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Walt (walter Elias) Disney

Male : Animator. His first film was "Alice in Wonderland" in 1923
Nationality : American Place of Birth : Chicago, Illinois

Date of Birth : 1901 Date of Death : 1966 Age : 65

Other Work : Commercial Artist until 1923
Mickey Mouse Book
(1930 Bibo & Lang) - By B Bobette
Mickey Chercheur D'Or
(1931 Hachette, France)
The Adventures of Mickey Mouse : Book 1
(1931 David McKay, Phila) (1931 Harrap)
US First offered in 1997 for £250
Mickey Mouse Illustrated Movie Stories
(1931 McKay) (1931 Dean)
Mickey Mouse Story Book
(1931 McKay)
More Adventures of Mickey Mouse
(1932 Dean)

Mickey Mouse
(1933 Dean : Great Big Midget Books Series)
Micky Maus Im Zirkus
(German version of "Mickey Mouse at the Circus")
(c1933 Verlag Bollmann) - 3 pop-ups
Minni Maus Und Das Entlein
(German version of Minnie Mouse & the Little Duck)
(c1933 Verlag Bollmann) - 3 pop-ups
Mickey Mouse in King Arthur's Court
(1933 NY) - 4 pop-ups
The Pop-up Mickey Mouse
(1933 Blue Ribbon, NY)
The Pop-up Minnie Mouse
(1933 Whitman US)
The Great Big Midget Book
(1933 Dean, London)
The Pop-up Silly Symphonies : Babes in the Wood & King Neptune
(1933 Whitman)
Three Little Pigs
(1933 Blue Ribbon)
Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf : The Three Little Pigs
(1933 McKay)
Mickey in King Arthur's Court
(1934 Dean) - 4 pop-ups
Mickey Mouse Stories Book No.2
(1934 David McKay, Phila)
Mickey Mouse and His Horse Tanglefoot
(1934 Whitman US) (1936 McKay)
Mickey Mouse in Giant Land
(1934 Collins)
Mickey Mouse Wins the Race
(1934 Whitman)
Santa's Workshop : From Silly Symphony
(c1934 Collins)
The Pied Piper
(1934 John Lane, The Bodley Head)
Mickey Mouse Waddle Book
(1934 Blue Ribbon Books, NY)
Teddy Tail Waddle Book
(1934 Collins)
Hunting for Trouble
(1930s Whitman)

Donald Duck
(1935 Whitman US)
Mickey Mouse and the Magic Carpet
(1935 Whitman)
Mickey Mouse Crusoe
(1935 Collins)
The Golden Touch
(1935 Collins)
Mickey Mouse Movie Stories Book 2
(1935 Dean)
The Three Orphan Kittens
(1935 Whitman) (1936 Dean)
The Tortoise and the Hare
(1935 Dean)
The Wise Little Hen
(1935 Whitman)
The Walt Disney Silly Symphony Omnibus
(1935 John Lane, The Bodley Head)
(In) Princess Elizabeth Gift Book (1935 Hodder & Stoughton) - includes 2 Mickey Mouse plates
Mickey Mouse Presents Nursery Stories from Walt Disney's Silly Symphony
(1935 Collins)
Mickey Mouse at the Carnival
(1936 Collins Wee Little Books)
The Three Orphan Kittens
(1936 Dean)
Mickey Mouse's Misfortune
(1936 Collins Wee Books)

Donald Duck and His Misadventures
(1937 Whitman US)
Snow White and the Seven Dwarves
(1937 Whitman) (1937 McKay)
Detective Adventures
(1937 Juvenile Productions)
The Golden Touch
(1937 Whitman)
Mickey Mouse Presents Walt Disney's Nursery Stories
(1937 Whitman)
Mickey Mouse has a Busy Day
(1937 Whitman)
Pluto and the Puppy
(1937 Grosset & Dunlap)
Walt Disney Annual
(1937 Whitman)

Ferdinand the Bull
(1938 Whitman)
Mickey Mouse in the Race for Riches
(1938 Whitman)
Pluto's Playtime
(1938 Juvenile Productions)
Snow White Annual
(1938 Dean)
The Story of Clarabelle Cow
(1938 Whitman)
Walt Disney's Snow White Sketch Book
(c1938 Collins)
Mickey Mouse at the Circus
(c1938 Birn Bros, London)

