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The word dictionarius was used as early as 1225 for a list of Latin words, but was not generally in use in its modern sense until the 16thC
A Table Alphabeticall (1604)
[Generally belived to be the first English dictionary, it contained about 3000 words]

A Dictionary of the English Language
Edited by Samuel Johnson
London 1755

The Oxford English Dictionary
[When the project was finally agreed with the Clarendon Press in 1879 it's title was to be :
"A New English Dictionary on Historical Principles formed mainly on the Materials
collected by the Philological Society and with the Assistance of man Scholars and Men of Science".
It was expected that it would run to some 7000 pages and take 10 years to complete.
Clarendon Press estimated the cost would be £9000.
In fact it cost £300.000, took 16.000 pages and wasn't completed for 54 years !]

Editor in Chief : James A H Murray
Clarendon Press, Oxford 1882-1928. 12 vols

Simon Winchester : The Meaning of Everything - The Story of the Oxford English Dictionary
(2003 Oxford £12.99)

The Century Dictionary & Cyclopaedia
Edited by William Dwight Whitney
Century, NY 1899-1910
12 vols

The Concise Oxford Dictionary of Current English
Edited by J B Sykes
Clarendon Press, Oxford
First Edition 1911
5th Ed 1964
6th Ed 1976
7th Ed 1982

Funk & Wagnalls New Standard Dictionary of the English Language
Edited by Isaac Funk
Funk & Wagnalls, NY
First Edition 1913

The Universal Dictionary of the English Language
Edited by Henry Cecil Wyld
Routledge & Kegan Paul 1932

Dictionary of the Older Scottish Tongue
Edited by A J Aitken
University of Chicago Press

A Dictionary of American English on Historical Principles
Edited by William A Craigie & James R Hulbert
Uinversity of Chicago Press 1938-44
4 vols

The American College Dictionary
Edited by Clarence L Barnhart
Random House, NY 1947
It was superseded by the Random House College Dictionary

Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary of Current English
Edited by A S Hornby & A P Cowie
Oxford University Press
First Edition 1948
3rd Edition 1974

A Dictionary of Americanisms on Historical principles
Edited by Mitford M Mathews
Chicago University Press 1951
2 vols

Webster's New World Dictionary of the American Language
Edited by David B Guralnik
Simon & Schuster, NY 1953

Middle English Dictionary
Edited by Hans Murath & Sherman M Kuhn
University of Michigan 1956

Funk & Wagnalls Standard College Dictionary
Funk & Wagnalls NY 1963

The Kenkyusha Dictionary of Current English Idioms
Edited by Sanki Ichikawa, et al
Kenkyusha, Tonkyo 1964

Funk & Wagnalls Standard Desk Dictionary
Edited by Sidney I Landau
Funk & Wagnalls NY 1966

The Random House Dictionary of the English Language
edited by Jess Stein
Random House NY 1966

A Dictionary of Canadianisms on Historical Principles
Edited by Walter S Avis
W J Gage, Toronto 1967

Funk & Wagnalls Cook's & Diner's Dictionary
A Lexicon of Food, Wine & Culinary Terms
Edited by Samuel Davis
Funk & Wagnalls, NY 1968

The Random House College Dictionary
Edited by Laurence Urdang
Random House NY 1968
Rev Ed 1975

The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language
Edited by William Morris
Houghton Mifflin, Boston 1969

A Chronological English Dictionary
Edited by Thomas Finkenstaedt, Ernst Leisi & Dieter Wolff
Carl Winter Universitatsverlag, Heidelberg 1970

Chambers 20thC Dictionary
Edited by A M Macdonald
W & R Chambers, Edinburgh 1972
Supplement 1977

A Supplement to the Oxford English Dictionary
Edited by R W Burchfield
Clarendon Press 1972
Vol 1 : A-6 1972
Vol 2 H-N 1976
Vol 3 : O-Scz 1982

The Barnhart Dictionary of New English Since 1963
Edited by Clarence L Barnhart, Sol Steinmetz & Robert K Barnhart
Barnhart/Harper & Row, NY 1973

A Concise Dictionary of Canadianisms
edited by Walter S Avis
W J Gage, Toronto 1973

A Dictionary of American Idioms
Edited by Maxine Tull Boatner & John Edward Gates
Barron's Educational Series, NY 1975

The Doubleday Dictionary
Edited by Sidney I Landau
Doubleday NY 1975

Jazz Talk
Edited by Robert S Gold
Bobbs Merrill, Indianapolis 1975

Oxford Dictionary of Current Idiomatic English
Edited by A P Cowie & R Mackin
Oxford University Press 1975 & 1983
2 vols

6000 Words : A Supplement to Webster's 3rd International Dictionary
Edited by Maire Weir Kay, Frederick C Mish & H Bosley Woolf
G & C Merriam, Springfield, Massachusetts 1976

The Scribner-Batnam English Dictionary
Edited by Edwin B Williams
Charles Scribner, NY 1977

Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
Edited by Paul Procter
Longman, London 1978

A Dictionary of South African English
Edited by Jean Branford
Oxford University Press, Cape Town 1978

Collins Dictionary of the English Language
Edited by Patrick Hanks
Collins, London 1979

Longman Dictionary of English idioms
Edited by Thomas Hill Long
Longman, Harlow 1979

Longman Dictionary of Scientific Usage
Longman, Harlow 1979

Chambers Universal Learners' Dictionary
Edited by Elizabeth Kirkpatrick
W & R Chambers, Edinburgh 1980

Davies' Dictionary of Golfing Terms
Edited by Peter Davies
Simon & Schuster NY 1980

Oxford American Dictionary
Edited by Eugene Ehrlich, Stuart Berg Flexner, Gorton Carruth & Joyce M Hawkins
Oxford University Press, NY 1980

Longman Lexicon of Contemporary English
Edited by Tom McArthur
Longman, Harlow 1981

The Macquarie Dictionary
edited by Arthur Delbridge
Macquarie Library, NSW, Australia 1981

Longman New Universal Dictionary
Edited by Paul Procter
Longman, Harlow 1982

The New Collins Concise Dictionary of the English Language
Edited by William T McLeod & Patrick Hanks
Collins 1982

The New York Times Everyday Dictionary
Edited by Thomas M Paikeday
Times Books, NY 1982

Gage Canadian Dictionary
Edited by Walter S Avis, Patrick D Drysdale, Robert J Gregg, Victoria E Neufeldt
& Matthew H Scargill
(Gage, Toronto 1983)

Dictionary of the English Language
(1794 for W Peacock, London. 4th Ed)
Dictionary of Quotations, in Most Frequent Use
(1799 Robinson, London. 3rd Ed)
A Dictionary of Natural History, or Complete Summary of Zoology
(1815 for Scatcherd & Letterman, London)
The Dictionary of Love, in which is contained the Explanation of most of the
Terms used in That Language
(1825 R Buchanan, Edinburgh. 3rd Ed)
Dictionary of Daily Wants
(1860 London) - 3 vols in 1
Dictionary of Useful Knowledge
(1861 Houlston & Wright, London) - 4 vols
A Dictionary of Abbreviations
(1886 Griffith, Farren)
A Dictionary of American English
(1938-44) (1977 Chicago UP - 4 vols)
- edited by W A Craigie & J R Hilbert

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