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Caldecott Award, 1938-1974

Awarded each year by the American Library Association for an American children's picture book published in the preceding year
1938 Dorothy P LATHROP - Animals of the Bible, A Picture Book (Lippincott)
(Woodfield, London) - text Helen Dean Fish
Honor Books : Boris ARTZYBASHEFF - Seven Simeons : a Russian Tale
(Viking) (Cassell)
Robert LAWSON - Four and Twenty Blackbirds ..
(Stokes) (Hutchinson)

1939 Thomas HANDFORTH - Mei Li
(Doubleday) (World's Work)
Honor Books : Laura Adams ARMER - The Forest Pool
Robert LAWSON - Wee Gillis
(Viking) (Hamish Hamilton) - text Munroe Leaf
Wanda GAG - Snow White and the Seven Dwrafs
(Coward-McCann) (Faber)
Clare NEWBERRY - Barkis
(Harper) (Hamish Hamilton)
James DAUGHERTY - Andy and the Lion

1940 Ingri & Edgar d'AULAIRE - Abraham Lincoln
Honor Books : Berta & Elmer HADER - Cock-a-Doodle Doo ...
(Macmillan) (Collier-Macmillan)
Ludwig BEMELMANS - Madeline
(Viking) (Deutsch)
Lauren FORD - The Ageless Story
(Dodd Mead)

1941 Robert LAWSON - They Were Strong and Good
Honor Books : Clare Turlay NEWBERRY - April's Kittens
(Harper) (Hamish Hamilton)

1942 Robert McCLOSKEY - Make Way for Ducklings
(Viking) (Oxford - Shakespeare Head Press)
Honor Books : Maud and Miska PETERSHAM - An American ABC
Velino HERRERA - In My Mother's House
(Viking) - text by Ann Nolan Clark
Holling C HOLLING - Padle-to-the-Sea
(Houghton Mifflin) (Collins)
Wanda GAG - Nothing at All
(Coward-McCann) (Faber)

1943 Virginia Lee BURTON - The Little House
(Houghton Mifflin) (Museum Press)
Honor Books : Mary & Conrad BUFF - Dash and Dart
Clare Turlay NEWBERRY - Marshmallow
(Harper) (Hamish Hamilton)

1944 Louis SLOBODKIN - Many Moons
(Harcourt) (Hamish Hamilton) - written by James Thurber
Honor Books : Elizabeth Orton JONES - Small Rain : Verses from the Bible
Arnold E BARE - Pierre Pidgeon
(Houghton Mifflin) - text by Lee Kingman
Berta & Elmer HADER - The Mighty Hunter
(Macmillan) (Collier-Macmillan)
Jean CHARLOT - A Child's Good Night Book
(W R Scott) - text by Margaret Wise Brown
Plato CHAN - Good-luck Horse
(Whittlesey) (Collins) - text by Chih-Yi Chan

1945 Elizabeth Orton JONES - Prayer for a Child
(Macmillan) - written by Rachel Field
Honor Books : Tasha TUDOR - Mother Goose
Marie Hall ETS - In the Forest
(Viking) (Faber)
Marguerite de ANGELI - Yonnie Wondermouse
Kate SEREDY - The Christmas Anna Angel
(Viking) (Cassell) - written by Ruth Sawyer

1946 Maud & Miska PETERSHAM - The Rooster Crows
Honor Books :
Leonard WEISGARD - Little Lost Lamb
(Doubleday) - text by Golden MacDonald
(pseud of Margaret Wise Brown)
Marjorie TORREY - Sing Mother Goose
(Dutton) - music by Opal Wheeler
Ruth GANNETT - My Mother is the Most beautiful Woman in the World
Kurt WIESE - You Can Write Chinese

