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John Francis Russell Fearn

Male : Science Fiction Novelist & writer of Westerns (36 between 1947 & 1956). Married Carrie Worth in 1956. He died of a heart attack
Nationality : English Place of Birth : Worsley, Manchester, Lancashire

Date of Birth : 1908 Date of Death : 1960 Age : 52

Pseudonyms : Thornton Ayre, Laurence F Rose, Volsted Gridban, Vargo Statten
Science Fiction as Vargo Statten (all published by Scion)
The Micro Men
Wanderer of Space
2000 Years On
The Cosmic Flame
Nebula X
The Sun Makers

The Avenging Martian
The Red Insects
Deadline to Pluto
The Petrified Planet
Born of Luna
The Devouring Fire
The Renegade Star
The New Satellite
The Catalyst

The Inner Cosmos
The Space Warp
The Eclipse Express
The Time Bridge
Man from Tomorrow
The G-Bomb
Laughter in Space
Across the Ages
The Last Martian
Worlds to Conquer
The Time Trap
Science Metropolis

To the Ultimate
Ultra Spectrum
The Dust Destroyer
Black-Wing of Mars
Man in Duplicate
Zero Hour
The Black Avengers
Odyssey of Nine
Pioneer 1990
The Interloper
Man of Two Worlds
The Lie Destroyer
Black Bargain
The Grand Illusion

Science Fiction as Vargo Statten
(all published by Scion)
Wealth of the Void
A Time Appointed
I Spy
The Multi-Man
Creature from the Black Lagoon
(1954 Dragon Hb & Pb Editions)
1000 Year Voyage

Earth 2

Science Fiction as John Russell Fearn
Paperbacks unless stated
Golden Amazon Series
The Golden Amazon
(1944 World's Work Hb) (1953 Harlequin, Canada)
The Golden Amazon Returns
(1948 World's Work Hb)
(1955 Harlequin, Canada as "The Deathless Amazon")
The Golden Amazon's Triumph
(1953 World's Work Hb)
The Amazon's Diamond Quest
(1953 World's Work Hb)
The Amazon Strikes Again
(1954 World's Work Hb)
Twin of the Amazon
(1954 World's Work Hb)
Conquest of the Amazon
(1973 Harbottle - Chapbook)
Lord of Atlantis
(1991 Zeon - Chapbook)
The Golden Amazon
(1998 Gryphon US £10)
Triangle of Power
(1999 Gryphon, US £10)
The Amethyst City
(2000 Gryphon, US £10)

Clay Drew Series
All Hamilton 1950
Emperor of Mars
Warrior of Mars
Red Men of Mars
Goddess of Mars

The Intelligence Gigantic
(1943 World's Work Hb)
Liners of Time
(1947 (World's Work Hb)
Slaves of Ijax
(c1946 Kaner Publishing Co, Llandudno)
Operation Venus
(1950 Scion)
Worlds Within
(1982 Harbottle - Chapbook)
From Afar
(1982 Harbottle - Chapbook)
Tales of Wonder
(1983 Harbottle - Chapbook)
No Grave Need I
(1984 Harbottle - Chapbook)
The Slitherers
(1984 Harbottle - Chapbook)
Climate Incorporated
(1985 Harbottle - Chapbook)
(1997 Gryphon US £10)
Manton's World
(1999 Cosmos, US & UK £6)

Science Fiction as Volsted Gridban
Herbert the Dinosaur Series
A Thing of the Past
(1953 Scion)
The Genial Dinosaur
(1954 Scion)

Adam Quirke Series
The Master Must Die
(1953 Scion)
The Lonely Astronomer
(1954 Scion

Moon's for Sale (1953 Scion)
The Dyno-Depressant
(1953 Scion)
Magnetic Brain
(1953 Scion)
Scourge of the Atom
(1953 Scion)
Exit Life
(1953 Scion)
The Purple Wizard
(1953 Scion)
The Frozen Limit
(1954 Scion)
I Came, I Saw, I Wondered
(1954 Scion)

Science Fiction written under other pseudonyms
Valley of Pretenders
(1942 Columbia US - Chapbook) - as Dennis Clive
The Voice of Commands
(1942 Columbia US - Chapbook) - as Dennis Clive
Other Eyes Watching
(1946 Pendulum) - as Polton Cross
The Trembling World
(1949 Stephen Frances) - as Astron Del Martia
Cosmic Exodus
(1953 Pearson) - as Conrad G Holt
The Hell fruit
(1953 Pearson) - as Lawrence F Rose
Dark Boundaries
(1953 Curtis Warren) - as Paul lorraine
Z Formations
(1953 Curtis Warren) - as Bryan Shaw

