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Cumbria & The Lake District

Thomas SMITH : Four Views of the Lakes in Cumberland
(1767 John Boydell)
William HUTCHINSON : An Excursion to the Lakes in Westmorland & Cumberland with a Tour
through Part of the Northern Counties in 1773-4
(1776 J Wilkie)
William BELLERS : Eight Views of the Lakes in Cumberland
(1774 John Boydell)
Thomas WEST : A Guide to the Lakes
(1780 London. 2nd Ed Revised) (1784 Law. 3rd Ed)
James CLARKE : A Survey of the Lakes of Cumberland, Westmorland & Lancashire
(1787 London) (1789 London. 2nd Ed)
A WALKER : Remarks made on a Tour from London to the Lakes of Westmorland
& Cumberland in 1791
(1792 London)
A Tour from London to the Lakes, By a Gentleman
(1792 London)
William HUTCHINSON : The History of the County of Cumberland
(1794-7 F Jollie) - 2 vols
Joseph BUDSWORTH : A Fortnight's Ramble to the Lakes, By a Rambler
(1795 London. 2nd Ed)

A Guide to All the Watering Places and Sea-Bathing Places, with a Description of the Lakes
(1803 London)
James DENHOLM : A Tour to the Principal Scotch and English Lakes
(1804 Glasgow)
Joseph MAWMAN : An Excursion to the Highlands of Scotland and the English Lakes
(1805 London)
T SANDERSON : The Companion to the Lakes in Lancashire, Westmorland & Cumberland
(1807 Carlisle)
Thomas WEST : The Descriptive Part of Mr West's Guide
(1809 Kendal)
F JOLLIE & SONS : Jollie's Sketch of Cumberland Manners & Customs
(1811 F Jollie)
F JOLLIE & SONS : Jollie's Cumberland Guide & Directory
(1811 F Jollie)
A Companion by the Way, or a Guide to the Lakes in Cumberland, Westmorland & Lancashire
(1812 Penrith) (1812 Kendal. 10th Ed)
T H HORNE : The Lakes of Lancashire, Westmorland & Cumberland Delineated in 43 Engravings
from Drawings by J Farington
(1816 London)
John ROBINSON : A Guide to the Lakes in Cumberland, Westmorland & Lancashire
(1819 London)
A Picturesque Tour of the English Lakes
(1821 London)
William WORDSWORTH : A Description of the Scenery of the Lakes in the North of England
(1822 London)
J OTLEY : A Concise Description of the English Lakes
(1825 Keswick. 2nd Ed)
(1827 Kendal. 3rd Ed) (1834 Kendal. 5th Ed)

The Tourist's Guide to the Lakes in Cumberland, Westmorland & Lancashire
(1826 Penrith. 3rd Ed)
Edward BAINES : A Companion to the Lakes of Cumberland, Westmorland & Lancashire
(1829 London)
Samuel LEIGH : Leigh's Guide to the Lakes and Mountains of Cumberland,
Westmorland & Lancashire
(1830 Samuel Leigh)
John ROBINSON : Views of the Lakes in the North of England, with Historical
& Descriptive Illustrations
(1833-4 London)
William WORDSWORTH : A Guide Through the District of the Lakes in
the North of England
(1835 Hudson & Nicholson)
Ullsmere : A Poem
(1835 London)
William FORD : A Description of the Scenery in the Lake District
(1839 Carlisle)
(1843 Carlisle. 3rd Ed)
Samuel JEFFERSON : The History & Antiquities of Cumberland
(1840-2 Carlisle)

J ONWHYN : Onwhyn's Pocket Guide to the English Lakes
(1841 London)
Black's Picturesque Guide to the English Lakes
(1841 A & C Black)
(1851 Edinburgh. 5th Ed) (1861 Edinburgh. 11th Ed) (1872 Edinburgh. 17th Ed)
F EVANS : Furness and Furness Abbey, or a Companion through the Lancashire
part of the Lake District
(1842 Ulverston)
The Pocket Guide to the English Lakes, being a Companion to Darton & Clark's
Map of the Lake District
(1843 London)
The Circuit of the Lakes in Cumberland, Westmorland & Lancashire
(A map mounted on Canvas) (1843 London)
(Ed) John HUDSON : A Complete Guide to the Lakes (1843 Kendal. 2nd Ed)
Charles MACKAY : The Scenery and Poetry of the English Lakes : A Summer Ramble,
with Illustrations
(1846 London) (1852 London. 2nd Ed)
A Complete Descriptive Guide to the Lakes of Cumberland, Westmorland & Lancashire
(1847 Ulverston)
Sylvan's Pictorial Handbook to the English Lakes
(1847 London)
Handbook to the English Lakes
(1847 Kendal. 2nd Ed)
Loiterings Among the Lakes of Cumberland and Westmorland
(1849 London)

