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Cassell & Co Ltd

Publishers founded in 1848 by John Cassell. In 1852 at La Belle Sauvage Yard, Ludgate Hill. At 37-38 St Andrews Hill, EC4 in 1950. At Artillery House, Artillery Row, SW1P 1RT in 1989. At Villiers House, 41-47 Strand, London WC2 in 1994. At 125 Strand, London WC2R 0BB in 1997. Branches in Melbourne, Sydney, Wellington & Toronto.
Sir Wemyss Reid was general manager until 1905 when Arthur Spurgeon took
over and revitalised the firm.
Mainly magazine publishers, Spurgeon concentrated on reviving the book business.
In 1923 the company was floated on the Stock Exchange and a few years later the magazines
owned by the company were sold to Amalgamated Press following many industrial disputes.
Cassell's Magazine
Cassell's Illustrated Exhibitor .. of all the Principal Objects in the
International Exhibition of 1862
Cassell's Illustrated Guide to London
Cassell's Handy Book to the Sea-side : A Description of All the Principal English
Sea Watering Places
(1865 London. 2nd Ed)
Cassell's Topographical Guides
The County of Surrey, its History, Antiquities and Topography
The County of Sussex, its History, Antiquities and Topography

Cassell's History of the War between France & Germany 1870-1
(c1880 London) - 2 vols
Cassell's Popular Natural History
(nd. c1870) - 4 vols in 2
Cassell's Household Guide : A Complete Encyclopaedia of Domestic & Social Economy
(c1870) - 2 vols in 1
Cassell's Guide to the International Exhibition 1872
Cassell's Guide to the International Exhibition 1873
(1873 London. 2nd Ed)
Cassell's Guide to the International Exhibition 1874
Cassell's Family Magazine
(from 1874)
Cassell's Picturesque Europe
(c1876) - 5 vols
Cassells Dictionary of Cookery

Cassell's Red Library
(issued monthly from about 1884-5)
Reprints of classic works. 1/- each in stiff covers or 2/- cloth bound
Cassell's National Library
(from 1886)
Edited by Henry Morley, within 4 years it had issued 209 volumes in weekly intervals at 3d each
(paper-bound) or 6d each (cloth-bound)
The Life and Times of Queen Victoria
Issued in monthly parts at 7d each
Cassell's Complete Book of Sports & Pastimes
Issued in monthly parts at 6d each
Familiar Wild Flowers
(c1886) - F E Hulme
Issued in monthly parts at 6d each
The World of Wonders
Issued in monthly parts at 6d each
Illustrated Shakespeare
(c1886) - H C Selous
Issued in monthly parts at 7d each
Miniature Library of the Poets
Issued in monthly volumes at 1/- each
Cassell's Picturesque Australia
(1889) - 4 vols
The World of Adventure
(1889) - 3 vols

After 1891
Cassell's Gazeteer of Great Britain & Ireland
(1893-8) - 6 vols
Cassell's The Rivers of Great Britain
Cassell's Annual for Boys and Girls
The Picturesque Mediterranean : Its Cites, Shores & Islands
(nd. London) - 2 vols
Cassell's Cyclopaedia of Mechanics
(nd.) - 8 vols
Cassell's Directory of Publishing in Great Britain, the Commonwealth & Ireland 1964-5
(1964 Cassell)

[NB : Cassell's were one of the first publishers to put a code date in the rear of their books
eg, 50624 = 5th June 1924]

Imprints in 1994
Arms & Armour Press, Blandford Press, Cassell, Geoffrey Chapman, Victor Gollancz,
Mansell Publishing, Mowbray, New orchard Editions, Studio Vista, Tycooly,
Ward Lock, Wisley Handbooks

G H Pike : John Cassell
(1894 Cassell)
The House that Cassell Built
(1906 London)
Simon Nowell-Smith : The House of Cassell 1848-1958
(1958 Cassell)

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