As John Slate
Maria Black Series
(all Rich & Cowan Hbs)
Black Maria
Maria Marches On
One Remained Seated
Thy Arm Alone
Death in Silhouette

Framed in Guilt
(1948 Rich & Cowan Hb)

As Hugo Blayn
Inspector Garth Series
Except for One Thing
(1947 Stanley Paul Hb)
The Five Matchboxes
(1948 Stanmley Paul Hb)
(1950 Stanley Paul Hb)
What Happened to Hammond ?
(1951 Stanley Paul Hb)
Vision Sinister
(1954 Dragon) - as Nat Karta
The Silvered Cage
(1955 Dragon)

As Elton Westward
The Lonely Road Murder
(1954 Brown Watson)
No Answer
(1954 Brown Watson)

Written under other pseudonyms
Account Settled
(1949 Paget) - as John Russell
Murder's A Must
(1949 Muir-Watson)
Shattering Glass
(1953 Brown Watson) - as Frank Russell
Liquid Death
(1953 Modern Fiction) - As Griff
Don't Touch Me
(1953 Modern Fiction) - As Spike Gordon
You take the Rap
(1953 Modern Fiction) - As Spike Gordon
The Yellow Yasmak
(1954 Brown Watson) - As Gina Dewall
The Rettenbury Mystery
(1955 World) - As Conway Carr
The Secret of the Vase
(1955 World) - As Preston James

As John Russell Fearn
Merridew Series
(All World's Work Hb's)
Valley of the Doomed
Merridew Rides Again
Merridew Marches On
Merridew Fights Again
Merridew Follows the Trail

Other Westerns as John Russell Fearn
The Flying Horseman
(1947 Western Book Distributors)
The Avenging Ranger
(1948 Kaner)
Rustler's Canyon
(1948 Kaner)
Thunder Valley
(1948 Wells Gardner Hb)
Yellow Gulch Law
(1948 Kaner)
Dead Man's Shoes
(1949 Paget)
Gunsmoke Valley
(1949 Muir Watson)
Lawless Range
(1949 Muir Watson)
Tornado Trail
(1949 Muir Watson)
Arizona Love
(1950 Rich & Cowan Hb)
Aztec Gold
(1950 Scion)
Ghost Canyon
(1950 Scion) - with Matt Japp
(1950 Scion) - with Matt Japp
Skeleton Pass
(1950 Scion) - with Matt Japp
(1950 Scion) - with Matt Japp
(1950 Scion) - with Matt Japp
Lead Law
(1950 Scion) - with Matt Japp
The Hanging 9
(1951 Scion)
Golden Canyon
(1951 Partridge Hb)
Killer's Legacy
(1952 Rich & Cowan Hb)
Navajo Vengeance
(1956 Rich & Cowan Hb)

Westerns as Jed McCloud
Accident Trail
(1955 Dragon)
feather-Fist Jones
(1955 Dragon)
Sheriff of Deadman's Bend
(1956 Brown Watson)
Phantom Avenger
(1956 Brown Watson)

Westerns Under Other Pseudonyms
Outlaw's Legacy
(1949) - As Clem Watson
Six-Gun prodigal
(1949 Muir Watson) - As Hank Cole
Six-Guns Shoot to Kill
(1949 Muir Watson) - As Hank Carson
Stockwhip Sheriff
(1949 Muir Watson) - As Poulton Cross
Hell's Acres
(1950 Scion) - As Mick McCoy
Gun Toter from Texas
(1951 Hamilton) - As Jed McNab

As Arnold Ryden
The Son of Dick Turpin
(1954 Gannet)
Turpin's Son Rides Again
(1954 Gannet)

As Gene Bentley
(All published by Dragon)
The Loves of Lydia
Bitter Harvest
En Route to Romance
Glamour in the Morning
No Rain for Maria

As Elizabeth Rutland
Moon Magic
(1954 Scion)
(1954 Dragon)
Hearts Can Heal
(1955 Dragon)
Night Nurse
(1955 Dragon)
Heedless heart
(1955 Dragon)
The Devil's Daughter
(1956 Brown Watson)
Summer Fires
(1956 Brown Watson)

Anjani Series
(Tarzan pastiches)
The Gold of Akada
(1951 Scion) - as Earl Titan
Anjani the Mighty
(1951 Scion) - as Earl Titan

Philip Harbottle : The Multi-Man - A Biographic and Bibliographic Study of John Russell Fearn
(1968 PP)

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