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Kennedy, Assassination Of Jfk

Shot in 1963 by Lee Harvey Oswald, who in turn was shot by nightclub-owner, Jack Ruby
Four Days : The Historical Record of the Death of President Kennedy
(1964 American Heritage Publishing,US) - no d/w
Dallas Justice by Melvyn Belli with Maurice Carroll
(1964 David McKay, US)
Investigation of the Assassimation of President John F Kennedy : Hearings
(1964 Warren Commission) - 26 vols
Report of the President's Commission on the Assassination of John F Kennedy
(1964 US Govt printing Office)
Who Killed Kennedy ? by Thomas Buchanan
(1964 Secker & Warburg)
Portrait of an Assassin by Gerald Ford & John Stiles
(1965 Simon & Schuster)
Fifty-One Witnesses : The Grassy Knoll by Harold Feldman
(1965 Idelwild Publishing US)
Whitewash by Harold Weisberg
(1965-74 Weisberg) - 4 vols

Inquest : The Warren Commission and the Establishment of Truth by Edward Epstein
(1966 Hutchinson)
Rush to Judgement by Mark Lane
(1966 Bodley Head)
The Second Oswald by Richard Popkin
(1966 Avon, US) - pb
The Oswald Affair : An examination of the Contradictions and Omissions of the Warren
Report by Leo Sauvage
(1966 World Publishing)
A Mother in History : Mrs Marguerite Oswald by Jean Stafford
(1966 Farrar Straus & Giroux)

Oswald in New orleans - Case for Conspiracy with the CIA by Harold Weisberg
(1967 Canyon Books US)
Lee : A Portrait of Lee Harvey Oswald by His Brother by Robert Oswald with
Myrick & Barbara Land
(1967 Coward-McCann)
Six Seconds in Dallas : A Microstudy of the Kennedy Assassination by Josiaj Thompson
(1967 Bernard Geis Associates/Random House US)
The Death of a President by William Manchester
(1967 Michael Joseph)
Accessories After the Fact : The Warren Commission, the Authorities and the
Report by Sylvia Meagher
(1967 Bobbs-Merrill)
Farewell America by James Hepburn
(1968 Frontiers, Liechenstein)

JFK Assassination File by Jesse Curry
(1969 American Poster & Publishing, US)
Red Friday : November 22, 1963 by Carlos Bringuier
(1969 Charles Hallberg US)
A Heritage of Stone by Jim Garrison
(1970 Putnam)
Jack Ruby's Girls by Diana Hunter & Alice Anderson
(1970 Hallux, US)

Legacy of Doubt by Peter Noyes
(1973 Pinnacle Books US)
Post Mortem : JFK Assassination Cover-Up Smashed by Harold Weisberg
(1975 Weisberg US)
Coup D'Etat in America : THe CIA and the Assassination of John F Kennedy
by Michael Canfield with Alan Weberman
(1975 Third Press, US)
Presumed Guilty by Howard Roffman
(1975 Associated Universities Presses, US)
Appointment in Dallas : The Final Solution to the Assassination of JFK by
Hugh McDonald as told to Geoffrey Bocca
(1975 Zebra Books US)

Photographic Whitewash - Suppressed Kennedy Assassination Pictures by Harold Weisberg
(1976 Weisberg)
The Assassination Chain by Sybil Leek and Bert Sugar
(1976 Corwin Books)
Cover-Up : The Governmental Conspiracy to Conceal the Facts About the Public
Execution of John Kennedy by Gary Shaw & Larry Harris
(1976 Shaw, US)
Marina and Lee by Priscilla Johnson McMillan
(1977 Collins)
The Oswald File by Michael Eddowes
(1977 Clarkson N Potter, US)
Crime and Cover-Up : The CIA, the Mafia, and the Dallas-Watergate Connection
by Peter Dale Scott
(1977 Westworks US)

1978- 1980
The Assassinations - Dallas and Beyond : A Guide to Cover-Ups and Investigations
Edited by Peter dale Scott, Paul Hoch & Russell Stetler
(1978 Random House)
Who Was Jack Ruby ? by Seth Kantor
(1978 Everest House, US)
Legend : The Secret Life of Lee Harvey Oswald by Edward Epstein
(1978 Hutchinson)
And We Are Still Mortal : New Evidence and Analysis in the Assassination of John F
Kennedy by George Evica
(1978 Univ of Hartford)
Conspiracy by Anthony Summers
(1980 Gollancz)
Best Evidence by David Lifton
(1980 Macmillan, US)

After 1981
The Plot to Kill the President by George Blakey & Richard Billings
(1981 Times Books, US)
On the Trail of the Assassins by Jim Garrison
(1988 Sheridan Square US)
[Filmed in 1991 as "JFK"]
Crossfire by Jim Marrs
(1989 Carroll & Graf)
JFK : The Second Plot by Matthew Smith
(1992 Mainstream)