E L BLANCHARD : Adam's Pocket Descriptive Guide to the Lake District
(1852 London)
Lorenzo TUVAR : Tales and Legends of the English Lakes and Mountains
(1852 London)
J B PYNE : The English Lake District, Painted by J B Pyne
(1853 Manchester)
Views of the English Lakes with a Map
(1853 London)
E L BLANCHARD : Adam's Illustrated Guide to the English Lakes
(1855 London)
Harriet MARTINEAU : A Complete Guide to the English Lakes
(1855 PP, Windermere
A Complete Guide to the English Lakes, Illustrated from Drawings by T L Aspland and W Banks,
and a Map, Coloured Geologically by J Ruthven (1858 Windermere. 2nd Ed)
T ROSE : The British Switzerland, or Picturesque Rambles in the British Lake District
(1858-60 London)
The English Lakes, with Illustrations after Water Colour Drawings by T L Aspland
(1859 London)
(Pseud) : Rambles in the Lake District, July 1857 (1857 London)
Harriet MARTINEAU : The English Lakes, Illustrated with Steel Engravings, woodcuts
by W J Linton, Outlines of the Mountains, and a Map Geologically coloured by
J Ruthven
(1858 Windermere)
Mrs W R LLOYD : How to See the English Lakes
(1858 London)
R RAINE : Rosa's Summer Wanderings
(1858 London)
James PAYN : A Handbook to the English Lakes
(1859 London)
Nelson's Handbooks for Tourists : The English Lakes
(1859 London)
J H PYNE : Lake Scenery of England
(1859 London)
M E C WALCOTT : A Guide to the Mountains, Lanes and North West Coast of England
(1860 London)

E WAUGH : Rambles in the Lake Country and Its Borders
(1861 London)
A Guide to the English Lake District, intended Principally for the Use of Pedestrians
(with maps) (1863 London)
S B H : Lake Land - English and Scottish
(1864 London)
E LYNN : The Lake Country
(1864 Smith Elder) - W J Linton
William WORDSWORTH : Our English Lakes, Mountains and Waterfalls as seen by William
(1864 London) - photographically illustrated by T Ogle
H PRIOR : Ascents and Passes in the Lake District
(1865 London)
James PAYN : The Lakes in Sunshine, being Photographic and Other Pictures
of the Lake District
(1867 Windermere)
Abel Heywood's Series of Penny Guide Books : Windermere and Its Vicinity
(1867 Manchester)
The Weekly Guide and Vade Mecum for Tourist's in the English Lake District
(1868 Windermere)
Handbook for Westmorland, Cumberland and the Lakes
(1869 London. 2nd Ed)
W F TOPHAM : The Lakes of England, Illustrated with 18 coloured Etchings
(1869 London)
Abel Heywood's Tourist's Guides : The English Lake District
(1870 Manchester)

T AVELINE : The Geology of the Country around Kendal, Seabergh, Bowness & Tebay
(1872 London)
John BRADBURY : The English Lakes, How to See Them for five and Half Guineas
(1872 London)
H Irwin JENKINSON : Jenkinson's Eighteen Penny Guide to the English Lake District
(1873 London)
George SHAW : Shaw's Tourist's Picturesque Guide to the English Lakes
(1873 London. 11th Ed)
Pictures of English Lakes and Mountains, after Sketches in Colour by Edwin Taylor
(1874 Windermere)
The Picturesque Scenery of England : The English Lakes
(1875 London)
Harriet MARTINEAU : The Tourist's Atlas of the Lake District of England
(1875 Windermere)
H Irwin JENKINSON : Practical Guide to the English Lake District
(1875 London. 4th Ed)
J C WARD : The Geology of the Northern Part of the English Lake District
(1876 London)
T J BONNEY : English Lake Scenery
(1876 London)
England's Lake Land : A Tour Therein
(1877 Windermere)
William KNIGHT : The English Lake District as Interpreted in the Poems of Wordsworth
(1878 Edinburgh)
H Irwin JENKINSON : Tourist's Guide to the English Lake District
(1879 London)
Edwin WAUGH : in the Lake Country
(1880 Manchester)
M J B BADDELEY : The Through Guide to the English Lake District
(1880 London)
R S FERGUSON : A History of Cumberland
(1890 Elliot Stock)
M J B BADDELEY : The English Lake District
(1895 Dalau)