School Days in Disneyville
(1939 Heath)
Snow White and the Magic Mirror
(1939 Dean) - with 3-D plates & special spectacles
Mickey Mouse Never Fails
(1939 Heath & Co) - by Robin Palmer
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
(c1939 Collins)
Walt Disney's Pinocchio
(1939 Collins) (1939 Random House) - film scenario
Walt Disney's Pinocchio
(1939 Collins) - facsimile of typescript. 100 copies
The Nutcracker Suite from Walt Disney's Fantasia
(c1939 Collins)
(c1940 Collins)
Donald Gets Fed Up
(1940 Whitman)
Dumbo Painting Book
(c1940 Collins)
Father Noah's Ark
(c1940 Birn)
(1940 Collins)
The Disneyland Omnibus
(1940 Dean)
Walt Disney Wonder Book
(c1940 Sunshine Press)
Walt Disney's Fantasia
(1940 Simon & Schuster) - by Deems Taylor
Offered in 1995 for £625
Stories from Fantasia
(1940 Random House)

The Story of Casey Jr
(1941 Garden City Publ Co, NY) (c1940's Collins)
The Story of Timothy's House
(1941 Garden City)
The Reluctant Dragon
(1941 Doubleday)
The Victory March or the Mystery of the Trasure Chest
(1942 Random House)
Dumbo Children's Album
(1942 Chappell, London)
Mickey Mouse and the Magic Lamp
(1942 Whitman)
Mickey Mouse and the Dude Ranch Bandit
(1943 Whitman)
The Nutcracker Suite
(1943 Collins)
Walt Disney's Thumper
(1943 Collins)
(1944 Heath)
Donald Duck and His Friends : As Told by Kean Ayer
(1944 Heath)

Mickey Sees the USA
(1944 Heath)
Mickey's Voyage
(1948 Hachette, France)
Poor Pluto
(1948 Whitman)
Mickey Mouse and the Boy Thursday
(1948 Whitman)
The Wonderful Tar Baby
(c1948 Collins)
The Cinderella Magic Wand Book
(1950 Dean) - 3D with spectacles
Walt Disney's Treasure Island
(1950 Collins)

Walt Disney's Alice in Wonderland
(1951 Simon & Schuster)
Walt Disney's Thumper Annual
(1952 Odhams)
Peter Pan's Children's Album
(1952 Walt Disney)
Peter Pan
(1953 Walt Disney) (1953 Brockhampton)
Pluto's Painting Book
(1953 Adprint)
Mickey Mouse Alpiniste
(1954 Hachette, France)
Lady and the Tramp at the Zoo
(1955 Adprint)
Walt Disney's Lady and the Tramp
(1955 Dean) - based on the story by Ward Greene

Since 1956
Walt Disney's Crossword Puzzle Book
(1960 Birn)
The Sword in the Stone
(1964 Dean) - Pop-up
The Wonderful World of Disney
(1965 Grolier, London) - 4 vols in slipcase
Alice and the Mad Hatter's Tea Party
(1969 Purnell) - Pop-up
Donald Duck's Pop-Up Circus
(1970 Purnell)
The Disney Poster Book
(1977 Academy Editions)
Pinocchio Pop-Up Movie-go-Round Book
(1981 Walt Disney) - Pop-up
Walt Disney's Treasury of Cartoon Classics
(1981 Abrams)
Walt Disney's Movie Poster Book
(1989 Walt Disney)
Snow White Teaches the Seven Dwarfs to Knit
(nd. Walt Disney)
The Robber Kitten
(nd. Whitman US)
The Story of Casey Jnr the Little Engine who Saved a Circus and all the Animals
(nd. Collins)

Mickey Mouse Annuals
Published by Dean 1931 to 1965

Donald Duck Annuals
Published by Collins 1939 to 1942

Robert Feild : The Art of Walt Disney
(1942 Macmillan, NY)
Bob Thomas : Walt Disney - The Art of Animation
(1958 Simon & Schuster)
Christopher Finch : The Art of Walt Disney
(1973 Abrams NY)
Marc Eliot : Walt Disney - Hollywood's Dark Prince
(1993 Birch Lane Press) (1994 Deutsch)