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Gilbert Burnet

Male : Historian, Biographer & Theologist. Married twice
Nationality : Scottish Place of Birth : Edinburgh

Date of Birth : 1643 Date of Death : 1715 Age : 72

Other Work : Bishop of Salisbury
The Memoires of James and William, Dukes of Hamilton and Castleherald
(1677 Grover for Royston, London)
Offered in 1992 for £325
The History of the Reformation of the Church of England
(1679 1st Volume)
(1681-3 R Chiswell. 2nd Ed) - 2 vols
Some Passages in the Life and Death of the Earl of Rochester
(1680 Chiswell, London)
The Abridgement of the History of the Reformation of the Church of England
(1682 Richard Chiswell, London)
The History of the Rights of Princes in the disposing of Ecclesiastical benefices & Church-lands
(1682 for Richard Chiswell)
Offered in 1999 for £220
The Life and Death of Sir Matthew Hale, Sometime Lord Chief Justice
(1682 for Wm Shrowsbery, London)
(Trans) The Letters writ by the Last Assembly General of the Clergy of France to the Protestants
(1683 Richard Chiswell)
The Life of William Bedell, Bishop of Kilmore in Ireland
(1685 John Soutby, London)

Reflections on Mr Varilla's History of the Revolutions that have happened in
Europe in Matters of Religion
(1686 P Savouret, Amsterdam)
Some Letters, containing an Account of what seemed most Remarkable in Switzerland, Italy, &c
(1686 Abraham Archer, Rotterdam) (1687 Acher, Rotterdam 2nd Ed) (1688 London)

The Ill Effects of Animosities among Protestants in England Detected
(1688 London)
Three Letters Concerning the Present State of Italy
(1688 London)
A Collection of 18 Papers, relating to the Affairs of Church & State
(1689 for John Starkey & Richard Chiswell)
A Pastoral Letter .. concerning the Oaths of Allegiance to King William & Queen Mary
(1689 Starkey & Chiswell)
A Sermon Preached before His Highness the Prince of Orange
(1689 Chiswell)
A Sermon before the House of Commons on 31 Jan, 1688
(1689 Starkey, London)

A Sermon before the King & Queen, 19 October 1690, Thanksgiving Day .. Success in Ireland
(1690 Chiswell. 2nd Ed)
A Sermon preached at the Funeral of the Hon Robert Boyle
(1692 for Chiswell & Taylor)
An Essay on the Memory of the Late Queen
(1695 for Richard Chiswell, London)
(1696 Chiswell. 2nd Ed)
A Sermon before the King, 10 February 1694/5
(1695 Chiswell)
A Sermon before the King, 2 December 1697, being a Day of Thanksgiving for the Peace
(1698 Chiswell)
An Exposition of the 39 Articles of the Church of England
(1700 R Chiswell. 2nd Ed)
(1705 Chiswell. 3rd Ed corrected)

A Sermon .. for the Persecuted Exiles of Principality of Orange
(1704 Chiswell)
An Exposition of the Church Catechism, for the Use of the Diocese of Sarum
(1710 John Churchill, London)
An Abridgement of Bishop Burnet's History of His Own Times : By the Rev Mr Thomas Stackhouse
(1724 J Smith, London)
Bishop Burnet's History of His Own Time
(1724-34 London) - 2 vols
Travels through France, Germany and Switzerland
(1752 Sands, Murray & Cochran, Edinburgh)
History of His Own Times together with The Author's Life
(1753 Andrew Millar, London) - 4 vols
Offered in 1992 for £240

Lives, Characters and a Sermon
(1804 Dublin)
The Life of Sir Mathhew Hale, Knt
(1806 Clarendon Press. New Ed)
History of His Own Time
(1823 Clarendon Press) - 6 vols
Lives of Sir Matthew Hale and John, Earl of Rochester
(1829 Wm Pickering)
Lives, Characters and an Address to Posterity
(1833 James Duncan & John Cochran, London. 2nd Ed)

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