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William Combe

Male : Satirical Poet, Hack writer, Translator, Ghost writer, Editor, a fabricator of letters (esp those to or by Laurence Sterne). Employed as a propagandist by the Pitt Govt from 1788-1806. Married Maria Foster in 1777 & Charlotte Hadfield in 1795. He was imprisoned for debt on more than one occasion
Nationality : English Place of Birth : Bristol

Date of Birth : 1741 Date of Death : 1823 Age : 82

Pseudonyms : Doctor Syntax

Other Work : Journalist & Editor, Political Pamphleteer

Education : Eton & Oxford (failed to take a degree)
(Ed) A Description of Patagonia by Thomas Falkner (1774)
Clifton : A Poem in Imitation of Spenser
The Philosopher in Bristol
(1775) (1784 Jackson, Dublin)
Letters to His Friends on Various Occasions by Laurence Sterne
(1775) - contains 6 letters by Combe
(Ed) The Oeconomy of Health by the School of Salerno (1776)
The Diaboliad : Dedicated to the Worst Man in His Majesty's Dominions
(1777) - 2 vols
[This attack on London society was highly successful and ran to many editions]
Additions to the Diaboliad : A Poem
(1777 for G Kearsley, London) - Anon
The First of April, or The Triumphs of Folly - A Poem
(1777 for J Bew, London) - Anon
(1777 J Mehain, Dublin)
A Dialogue in the Shades
A Letter to the Duchess of Devonshire
A Second Letter to the Duchess of Devonshire
An Interesting Letter to the Duchess of Devonshire
An Heroic Epistle to the Noble Author of The Duchess of Devonshire's Cow
The Justification
A Poetical Epistle to Sir Joshua Reynolds

The Auction : A Town Eclogue
(1778) (1780 J Bew, London) - Anon
(Ed) A Practical Treatise on the Diseases of the Teeth by John Hunter (1778)
The Royal register
(1778-84) - 9 vols
An Heroic Epistle to Sir James Wright
The World as it Goes
Letters supposed to have been Written by Yorick to Eliza
(1779 for J Bew, London) - 2 vols. Anon
The Fast-Day : A Lambeth Ecologue
Letters of the Late Lord Lyttleton
(1780-2) - 2 vols

The Traitor : A Poetical Rhapsody
Letters Between Two Lovers and Their Friends
Letters of an Italian Nun and an English Gentleman
Original Love-Letters Between a Lady of Quality and a Person of Inferior Station
The Royal Dream, or The Prince in a Panic - An Eclogue
(Ed) An Historical and Chronological Deduction of the Origin of Commerce by Adam Anderson
(1787-9) - 4 vols
Original Letters of Laurence Sterne
A History of the Late Important Period
A Letter from a Country Gentleman to a Member of Parliament
The Royal Interview : A Fragment
(1789 Logographic Press, London) - Anon
Observations on the Present State of the Royal Academy
Considerations on the Approaching Dissolution of Parliament
(Ed) Voyages made in the Years 1788 & 1789 from China to the North West Coast
of America by John Meares

The Devil on Two Sticks in England
(1790-1) - 6 vols
A Word in Season to the Traders and Manufacturers of Great Britain
(1792) - Anon
An History of the River Thames
(1794-6) - 2 vols. Joseph Farington
(Ed) Alf von Deulman, or The History of the Emperor Philip and His Daughters by C B E Naubert
(1794) - 2 vols
(Ed) A Letter to Uvedale Price by Humphry Repton (1794)
(Ed) Sketches and Hints on Landscape Gardening by Humphry Repton (nd. 1794)
Two Words of Counsel and One of Comfort, to the Prince of Wales
(Ed) A Narrative of the British Embassy to China 1792-94 (1795) by Aeneas Anderson (1795)

Letters to a Retired Officer
Plain Thoughts of a Plain Man
(Ed) Voyage to the South Atlantic and Round Cape Horn into the Pacific
Ocean by James Colnett
(Trans) Freidrich Anthing : History of the Campaigns of Count Alexander Suworow Rymniski
(1799) - 2 vols
(Trans) Count Jean-Baptiste Jourdan : Memoir of the Operations of the Army of the Danube
(Trans) Louis-Medeleine Ripault : Report to the First Consul Bonaparte
on the Antiquities of Egypt
(Ed) Official Correspondence Containing the Whole of the State Papers from 1797 to 1799,
of the Congress of Rastadt
(Trans) C N S Sonnini de Manoncourt : Travels in Upper and Lower Egypt (1800)

Brief Observations on a Letter to Pitt by W. Boyd
(Ed) The History of Mauritius by Charles Grant, Viscount de Vaux (1801)
(Ed) The Life, Adventures and Opinions of Col. George Hanger, Written by Himself
(1801) - 2 vols
(Ed) A Journal of the Forces which Sailed in 1800 by Aeneas Anderson (1802)
(Ed) Voyages from Montreal Through the Continent of North America by Alexander Mackenzie
(Ed & In) The Pic Nic (1803) - 2 vols
The Letters of Valerius
(Ed) Fashionable Follies, Vol 3 by Thomas Vaughan (1810)

The Thames, or Graphic Illustrations
(1811) - 2 vols
(Revised in 1822 as "Views on the Thames")
(Ed) The Life of Arthur Murphy by Jesse Foot (1811)
Microcosm of London : Vol 3
History of Abbey Church of St Peter's, Westminster
Antiquities of York
Six Poems Illustrative of the Engravings of Princess Elizabeth
A History of the University of Oxford
(1814) - 2 vols. Augustus Pugin et al
A History of the University of Cambridge
(1815) - 2 vols
Life of Napoleon : A Hudibrastic Poem
(1815 Tegg, London) - by Doctor Syntax
The English Dance of Death
(1815-16 Ackermann, London) - 2 vols. Thomas Rowlandson
Offered in 1999 for £1365

1816 Onwards
The History of the Colleges
The Dance of Life
(1817) - Thomas Rowlandson
Swiss Scenery
A History of Madeira
The History of Johnny Quae Genus, The Little Foundling of the Late Doctor Syntax
(1822 Ackermann) - Thomas Rowlandson
Letters to Marianne
(1823 Thomas Boys, London)
Forget Me Bot : A Christmas and New Year's Present for 1823
Letters Between Amelia in London and Her Mother in the Country
(1824 R Ackermann, London)
(Ed) Popmeii by T L Donaldson (1827)
Johnny Quae Genus
(1903 Appleton) - Thomas Rowlandson

The Tour of Dr Syntax in Search of the Picturesque : A Poem
(1812 Ackermann) - Thomas Rowlandson
(1812 Ackermann. 2nd Ed)
(1813 3rd Ed - 3 vols) - Thomas Rowlandson
The Second Tour in Search of Consolation
The Tour of Doctor Syntax through London
(1820 J Johnston)
Third Tour in Search of a Wife
Three Tours
(1826) - 3 vols
(1868) - Edited by John Camden Hotten
Dr Syntax's Tours
(c1855 Nattali & Bond, London. 9th Ed)
The Tour of Dr Syntax
(1903 Appleton, NY) - Thomas Rowlandson

Harlan W Hamilton : Doctor Syntax - A Silhouette of Combe

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