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Eliza Fowler Haywood

Female : Novelist & Playwright. Married the Rev Valentine Haywood in 1711, but by 1721 she had left him and was living in London, working as a writer and actress. She ran her own publishing business for a while in the 1740s
Nationality : English Place of Birth : London

Date of Birth : 1693 Date of Death : 1756 Age : 63
Love in Excess, or The Fatal Enquiry
(Trans) Letters from a Lady of Quality to a Chevalier (1721)
The Fair Captive : A Tragedy
(1721 Jauncy & Cole, London)
Offered in 1999 for £800
The British Recluse, or the Secret History of Leomira, Suppos'd Dead
The Injur'd Husband, or The Mistaken Resentment
Idalia, or The Unfortunate Mistress
Lasselia, or The self Abandoned

A Wife to be Lett : A Comedy
The Rash resolve, or the Untimely Discovery
The Arragonian Queen : A Secret History
The Fatal Secret, or Constancy in Distress
A Spy Upon the Conjurer
The Surprise, or Constancy rewarded
(Trans) La Belle Assemblee, or the Adventures of Six Days (1724-6)
The Tea-Table, or a Conversation between some Polite Persons of Both Sexes,
at a Lady's Visting Day
The Masqueraders, or Fatal Curiosity
The Works of Mrs Eliza Haywood

The Memoirs of Baron de Brosse
Memoirs of a Certain Island Adjacent to the Kingdom of Utopia
The Unqequal Conflict, or Nature Triumphant
Mary Stuart, Queen of Scots
Bath Intrigues
Secret Histories, Novels and Poems
The Mercenary lover, or The Unfortunate Heiresses
The City Jilt, or the Alderman Turn'd Beau

Secret History of the Present Intrigues of the Court of Caramania
Letters from the Palace of Fame
The fruitless Inquiry
Cleomelia, or the Generous Mistress
The Life of Mme. Villesache
(Trans) Love in It's Variety (1727)
Philidore and Placentia, or L'Amour trop delicat
The Agreeable Caledonian
Irish Artifice, or The History of Clarina
Persecuted Virtue, or The Cruel Lover
The Perplex'd Dutchess, or Treachery rewarded
Frederick, Duke of Brunswick-Lunenburgh : A Tragedy
The Fair Hebrew
Love Letters on All Occasions Lately Passed between Persons of Distinction

Secret Memoirs of the Late Mr Duncan Campbell
The Opera of Operas, or Tom Thumb the Great
(Trans) L'Entrien des Beaux Espirits : Being the Sequel to La Belle Assemblee (1734)
The Adventures of Eovaai, princess of Ijaveo
Anti-Pamela, or Feign'd Innocence Detected
(Trans) The Virtuous Villager or Virgin's Victory (1742)
A Present for a servant-Maid, or The Sure Means of Gaining Love and Esteem
The Fortunate Foundlings : being the Genuine History of Colonel M and His Sister
The Female Spectator
The Parrot
Life's Progress Through the Passions, or The Adventures of Natura
Epistles for the Ladies

After 1751
The History of Miss Betsy Thoughtless
(1751) (1772 for H Gardner, London) - 4 vols
The History of Jemmy and Jenny Jessamy
(1753) (1785 Harrison, London) - 3 vols in 1
The Invisible Spy
The Wife
The Husband : In Answer to the Wife
(1756 for T Gardner, London)
The History of Miss Leonora Meadowson
Plays of Eliza Haywood
Four Novels of Eliza Haywood

G F Whicher : The Life and Roamnces of Mrs Eliza Haywood
M A Schofield : Quiet Rebellion - The Fictional Heroines of Eliza Fowler Haywood
(Ed) Gabrielle Firmager : Eliza Haywood, The Female Spectator
(1993 Duckworth/Bristol Classical Press)