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The best collections are in the British Museum, Bodleian Library & Cambridge University Library. Harvard College Library has a fine collection
[Flimsy works of popular literature sold for a few pence, often by itinerant pedlars or 'chapmen'
(also called Running, Walking or Flying Stationers).
In circulation from 16th to 19thC's. The term 'Chapbook' was first coined in the early 19thC
The first cheap printed books for a popular market began to appear in England during 16thC
They often contained controversial political or religious comment, in spite of legal restrictions on
such material. The abolition of the court of Star Chamber in 1641 gave more freedom to printers,
and cheap books increased in the years that followed.
They were sold for a penny or halfpenny.
The two largest publishers were John Pitts
(1765-1844) & James Catnach (1792-1841),
both of whom operated in the Seven Dials district of St Giles in the Fields, London.
Others were John Marshall, and william & Cluer Dicey.]
American Sunday School Union, Phila

George Angus, Newcastle
The True & Admirable History of the Marquis of Salus, and Patient Grissel

Bailey & Noyes, Portland US
The Shepherd Boy
(nd. c1830)
The Two Goats and the Sick Monkey
The Sailor Boy, or The First and Last Voyage of Little Andrew
(nd. c1830)
The Soldier Boy Turned Farmer
(nd. c1830)
The Medley
(c1830) - 10 woodcuts
The Twelve Months of the Year, with Pictures for Each Month

Caw & Elder, Edinburgh
The History of Little King Pippin

Philip J Cozans, NY
The Two Sisters

Geo P Daniels, Providence
The Two Yellow-Birds

For J Davis
A Father's Pictures for Good Little Boys and Girls
(nd. c1825)

J E Evans, London
The History of Frederick Manly

The Booksellers, Falkirk
Fun Upon Fun, or Leper the Tailor : In Two Parts

W S Fortey, London
The History of the House that Jack Built

For Booksellers, Glasgow
A Collection of Scots Proverbs

J Grout, Jnr, Worcester
Sketches of Revolutionary Worthies

Hodgson & Co, Juvenile Press, London
Pleasure and Profit, or The Good Child's Reward

Hosford, Albany
The Wonderful History of an Enchanted Castle

F Houlston, Wellington, Salop
Young Oliver, or the Thoughtless Boy : A Tale
The History of Little King Pippin
William and George : The Rich Boy & the Poor Boy

R Hutchinson, Glasgow
Queen Mary's Lamentation to which are added The Orange & Blue, Lord Gregory, Tak' Your Auld
Cloke About Ye & the Sailor's Return

George Hunt, NY
The Vagabond, or the Consequences of Disobedience to Parents

J S Publishing & Stationery Co, Otley
Old Man and His Ass
Scenes from Nature

J Kendrew, York
The History of Little Tom Tucker
The History of Tommy and Harry
The House that Jack Built
The World Turned Upside Down, or No News, and Strange News
The Mother's Gift : By a Lady
Jack Dandy's Delight, or The History of Birds and Beasts in Prose & Verse
Old Dame Trot and Her Comical Cat
The History of Whittington and His Cat

The History of Whittington and His Cat
Courtship, Marriage and Pic Nic Dinner of Cock Robin and Jenny Wren
History of a Little Boy found Under a Haycock
The Life and Death of Jenny Wren
The Comic Adventures of Old Mother Hubbard & Her Dog
The Silver Penny
The Cheerful Warbler
The Mother's Gift : By a Lady
The House that Jack Built
Tom Thumb's Folio, or a New Penny Plaything for Little Giants
The History of Tommy and Harry
Mrs Lovechild's Golden Present for all Good Little Boys & Girls
Jack Dandy's Delight
The History of Giles Gingerbread, a Little Boy who Lived upon Learning
A Visit to the Tower, Being an Account of Several Birds & Beasts - 15 woodcuts
William Wordsworth : The Little Maid and the Gentleman, or We Are Seven
The Parent's Best Gift
The Entertaining Story of Little Red Riding Hood

The Entertaining Story of Little Red Riding Hood and Tom Thumb's Toy
A Collection of Fables for the Instruction and Amusement of Little Misses and Master

Knight & Bagster for J Davies)
The History of Fanny Thoughtless
(nd. c1825)
The Pleasing Instructor
(nd. c1825)
The Lily : A Pretty Book for Good Children

