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William Henry Giles Kingston

Male : Novelist. Grew up in Oporto, Portugal where his father had business interests. Wrote 125 stories of the sea for boys
Nationality : English Place of Birth : London

Date of Birth : 1814 Date of Death : 1880 Age : 66
The Circassian Chief
(1844) - 1st book
Peter the Whaler : His Early Life & Adventures in the Arctic Regions
[His first book for boys]
Mark Seaworth : A Tale of the Indian Ocean
(1852 Grant & Griffith)
Manco, the Peruvian Chief
(1853 Grant & Griffith)
Western Wanderings, or a Pleasure Tour in the Canadas
(1856 London) - 2 vols
The Cruise of the Frolic, or Yachting Experiences of Barnaby Brine, Esq
(1860 Sampson Low) - 2 vols

The Three Midshipman
True Blue, or The Life and Adventures of a British Seaman of the Old School
(1862 Griffith, Farran, London) - Sir John Gilbert
Tales for All Ages
(1863 Bickers & Bush, London) - et al
Washed Ashore or the Tower of Stormount Bay
(1866 London)
In the Wilds of Africa : A Tale for Boys
(1871 Nelson) - A Pearse
On the Banks of the Amazon
(1872 Nelson)
The Three Midshipmen
The Two Shipmates
(1874 SPCK)
Eldol the Druid
In the Eastern Seas, or The Regions of the Bird of Paradise
(1874 Nelson)
The Three Lieutenants

My First Voyage to Southern Seas : A Book for Boys
(1876 Nelson)
The Young Rajah : A Story of Indian Life & Adventure
(1876 Nelson)
The Wanderers, or Adventures in the Wilds of Trinidad and Up the Orinoco
(1876 Nelson)
The Three Commanders
Jovinian : A Tale of Early Papal Rome
(1877 Hodder & Stoughton)
Snow-Shoes and Canoes, or the Early Days of a Fur Trade in the Hudson's Bay Territory
(1877 Sampson Low. 2nd Ed)
The Three Admirals
The Two Supercargoes or, Adventures in Savage Africa
(1878 Sampson Low)
Ned Garth, or Made Prisoner in Africa : A Tale of the Slave Trade
(nd. 1878 SPCK)
Twice Lost : A Story of Shipwreck and of Adventure in the Wilds of Australia
(1878 Nelson)
John Deane of Nottingham : His Adventures and Exploits
(1879 Griffith & Farran)
In New Granada, or Heroes and Patriots : A Tale for Boys
(1879 Nelson)
Kidnapping in the Pacific, or the Adventures of Boas Ringdon
(Serialised In) Every Boy's Annual (nd. Routledge)
The Young Llanero : A Story of War and Wild Life in Venezuela
(1879 Nelson)
Hendricks the Hunter, or The Border Farm : A Tale of Zululand
(1879 Hodder & Stoughton)
My First Voyage to Southern Seas
(1880 Nelson)
The Golden Grasshopper : A Story of the Days of Sir Thomas Gresham
(1880 RTS)

Roger Willoughby : The Times of Benbow
(1881 Nisbet)
The South Sea Whaler : Story of the Loss of the Champion & the Adventures of Her crew
(1882 Nelson) - W H Groome
Hendriks the Hunter, or the Border Farm - A Tale of Zululand
(1882 Hodder & Stoughton)
Australian Adventures
Great African Travellers from Mungo Park to Livingstone, Stanley & Cameron
(1885 Routledge) - with Henry Frith
Mountain Moggy, or The Stoning of the Witch
(1886 SPCK)
Stories of the Sagacity of Animals : The Horse & Other Animals
(1886 Nelson) - Harrison Weir
The Two Whalers : Adventures in the Pacific
(nd. c1887 SPCK)
The Trappers Son
(1887 Gall & Inglis)
Great African Adventures from Bruce and Mungo Park to Livingstone & Stanley
(1890 Routledge) - with C R Low

After 1891
Manco the Peruvian Chief, or an Englishman's Adventures in the Country of the Incas
(1896 Partridge) - Lancelot Speed
My First Voyage to Southern Seas
(1898 Nelson)
How Britannia Came to Rule the Waves
(c1907 Gall & Inglis)
Saint George and the Dragon
(1949 Ltd Eds Club, NY) - 2500. Edward Shenton

All SPCK below
(all illustrated)
A Voyage Round the World
In the Wilds of Florida
Michael Penguyne, or Fisher Life on the Cornish Coast
(nd. SPCK 1/-)
Old Jack : A Sea Tale
On the Banks of the Amazon, or a Boy's Journal of His Adventures in the Tropical Wilds of South America
Owen Hartley, or Ups and Downs
(nd. SPCK 2/-)
Rob Nixon, The Old White Trapper
Saved from the Sea, or The Loss of the Viper
Sunshine Bill
The Cruise of the Dainty
The Frontier Fort
The Gilpins and their Fortunes : A tale of Australia
The Lily of Leyden
The Log House by the Lake : A Tale of Canada
The Mate of the Lily
The Settlers : A Tale of Virginia
The Young Rajah : A Story of Indian Life & Adventure
Twice Lost
The Wanderers, or Adventures in the Wilds of Trinidad and up the Orinoco

All Hodder & Stoughton
True Blue
(Henry Frowde, H & S) - Arch Webb
From Powder Monkey to Admiral : A Story of Naval Adventure
James Braithwaite, the Supercargo : The Story of His Adventures Ashore & Afloat
Peter Trawl, or The Adventures of a Whaler
Clara Maynard, or The True and the False : A Tale for the Times

The Heir of Kilfinnan : A Tale of the Shore and Oceanø

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