in Somaliland
(Blackie) - Charles M Sheldon

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