1947 Leonard WEISGARD - Rain Drop Splash
(Lothrop) - story by Alvin Tresselt
Honor Books : Jay Hyde BARNUM - Boats on the River
(Viking) - text by Marjorie Flack
Tony PALAZZO - Timothy Turtle
(Robert Welch) - written by Al Graham
Leo POLITI - Pedro, the Angel of Olvera Street
Marjorie TORREY - Sing in Praise : a Collection of Best Loved Hymns

1948 Roger DUVOISIN - White Snow, Bright Snow
(Lothrop) - writer Alvin Tresselt
Honor Books : Marcia BROWN - Stone Soup
(pseud of Theodor Seuss Geisel) - McElligot's Pool (Random House)
George SCHREIBER - Bambino the Clown
(Viking) (Woodfield)
Hildegard WOODWARD - Roger the Fox
(Doubleday) - text by Lavinia Davis
Virginia Lee BURTON - Song of Robin Hood
(Houghton Mifflin)

1949 Berta & Elmer HADER - The Big Snow
Honor Books : Robert McCLOSKEY - Blueberries for Sal
(Viking) (Angus & Robertson)
Helen STONE - All Around the Town
(Lippincott) - text by Phyllis McGinley
Leo POLITI - Juanita
Kurt WIESE - Fish in the Air

1950 Leo POLITI - Song of the Swallows
Honor Books : Lynd WARD - America's Than Allen
(Houghton Mifflin)
- story by Stewart Holbrook
Hildegard WOODWARD - The Wild Birthday Cake
(Doubleday) - written by Lavinia R Davis
Marc SIMONT - The Happy Day
(Harper) - story by Ruth Krauss
DR SEUSS - Bartholomew and the Oobleck
(Random House)
Marcia BROWN - Henry Fisherman

1951 Katherine MILHOUS - The Egg Tree
Honor Books : Marcia BROWN - Dick Whittington and His Cat
(pseud Micolas Mordvinoff) - The Two Reds (Harcourt) - writer Will
(pseud of William Lipkind)
DR SEUSS - If I ran the Zoo
(Random House)
Helen STONE - The Most Wonderful oll in the World
(Lippincott) - written by Phyllis McGinley
Claire Turlay NEWBERRY - T-Bone, the Baby Sitter

1952 NICOLAS - Finders Keepers
(Harcourt) (World's Work) - written by Will
Honor Books : Marie Hall ETS - Mr T W Anthony Woo
Marcia BROWN - Skipper John's Cook
Margaret Bloy GRAHAM - All Falling Down
(Harper) - written by Gene Zion
William Pene DU BOIS - Bear Party
Elizabeth OLDS - Feather Mountain
(Houghton Mifflin)

1953 Lynd WARD - The Biggest Bear
(Houghton Mifflin) (Scholastic, London)
Honor Books : Marcia BROWN - Puss in Boots
(Trans from Charles Perrault) (Scribner)
Robert McCLOSKEY - One Morning in Maine
Fritz EICHENBERG - Ape in a Cape : An Alphabet of Odd Animals
Margaret Bloy GRAHAM - The Storm Book
(Harper) - written by Charlotte Zolotow
Juliet KEPES - Five Little Monkeys
(Houghton Mifflin)

1954 Ludwig BEMELMANS - Madeline's Rescue
(Viking) (Deutsch)
Honor Books : Robert McCLOSKEY - Journey Cake, Ho !
(Viking) - text Ruth Sawyer
Jean CHARLOT - When Will the World Be Mine ?
(W R Scott) - written by Miriam Schlein
Marcia BROWN - The Steadfast Tin Soldier
(Scribner) - Story by Hans Christian Andersen
Maurice SENDAK - A Very Special House
(Harper) - written by Ruth Krauss
A BIRNBAUM - Green Eyes
(Capitol Publ)

1955 Marcia BROWN - Cinderella, or The Little Glass Slipper
(Doubleday) - Trans from Perrault
Honor Books : Marguerite DE ANGELI - Book of Nursery and Mother Goose Rhymes
Tibor GERGELY - Wheel on the Chimney
(Lippincott) - written by Margaret Wise Brown
Helen SEWELL - The Thanksgiving Story
(Scribner) - text by Alice Dalgliesh

