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Robert Michael Ballantyne

Male : Writer of boys stories and water colour artist
Nationality : Scottish Place of Birth : Edinburgh

Date of Birth : 1825 Date of Death : 1894 Age : 68

Pseudonyms : Comus

Other Work : Clerk in Hudson's Bay Co 1841-47
Published by Nelson unless stated
Snowflakes and Sunbeams or The Young Fur Traders
(1856) - Author
Three Little Kittens
(1856 Nelson) - by Comus
My Mother
(1857 Nelson) - Author By Comus
The Life of a Ship from the Launch to Wreck
(1857) - F Borders
The Butterfly's Ball
(1857) by Comus - Author
Mister Fox
(1857 Nelson) - by Comus
Ungava : A Tale of Esquimaux Land
(1858) - Author
The Coral Island : A Tale of the Pacific Ocean
(1858) - Author
The Robber Kitten
(1858) - Comus (c1928 Blackie) - F A Williams
Martin Rattler, or a Boy's Adventures in the Forests of Brazil
Hudson's Bay, or Everyday Life in the Wilds of North America
(1859 Phillips, Sampson & Co, Boston US)
Mee-A-Ow ! or Good Advice to Cats and Kittens
The Lakes of Killarney
(1859 Nelson)
The World of Ice, or Adventures in the Polar Regions

The Dog Crusoe : A Tale of the Western Prairies
The Gorilla Hunters : A Tale of the Wild of Africa
The Red Eric, or The Whaler's Last Cruise - A Tale
(1861 Routledge) - William Coleman
the Giant of the North or Pokings around the Pole
(1862 London)
Man on the Ocean : A Book for Boys
The Wild Man of the West : A Tale of the Rocky Mountains
(1863 Routledge) - Johann Zwecker
Published by Nisbet unless stated
Ballantyne's Miscellany
(1863-1886 : 15 titles in all)
[Small books of instruction to the poor & uneducated]
Gascoyne the Sandal-Wood Trader : A Tale of the Pacific
(1864) (1866 Roberts, Boston)
The Lifeboat, a Tale of Our Coast Heroes
Freaks on the Fells, or Three Months' Rustication
(1865 Routledge)
The Lighthouse : Being the Story of a Great Fight Between Man and the Sea
[Based on the Inchcape Rock lighthouse in the Tay estuary]

Shifting Winds : A Tough Yarn
Silver Lake, or Lost in the Snow
(1867 Jackson)
Fighting the Flames : A Tale of the London Fire Brigade
Photographs of Edinburgh
(1868 Glasgow)
Away in the Wilderness, or Life Among the Red Indians & Fur Traders of N America
(1869 Porter & Coates US)
Deep Down : A Tale of the Cornish Mines
Erling the Bold : A Tale of the Norse Sea-Kings
(1869 Nisbet) - Author
The Lakes of Killarney
(1869 Nelson)
The Floating Lights of the Goodwin Sands
(1870 Nisbet) - Author

The Iron Horse, or Life on the Line : A Tale of the Grant National trunk Railway
The Norseman in the West, or America Before Columbus
The Pioneers : A Tale of the Western Wilderness
Black Ivory : A Tale of Adventure among the Slavers of East Africa
(1873 Nisbet)
Life in the Red Brigade : A story for Boys
(1873 Routledge)
The Ocean and Its Wonders
(1874 Nelson)
The Pirate City : An Algerine Tale
Rivers of Ice : A Tale Illustrative of Alpine Adventure & Glacier Action

Under the Waves, or Diving in Deep Waters - A Tale
The Settler and the Savage : A Tale of Peace and War in South Africa
In the Track of the Troops : A Tale of Modern War
Jarwin and Cuffy : A Tale
(1878 Warne)
Six Months at the Cape, or Letters to Periwinkle from South Africa
Post Haste : A Tale of Her Majesty's Mails
Philosopher Jack : A Tale of the Southern Seas
The Lonely Island or The Refuge of the Mutineers
The Redman's Revenge : A Tale of the Red River Flood

The Collected Works of Ensign Sopht, Late of the Volunteers
My Doggy and I
The Giant of the North or Pokings around the Pole
The Kitten Pilgrims, or Great Battles and Grand Victories
(1882) - Author
The Battery and the Boiler, or Adventures in the Laying of Submarine Cable
(1883) - Author
The Madman and the Pirate
Battles with the Sea, or Heroes of the Lifeboat and Rocket
The Young Trawlers : A story of Life & Death & Rescue on the North Sea
Dusty Diamonds Cut and Polished : A Tale of City-Arab Life & Adventure
Twice Bought : A Tale of the Oregon Gold Fields
The Rover of the Andes : A Tale of Adventure in South America
The Island Queen, or Dethroned by Fire & Water : A Tale of the Southern Hemisphere

Red Rooney or The Last of the Crew
The Big Otter : A Tale of the Great Nor'West
(1887 Routledge)
The Fugitives, or the Tyrant Queen of Masagascar
(1887 Nisbet)
Blue Lights, or Hot Work in the Sudan : A Tale of Soldier Life
The Middy and the Moors : An Algerine Story
The Crew of the Water Wagtail : A Story of Newfoundland
Blown to Bits, or The Lonely Man of Rakata - A Tale of the Malay Archipelago
(1889) - Author
The Garrett and the Garden, or Low Life High Up & Jeff Benson, or The Young Coastguardsmen
Charlie to the Rescue : A tale of the Sea and the Rockies

The Coxswain's Bride, or The Rising Tide and Other Tales
(1891) - Author
The Buffalo Runners : A Tale of the Red River Plains
The Robber Kitten
(1891 Nelson) - Author
The Hot Swamp : A Romance of Old Albion
Hunted and Harried : A Tale of the Scottish Covenanters
The Walrus Hunters : A Romance of the Realms of Ice
Personal Reminiscences in Book-Making
(1893) - autobiography

The Robber Kitten
(1904 Henry Altemus, Phila) - John R Neil
The Dog Crusoe
(1912 Nelson) - W H C Groome
Fighting the Whales
(1915 Blackie)
Ballantyne Omnibus for Boys
(1932 Collins)
The Jolly Kitten Book
(1925 Blackie) - F A Williams
The Dog Crusoe
(1966 Dent / Dutton) - Victor Ambrus

Eric Quayle : Ballantyne the Brave - A Victorian Writer & His Family
(1967 Hart-Davis)
Eric Quayle : R M Ballantyne - A Bibliography of First Editions
(1968 Dawsons Pall Mall, London)

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