A G BRADLEY : Highways and Byways in the Lake District
(1901 Macmillan)

W G COLLINGWOOD : The Lake Counties
(1932 Dent)
William T PALMER : The English Lakes
(1936 A & C Black)
Maxwell FRASER : Companion into Lakeland
(1937 Methuen)
Arthur MEE : The Lake Counties
(1937 Hodder & Stoughton)
W Heaton COOPER : The Hills of Lakeland
(1938 Warne)

Doreen WALLACE : English Lakeland
(1940 Batsford)
William PALMER : The Verge of Western Lakeland
(1941 Hale)
Mary Rose FITZGIBBON : Lakeland Scene
(1948 Chapman & Hall)
Walter T McINTIRE : Lakeland the Borders of Long Ago
(1948 Cumberland News)
W A POUCHER : Over Lakeland Fells
(1948 Chapman & Hall)

W A POUCHER : Lakeland SCrapbook
(1950 Chapman & Hall)
William Heaton COOPER : Lakeland Portraits
(1954 Hodder & Stoughton)
Jessica LOFTHOUSE : The Curious Traveller through Lakeland - Historic Ways North from Kendal
and Cartmel to Keswick & Penrith
(1954 Hale)
Lakeland Ornithology
(1954 Natural History Society, Carlisle)
Frank SINGLETON : The English Lakes
(1954 Batsford)
Norman NICHOLSON : The Lakers - The Adventures of the First Tourists
(1955 Hale)
Alfred WAINWRIGHT : A Pictorial Guide to the Lakeland Fells
(1955-60 Westmorland Gazette) - 7 vols
W A POUCHER : The Lakeland Peaks
(1960 Constable)

A H GRIFFIN : Inside the Real Lakeland
(1961 Guardian)
Norman NICHOLSON : Portrait of the Lakes
(1963 Hale)
Molly LEFEBURE : The English Lake District
(1964 Batsford)
Edgar Howard SHACKLETON : Lakeland Geology
(1966 Dalesman pb)
W R MITCHELL : Men of Lakeland
(1966 Phoenix House)
William ROLLINSON : A History of Man in the Lake District
(1967 Dent)
(Ed) H W HODGSON : The Bibliography of Cumberland and Westmorland
(1968 Joint Archive for Cumberland, Westmorland & Carlisle)
William ROLLINSON : Lakeland Walks
(1969 Dalesman pb)
Alfred WAINWRIGHT : A Lakeland Sketchbook
(1969-73 Westmorland Gazette) - 5 vols
Tom GARLICK : Romans in the Lake Counties
(1970 Dalesman)
A H GRIFFIN : Still the Real Lakeland
(1970 Hale)
G A K HERVEY & J A G BARNES : Natural History of the Lake District
(1970 Warne)
Molly LEFEBURE : Cumberland Heritage
(1970 Gollancz pb)

R MILLWOOD & A ROBINSON : The Lake District
(1974 Methuen)
R W BRUNSKILL : Vernacular Architecture of the Lake Counties
(1974 Faber)
William ROLLINSON : Life & Tradition in the Lake District
(1974 Dent)
Robert GAMBLES : Man in Lakeland
(1975 Dalesman)
A H GRIFFIN : A Lakeland Notebook
(1975 Hale)
Francis John CARRUTHERS : Around the Lakeland Hills
(1976 Hale)
Kathleen COBURN : In Pursuit of Coleridge
(1977 Bodley Head)
R V DAVIS : The geology of Lakeland's Rocks and Minerals Explained
(1977 Dalesman pb)
J D MARSHALL & M DAVIES-SHIEL : Industrial Artchaeology of the Lake Counties
(1977 Michael Moon)
W R MITCHELL : Lake District Sports
(1977 Dalesman pb)
Norman NICHOLSON : The Lake District - An Anthology
(1977 Hale)
John PARKER : Lake District
(1978 Warne)
F BARNES : Barrow & District
(1979 Barrow Council pb)
Huner DAVIES : A Walk around the Lakes
(1979 Weidenfeld & Nicolson pb)

