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William Lisle Bowles

Male : Poet, Antiquary & Critic. Married Madgaden Wake in 1797. He achieved fame by calling Alexander Pope a second rank poet which provoked a war of words which even included Byron
Nationality : English Place of Birth : King's Sutton, Northamptonshire

Date of Birth : 1762 Date of Death : 1850 Age : 88

Other Work : Vicar of Bremhill in Wiltshire 1904-50

Education : Winchester & Trinity College, Oxford
Fourteen Sonnets : Elegaic and Descriptive
Verses to John Howard
The Grave of Howard : A Poem
(1790 ptd by E Easton, Salisbury)
Offered for £400 in 1999
Verses on the Benevolent Institution of the Philanthropic Society
A Poetical Address to the Rt Hon Edmund Burke 1791 for C Dilly, London)
Elegy Written at the Hot-Wells, Bristol
Monody, Written at Matlock
Sonnets & other Poems
(1794 R Cruttwell, Bath. 3rd Ed)
Elegaic Stanzas Written during a Sickness at Bath
Hope : An Allegorical Sketch
Coombe Ellen and St Michael's Mount
Song of the Battle of the Nile

The Sorrows of Switzerland
The Picture : Verses Suggested by a Landscape of Rubens
Sonnets and Other Poems
(1803-9 Cadell & Davies) - 4 vols
A Sermon
The Spirit of Discovery or The Conquest of Ocean
Bowden Hill
(Ed) The Works of Alexander Pope (1806) - 10 vols
The Poetical Character of Pope
Life of Pope
Poems : Written Chiefly at Bremhill

The Missionary of the Andes
Ten Parochial Sermons
The Plain Bible
Vindiciae Wykehamicae, or a Vindication of Winchester College
Thoughts on the Increase of Crimes, the education of the Poor, and the National Schools
The Invariable Principles of Poetry in a Letter to Thomas Campbell
A Reply to an Unsentimental Sort of Critic

Two Letters to Lord Byron
A Vindication of the Editor of Pope's Works
An Answer to Some Observations of Thomas Campbell
An Address to Thomas Campbell
The Grave of the Last Saxon, or the Legend of the Curfew : A Poem
(1822 Hurst Robinson)
Ellen Gray, or the Dead Maiden's Curse
(1823 Constable)
A Voice from St Peter's and St Paul's
The Ark : A Dramatic Oratorio
A Vindication to the Late Editor of Pope

Lessons in Criticism to William Roscoe
The Little Villagers Verse Book
(1826 Mary R Stockdale, London. 3rd Ed)
Offered in 1995 for £200
Paulus Parochiales : Sermons
Illustrations of those Stupendous Monuments of Celtic Antiquity, Avebury and Silbury
(1827 Calne)
Hermes Britannicus : A Dissertation on the Celtic Deity Teutates, the Mercurius of Caesar
(1828 London)
The Parochial History of Bremhill in the County of Wiltshire
(1828 London)
Days Departed or Banwell Hill : A Lay of the Severn Sea
(1829 London. 2nd Ed)
The Life of Bishop Thomas Ken
(1830) - 2 vols
A Word on Cathedral Oratorios and Clergy-Magistrates

A Few Words to Lord Chancellor Brougham
A Few Words on the Cathedral Clergy
St John in Patmos : A Poem
(1832 Murray) - Anon
A Last and Summary Answer to the Question "Of What use Have Been, and Are, the
English Cathedral Establishments
Sermons Preached at Bowood
[Bowood House at Calne in Wiltshire is the seat of the Earl of Shelburne]
Annals and Antiquities of Lacock Abbey in the County of Wiltshire
(1835 London)
[Originally a nunnery, William Sharington converted it into a home. The Talbot family inherited
it through marriage and it was once the home of the photographer William Henry Fox Talbot]

The Patronage of the English Bishops
Scenes and Shadows of Days Departed
Further Observations
The Little Villager's Verse Book
St Paul at Athens
The Cartoons of Raphael : Sermons
A Final defence of the Rights of Patronage in Deans and Chapters
The Little Villager's Verse Book
(1838 Robert Tyas) - New Ed

After 1841
The Poetical Works
(1855 Appleton) - 2 vols
Poetical Works, with Lamb and Hartley Coleridge
(1887) - Edited by William Tirebuck
A Wiltshire Parson and His Friends : Correspondence
(1926) - edited by G Greever

J J Van Rennes : Bowles, Byron and the Pope Controversy
Oskar Rietmann : William Lisle Bowles

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