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John Hartley

Male : Writer of humorous Yorkshire dialect works. From c1866 he produced The Original Clock Almanack in the Yorkshire Dialect
Nationality : English Place of Birth : Yorkshire

John Hartley's Yorkshire Tales
Suitable for public readings, recitations, and Social Entertainments
Published by W Nicholson, London & Wakefield at 1d each
1. Frozen to Death, or the Cottage on the Hill
2. Sperrit Rappin'
3. There's a Mule i'th' Garden
4. A Neet at "Widdup's Rest"
5. Mose Hart's Twelvth Mess
6. Pill Jim's Progress Wi' John's Bunion
7. Tha Caps Me Nah !
8. It Mud Ha' Been War
9. Tinlin' Tom
10. Hard to Pleeas
11. Sammy Bewitched
12. Niver Judge By Appearances
13. Awr Emma
(A False Alarm)
14. The Mystery of Burt's Babby
15. One Amang Th' rest
16. Th' Hoil-I'Th-Hill Statty
17. Owd Dawdles
18. Why Tommy isn't a Deacon
19. What's Yor Hurry
20. Ha' A Deead Donkey Towt A Lesson
21. Ha Owd Stooansnatch's Dowter Gate Wed
22. Owd Moorcock
23. Dawdles I'Th' Dumps - Mi First Testimonial
24. What Mi Mother Says - Grandfather's Boggard
25. Dawdles' Umberell - Peter the Pieman
26. A Run Ovver Th' Year
27. Goin' in Trade - Meddlin Mary
28. Sweep ! Oh ! Sweep
29. Septimus An His Breach O'Promise
30. Doycake an' Spectre
31. Sam's Supper - Th' Gobblin Guide
32. Nicodemus An' Obadiah
33. Nah for Another Start - Puttin' th' best Fooit Forrad
34. Th' Weddin' Neet
35. Own Sticker
36. Raand Abaat Th' Taan by Sammywell Grimes
37. Sammywell Grimes's Trip to Scarbro'
38. Weddin' a Widdy
39. Oh These Widders - Born Soa
40. Grimes' New Business - Hay Thear !
41. Huthersfield Hussies and Todmorden Tups - Whit-Monday at Morley
42. Hod Thi Noise - a Sarmon O'Scraps
43. Sheffield Sarah's Sunday Silk
44. Sammywell Swillin' - Arty's Weddin'
45. Sammywell's Sooar Thumb
46. Grimes' Trip to Th' North Powl
47. Grimes An Mally's Trip to Epsom
48. Mally's Memorable Ride - Sheffield Sam's Skeeam
49. Lijah at Low Moor - Riotless Livin'
50. Grimes I' Disgrace
51. Fun at a Funeral - Strikes - Awr Dooad
52. The Pig's Plum Puddin - Sammywell Sweeps th' Chimley

Yorkshire Puddin' : A collection of the Most Popular Dialect Stories
(nd. Nicholson)
A Sheaf from the Moorland : A Collection of Original Poems
(1880 W Nicholson, London)
Many a Slip : A Domestic Romance
A Rolling Stone : A Tale of Wrongs and Revenge
Yorkshire Ditties
(nd. Nicholson)
Yorkshire Tales : Amusing Sketches of Yorkshire Life in the Yorkshire Dialect - First Series
(nd. Nicholson)
Yorkshire Tales : Amusing Sketches of Yorkshire Life in the Yorkshire Dialect - Second Series
(nd. Nicholson)
Yorkshire Tales : Amusing Sketches of Yorkshire Life in the Yorkshire Dialect - Third Series
(nd. Nicholson)
Mally an' Me : A Selection of Humorous and Pathetic Incidents from the Life of Sammywell
Grimes and His Wife Mally
(nd. c1902 Nicholson)
Sammywell grimes and His Wife Mally Laikin' i' Lakeland
(nd. Nicholson)
Seets I' Paris, or Grimes Amang th' French
(1878 Nicholson)
Seets I'Blackpool : Grimes at Seaside
(nd. Nicholson)
Seets I' Lundun
Seets I' Yorkshire & lancashire, or Grimes Comical Trip from Leeds to Liverpool by Canal
(nd. Nicholson)