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Joseph Cundall

Male : Writer, Photographer & London publisher, esp of children's books. He employed many of the best artists of the day as illustrators. Married Sarah Ranson in 1845 (d.1868) & Emily Anne Thompson (d.1911). At his death he left £1142 10s 9d
Nationality : English Place of Birth : Norwich

Date of Birth : 1818 Date of Death : 1895 Age : 77

Pseudonyms : Stephen Percy
[Having trained as a printer in Ipswich, Cundall went to London aged 16 to work
for Charles Tilt, bookseller & publisher. He wrote two books for Tilt and, in 1841
succeeded N Hailes at the Juvenile Library, 12 Old Bond Street.
Started a lending library for children called St. George's Reading Library 1848.
His early years were successful because of his association with Henry Cole.
But by 1849 he went bankrupt. That same year he took H M Addey into partnership and moved
his business to 21 Old Bond Street. The partnership ceased in 1852 and Cundall moved
again, to 168 New Bond Street, Addey remaining at the old address until possibly 1854.
At the new premises Cundall also became involved in photography and in 1853 Phillip De La Motte
staged only the second photographic exhibition in Britain, at Cundall's premises.
At this time his photographic business was called Cundall, Howlett & Co, and then
Cundall, Howlett & Downes. From 1866-72 it was Cundall & Fleming.]

Tales of the Kings of England : Stories of Camps and Battle-fields, Wars and Victories,
from the Old Historians
(1840 Charles Tilt) - by Stephen Percy. John Gilbert
Tales of the Kings of England
(Richard II to Elizabeth I) (1841 Cundall 4/6)
(1846 H G Bohn & Cundall. 4th Ed)
Cousin Natalia's Tales, by the Translator of 'Little Henry'
(1841 Cundall, Hailes's Juvenile Library 4/6) - Fanny Corbaux
The Royal Alphabet of Kings & Queens
(1841 Cundall) - J Gilbert
(1843 Cundall. 2nd Ed)
Robin Hood and His Merry Foresters
(1841 Tilt & Bogue 5/-) - by Stephen Percy. John Gilbert
(1845 Joseph Cundall. 3rd Ed) (1850 Bohn. 4th Ed)
Home Treasury Series
(1843-7) - Edited by Felix Summerly (Henry Cole)
Gammer Gurton's Pleasant Stories
[A series of 13 titles all printed by Charles Whittington at the Chiswick Press.
There were two types : in gilt paper covers 6d each, and with the picture coloured 9d each.
They were all written by Ambrose Merton, Gent
(pseud of W J Thoms)]
(Selected by Joseph Cundall) A Booke of Christmas Carols (1845) - John Brandard
[The first of his illuminated gift books, there were at least 5 variant bindings]
A Series of 60 Etchings Illustrative of the History of Reynard the Fox
(1845) - plates by Albert van Everdingen & Simon Fokke

The Playmate : A Monthly Magazine for Children
[This only lasted for 12 months]
An Ornamental Art as Applied to Ancient & Modern Bookbinding
(1848 Joseph Cundall £1. 1s)
Words of Truth and Wisdom
(1848 Cundall)
The Creed, the Lord's Prayer & the Ten Commandments
(1848 Cundall)
Grand Historical Pictures
(1848 Cundall)
The Heroic Life and Exploits of Siegfried the Dragon Slayer
(1848) - Wilhelm Kaulbach
(Selected by Joseph Cundall) Songs, Madrigals and Sonnets
(1849 Longman, Brown, Green & Co) - John Absolon
The Boy's Almanac for 1849
(1840 Cundall & David Bogue)
A Treasury of Pleasure Books for Young Children
(1850 Cundall in assoc with Grant & Griffith)
[In this book Cundall made a significant change in the story of the Three Bears by turning the old
woman into a young girl, although she was not named Goldilocks until about 1904]

The Photographic Primer for Beginners in the Collodian Process
(1854 Sampson Low 1/-)
A 32 page booklet
Poetry of the Year
(1854 for Appleton NY)
Twenty Views in Gloucestershire
(1854 The Photographic Institution) - Cundall photographs
(Ed) Examples of Ornament (1855 Bell & Daldy)
Sabbath Bells Chimed by the Poets
(1856 Bell & Daldy) - Birket Foster
(1861 Bell & Daldy. 2nd Ed) (1862 Bickers & Bush)
A Photographic Tour among the Abbeys of Yorkshire
(1856 Bell & Daldy) - with Philip De La Motte
The Photographic Album
(1857 Cundall)
(Ed) A Book of Favourite Modern Ballads (1860 W Kent) - Birket Foster et al
(1865 Ward, Lock & Tyler)
The History of Little Bo-Peep who Lost Her Sheep
(c1860 Grant & Griffith)
Cabinet Pictures by Modern Painters
(1862 Cundall)

1866 onwards
The Great Works of Raphael
(1866 Bell & Daldy) - photographs by Cundall & Fleming
(1870 Bell & Daldy. 4th Ed) - edited by Cundall
(Ed) The Life & Genius of Rembrandt : The Most Celebrated of Remabrandt's Etchings
(1867 Bell & Daldy) (1868. 2nd Ed) - photographs by Cundall & Fleming
(Ed) The Great Works of Raphael : Second Series (1869 Bell & Daldy)
(Ed) Illustrated Biographies of the Great Artists (1879-91 Sampson Low 3/6 per vol) - 39 vols
(Ed) Hans Holbein (1879 Sampson Low) (1892. Reprinted)
(Ed) On Bookbindings, Ancient and Modern (1881 Bell, London)
(Ed) Don quixote (1885)
Annals of the Life & Work of Shakespeare
(1886 Sampson Low)
An Ornamental Art as Applied to Ancient & Modern Bookbinding
(1894 London)
A Brief History of Wood Engraving from Its Invention
(1895 Sampson Low)

Ruari McLean : Joseph Cundall, a Victorian Publisher - Notes on His Life & a Checklist of His Books
(1976 PLA, Pinner £8)

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