Brian J BAILEY : Lakeland Walks and Legends
(1981 Granada)
T CLARE : Archaeological Sites of the Lake District
(1981 Moorland)
Eric G HOLLAND : Coniston Copper Mines - A Filed Guide
(1981 Cicerone)
Melvun BRAGG : Land of the Lakes
(1983 Secker & Warburg)
Alfred WAINWRIGHT : Wainwright in Lakeland
(1983 Abbott Hall Art Gallery) - 1000 signed
Chris BARRINGER : National trust Histories - The Lake District
(1984 Willow)
Hunter DAVIES : The Good Guide to the Lakes
(1984 Forster Davies pb)
Ronald SANDS : A Portrait of Wordsworth Country
(1984 Hale)
Alfred WAINWRIGHT : Fellwalking with Wainwright
(1984 M Joseph) - photos Derry Brabbs
(Ed) Stuart D LUDLUM : Exploring the Lake District 100 Years Ago
(1985 Thames & Hudson)
Bob MATTHEW : Lakeland's Literary Heritage
(1985 Jarrold)

Barbara SNEYD : Riding High 1896-1903 - Scenes from a Lakeland Childhood
(1986 Pelham)
Alen McFADZEAN : Mythburn Mine and the Lead Miners of Helvellyn
(1987 Red Earth)
Terry MARSH : The Lake Mountains
(1987 Hodder & Stoughton pb) - 2 vols
John WYATT : The Lake District National Park
(1987 Webb & Bower pb)
Colin SHELBOURN : Great Walks in the Lake District
(1987 Ward Lock)
Dorothy WORDSWORTH : Illustrated Lakeland Journals
(1987 Collins)
Huner DAVIES : Beatrix Potter's Lakeland
(1988 Warne)
Jim WATSON : Lakeland Villages
(1988 Cicerone Press)
R L BELLHOUSE : Roman Sites on the Cumberland Coast
(1989 Cumberland &
Westmorland Antiquarian & Archaeological Society)
Alfred WAINWRIGHT : Wainwright on the Lakeland Mountain Passes
(1989 M Joseph) - Derry Brabbs
A Harry GRIFFIN : A Lakeland Mountain Diary
(1990 Crowood Press)

1991 Onwards
The Lake District from the Air
(1991 Barrie & Jenkins)
Alan HANKINSON : Coleridge Walks the Fells - A Lakeland Journey Retraced
(1991 Ellenbank)
(Ed) Jeremy WILSON : The Lakeland Poets - An Illustrated Collection
(1991 Weidenfeld & Nicolson)
William WORDSWORTH : A Lakeland Anthology
(1991 John Murray)
Alfred WAINWRIGHT : Wainwright's Favourite Lakeland Mountains
(1991 M Joseph)
W R MITCHELL : After You, Mr Wainwright - in the Fell Country of Lakeland
(1992 Castleberg pb)
Alfred WAINWRIGHT : Walks on the Howgill Fells and Adjoining Fells
(1992 M Joseph)
Alfred WAINWRIGHT : Wainwright in the Valleys of Lakeland
(1992 M Joseph) - Derry Brabbs
Alfred WAINWRIGHT : Waintwright's Tour of the Lake District - Whitsuntide 1931
(1993 M Joseph) - photos Ed Geldard
Colin SHELBOURNE : Great Drives in the Lakes & Dales
(1993 Little Brown)
Ian & Krysia BRODIE : The Cumbria Coastal Way - A Walker's Guide
(1994 Ellenbank Press pb)
Bryan LYNAS : Lakeland Rocky Rambles
(1994 Sigma Press £9.95)
Jan DARRALL : Strolling with Steam
(1995 Sigma Press pb £4.95)
Kenneth FIELDS : Journey Through Lakeland
(1996 Sigma Press pb £7.95)
Roger WARDALE : In Search of Swallows and Amazons - Arthur Ransome's Lakeland
(1996 Sigma Press £7.95)
Graham DUGDALE : Walks in Mysterious Lakeland
(1997 Sigma Press £6.95)

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