Lumsden, Glasgow
John Highlandman's Remarks on the City of Glasgow
Cottage Tales for Little People
Fun Upon Fun, or the Humours of a Fair
Nurse Dandlem's Little Repository of Great Instruction
The Merry Cobler, and His Musical Alphabet
Holiday Entertainment or the Goodchild's Fairing
Gammer Gurton's Garland of Nursery Songs & Toby Tickle's Collection of Riddles
- woodcuts attributed to Thomas Bewick
The History of Goody Two Shoes

I Marsden, Colchester
Pretty Poems, Songs &c in Easy Language
(c1800) - by Tommy Lovechild

J Marshall, Newcastle
A Garland of New Songs

G Martin, London
The History of Whittington and His Cat

B Maynard, Bouckville
The Little Coward

Merriam, Moore & Co
Louis Bond, the Merchant's Son

Merrifield, Vermont
A Fine Book for a Good Child

J Metcalf, Mass
Little Verses for Good Children

J B Moore, Concord
Select Lessons for Every Month of the Year

Benj Olds, Newark
Little Stories about the Chair, Bed, Boot & Drum, in Words of One Syllable

Oliphant & Skinner, Auburn
Pretty Stories about the Deaf and Dumb

Oliver & Boyd, Edinburgh
The Proverbs of Little Solomon

Thomas Richardson, Derby
The Merry Andrew, or The Humours of a Fair
The Picture Exhibition
The Child's First Step to Christian Knowledge
The Sunday School Scholar's Reward
Richardson's New Primer for the Use of Young Children
C J Williams : Cook, the Murderer, or the Leicester Tragedy

J & M Robertson, Glasgow
John Highlandman's Remarks on the City of Glasgow

RTS, London
Account of Regina
(nd. c1840)
Old Edward and the Blacksmith
(nd. c1840)

J G Rusher, Banbury
The Galloping Guide to the ABNC, or the Child's Agreeable Introduction to the
Gentlemen of the Alphabet
The History of a Banbury Cake
The Trial of an Ox, for Killing a Man
The House that Jack Built
The Good Farmer : Being an Entertaining History of Thomas Wiseman
The Pleasing and Renowned History of Dick Whittington
The Interesting Story of the Children in the Wood
The Riddler's Riddle Book, or a Choice Collection of Riddles
The Renowned History of Dame Trot and Her Cat
(nd. c1830)
Perfidy Detected or the Children in the Wood Restored

R Taylor, Falkirk
Five Popular Songs : Culloden Day, Hame, Hame, Hame, Bonnie Charlie, Contented with
Little & Lewie Gordon

E Turner, Northampton
Stories about Tom, Jane and Ben

Wm Walker, Otley
The Pretty & Entertaining History of Tom Thumb & His Wonderful Escape from
the Cow's Belly
The History of Valentine and Orson
A New Natural History

Samuel Wood, NY
The Young Child's ABC, or First Book

John Ashton : Chapbooks of the 18thC
(1882 Chatto & Windus)
R H Cunningham : Amusing Prose Chap-Books of the Last Century
(Ed) Charles A Federer : (Ed) Yorkshire Chap Books (1889 London)
P J Cropper : The Nottinghamshire Printed Chap-Books, with Notices of Their
Printers and Vendors
(1892 Nottingham)
William Harvey : Scottish Chapbook Literature
(1903 Alexander Gardner, Paisley)
W C Lane : Catalogue of English & American Chapbooks & Broadside Ballads in Harvard College Library
(1905 Cambridge, Mass)
Harry B Weiss : A Catalogue of the Chapbooks in the New York Public Library
(1936 NY)
Harry B Weiss : A Book about Chapbooks
(1942 PP in Trenton, NJ)
Harry Weiss : American Chapbooks 1722-1842
(1938 Trenton, NJ)
Victor E Neuburg : The Penny Histories - A Study of Chapbooks
(1968 Oxford) (1969 Harcourt Brace
A study of chapbooks as children's literature
Victor E Neuburg : Chapbook Bibliography
(1972 2nd ed)
S Roscoe : James Lumsden & Son of Glasgow - Their Juvenile Books & Chapbooks
(1981 PLA, Pinner) - 2000. with R A Brimmell

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