1956 Feodor ROJANKOVSKY - Frog Went A-Courtin'
(World's Work) - text John Langstaff
Honor Books : Marie Hall ETS - Play With Me
Taro YASHIMA - Crow Boy

1957 Marc SIMONT - A Tree is Nice
(Harper) (World's Work) - written by Janice May Udry
Honor Books : Marie Hall ETS - Mr Penny's Race Horse
(Viking) (Woodfield)
Tasha TUDOR - 1 is One
Paul GALDONE - Anatole
(McGraw-Hill) (Bodley Head) - written by Eve Titus
James DAUGHERTY - Gillespie and the Guards
(Viking) - written by Benjamin Elkin
William Pene DU BOIS - Lion

1958 Robert McCLOSKEY - Time of Wonder
Honor Books : Don FREEMAN - Fly High, Fly Low
Paul GALDONE - Anatole and the Cat
(McGraw-Hill) (Bodley HEad) - written by Eve Titus

1959 Barbara COONEY - Chanticleer and the Fox
(adapted from Chaucer's Canterbury Tales) (Crowell) (Longman/Kestrel)
Honor Books : Antonio FRASCONI - The House that Jack Built : La Maison Que Jacques Batie
Maurice SENDAK - What Do You Say, Dear ?
(W R Scott) (Faber) - written by Sesyle Joslin
Taro YASHIMA - Unbrella

1960 Marie Hall ETS - Nine Days to Christmas
(Viking) - story by Marie Hall Ets & Aurora Labastida
Honor Books : Adrienne ADAMS - Houses from the Sea
(Scribner) - written by Alice E Goudey
Maurice SENDAK - The Moon Jumpers
(Harper) - written by Janice May Udry

1961 Nicolas SIDJAKOV - Baboushka and the Three Kings
(Parnassus Press)
- written by Ruth Robbins
Honor Book : Leo LIONNI - Inch by Inch
(Ivan Oblensky) (Dobson)

1962 Marcia BROWN - Once a Mouse
Honor Books :
Peter SPIER - The Fox Went out on a Chilly Night : An Old Song
(Doubleday) (World's Work)
Maurice SENDAK - Little Bear's Visit
(Harper) (World's Work) - written by Else H Minarik
Adrienne ADAMS - The Day We Saw the Sun Come Up
(Scribner) - written by Alice E Goudey

1963 Ezra Jack KEATS - The Snowy Day
(Viking) (Bodley Head)
Honor Books : Bernarda BRYSON - The Sun is a Golden Earring
(Holt) - text by Natalia M Belting
Maurice SENDAK - Mr Rabbit and the Lovely Present
(Harper) (Bodley Head)
- text by Charlotte Zolotow

1964 Maurice SENDAK - Where the Wild Things Are
(Harper) (Bodley Head)
Honor Books : Leo LIONNI - Swimmy
(Pantheon) (Dobson)
Evaline NESS - All in the Morning Early
(Holt) (BH) - text by Sorche Nic Leodhas
(pseud of Leclaire Alger)
Philip REED - Mother Goose and Nursery Rhymes
(Atheneum) (Hamish Hamilton)

1965 Beni MONTRESOR - May I Bring a Friend ?
(Atheneum) (Collins)
- text by Beatrice Schenk de Regniers
Honor Books : Marvin BILECK - Rain Makes Applesauce
(Holiday House) - written by Julian Scheer
Blair LENT - The Wave
(Houghton Mifflin) - written by Margaret Hodges
Evaline NESS - A Pocketful of Cricket
(Holt) - text by Rebecca Caudill

1966 Nonny HOGROGIAN - Always Room for One More
(Holt) - written by Sorche Nic Leodhas
Honor Books : Roger DUVOISIN - Hide and Seek Fog
(Lothrop) (World's Work)
- written by Alvin Tresselt
Marie Hall ETS - Just Me
(Viking) (Angus & Robertson)
Evaline NESS - Tom Tit Tot

1967 Evaline NESS - Sam, Bangs and Moonshine
(Holt) (Bodley Head)
Honor Book : Ed EMBERLEY - One Wide River to Cross
(Prentice) (Chatto)

1968 Ed EMBERLEY - Drummer Hoff
(Prentice) (Bodley Head)
Honor Books : Leo LIONNI - Frederick
(Pantheon) (Abelard-Schuman)
Taro YASHIMA - Seashore Story
Ed YOUNG - The Emperor and the Kite
(World) - written by Jane Yolen

1969 Uri SHULEVITZ - The Fool of the World and the Flying Ships : A Russian Tale
(Farrar) - retold by Arthur Ransome
Honor Book :
Blair LENT - Why the Sun and the Moon Live in the Sky : An African Folk Tale
(Houghton Mifflin) - retold by Elphinstone Dayrell

1970 William STEIG - Sylvester and the Magic Pebble
(Windmill/Simon) (Abelard-Schuman)
Honor Books : Ezra Jack KEATS - Goggles !
(Macmillan) (Bodley Head)
Leo LIONNI - Alexander and the Wind-up Mouse
(Pantheon) (Abelard-Schuman)
Robert Andrew PARKER - Pop Corn and Ma Goodness
(Viking) - written by Edna Mitchell Preston
Brinton TURKLE - Thy Friend Obadiah
Margot ZEMACH - The Judge : An Untrue Tale
(Farrar) (Bodley Head) - written by Harve Zemach

1971 Gail E HALEY - A Story, A Story : An African Tale
(Little Brown)
Honor Books : Arnold LOBEL - Frog and Toad Are Friends
(Harper) (World's Work)
Maurice SENDAK - In the Night Kitchen
(Harper) (Bodley Head)

1972 Nonny HOGROGIAN - One Fine Day
(Macmillan) (Hamish Hamilton)
Honor Books : Janina DOMANSKA - If All the SEas Were One Sea
Tom FEELINGS - Moja means One : Swahili Counting Book
(Dial) - written by Muriel Feelings
Arnold LOBEL - Hildilid's Night
(Macmillan) (Longman/Kestrel)

1973 Blair LENT - The Funny Little Woman
(Dutton) (Longman/Kestrel)
Honor Books : Gerald McDERMOTT - Anansi the Spider
(Holt) (Hamish Hamilton)
Leonard BASKIN - Hosie's Alphabet
(Viking) - written by Hosea, Tobias & Lisa Baskin
Nancy Ekholm BURKERT- Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
(Farrar) (Longman/Kestrel)
Tom BAHTI - When Clay Sings
(Scribner) - written by Byrd Baylor

1974 Margot ZEMACH - Duffy and the Devil
(Farrar Straus) (Kestrel)
Honor Books :
Susan JEFFERS - Three Jovial Huntsmen : A Mother Goose Rhyme
(Bradbury Press)
(Hamish Hamilton)
David MACAULEY - Cathedral : The Story of Its Construction
(Houghton Mifflin) (Collins)

1989 : Stephen Gammel - Song & Dance Man
1990 : Ed Young - Lon Po Po
1991 : David Macauley - Black and White
1992 : David Weisner - Tuesday
1993 : Emily McCully Honor - Mirette on High Wire
1994 : Allen Say - Grandfather's Journey
1995 : Eve Butning
(illus David Diaz) - Smoky Night
1996 : Peggy Rathman - Officer Buckle and Gloria
1997 : David Wisniewski - Golem
1998 : Paul O Zelinsky - Rapunzel

Irin Kerlan : Newbery & Caldecott Awards - A Bibliography of First Editions
(1949 Minnesota UP)

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