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London, Books On

16th & 17thC's
The True Report of the Burnyng of the Steple and Churche of Poules in London
(1561 London)
John STOW : John STOW - A Survey of London
(1598 & 1603) - 2 vols
(1908 London) - 3 vols. Reprint of the 1603 vol
H H : Monumenta Sepulchraria Sancti Pauli : The Monuments of Kings, Nobles, Bishops and Others
Buried in the Cathedral Church of St Paul, London
(1614 London)
(1633 London. 2nd Ed)
James HOWELL : Londonopolis
(1657 London)
A Collection of the Names of the Merchants Living in and About the City of London
(1677 London)
(1863 London : Edited by J C Hotten)
The Privileges of the Citizens of London
(1682 London)

Ned WARD : The London Spy by Ned Ward
(1703 London)
A List of the Stage Coaches and Carriers, and the Places and Times they Come in and Go Out
(1710 London)
A Supplement to the Review of London, in an Historical Account of All the Cathedrals,
Churches & Chapels of the Metropolis
(1722 London)
Several Prospects of the Most Noted Public Buildings in and About the City of London
(1724 London)
A New Guide to London, or Directions to Strangers
(1726 London)
[In English & French]
A New Review of London, being an Exact Survey
(1728 London. 3rd Ed)
A Trip Through London, containing Observations on Men and Things
(1728 London. 5th Ed)
(1728 London. 8th Ed)
The Foreigner's Guide or Companion both for the Foreigner and Native in Their Tour through
London & Westminster
(1729 London)
(1760 London. 2nd Ed)
(1763 London. 4th Ed)
The Dimensions and Curiosities of St Paul's Cathedral, London
(1730 London)

New Remarks of London, or a Survey of the Cities of London & Westminster, of Southwark and Part
of Middlesex and Surrey within the Circumference of the Bills of Mortality
(1732 London)
A Critical Review of the Publick Buildings, Statues and Ornaments in and about
London & Westminster
(1734 London)
(1736 London. 2nd Ed Corrected)
A Trip through the Town : Containing Observations on the Humours and Manners of the Age
(1735 London. 4th Ed)
The Directory Containing Names and Places of Abode of Persons in Business
(1736-8 PP, London)
A Complete Guide to All Persons who Have any Trade or Concern with the City of London
and Parts Adjacent
(1740-65 London)
A New and Compleat Survey of London : By a Citizen and Native of London
(1742 London) - 2 vols
An Alphabetical Index of the Streets, Squares, Lanes, Alleys, etc contained in the Plan of the Cities
of London, Westminster & Borough of Southwark : Engraved by J Pine from an Actual
Survey made by J Roque
(1747 London)
St Paul's Cathedral : A Poem in Two Parts
(1750 London)
The Pocket Remembrancer, or a Concise History of the City of London
(c1750 London)
A Correct List of All the Stage Coaches and Carriers
(1750 London)

An Historical Description of Westminster Abbey
(1754 London)
Kent's Directory
(1754-1810 London)
London in Miniature, being a Concise & Comprehensive Description of the Cities of London
& Westminster and Parts Adjacent to 40 Miles Round
(1755 London)
[Collected from Stow, Maitland, etc ]
English Architecture, or the Public Buildings of London & Westminster
(c1756 London)

London and Its Environs Described
(1761 Dodsley) - 6 vols. Anon
Baldwin's New Complete Guide
(1768-70 London)
The London Directory for the Year
(1768-1799 London)
The New Complete Guide for 1772-83
(1772-83 London)
The London Companion, or An Account of the Fares of Hackney Coachmen
(1773 London)
The Ambulator, or The Stranger's Companion in a Tour round London
(1774 London)
[Other Editions appeared in 1782, 1787, 1793, 1796, 1800, 1807 & 1811]

A Sunday Ramble, or Modern Sabbath Day Journey in and about the Cities
of London and Westminster
(1776 London. 2nd Ed)
An Historical Account of the Curiosities of London and Westminster
(1777-83 London. 3 Parts)
The Curiosities of London and Westminster Described
(1782-6 London) - 4 vols
The New Complete Guide to All Persons who have any Trade or Concern with the City of London
(1783 London. 16th Ed)
Bailey's British Directory, or Merchant's & Trader's Useful Companion for the Year 1784
(1784 London) - 4 vols
Wakefield's Merchant & Tradesman's General Directory for London
(1789 London)
The London Companion, or Citizen and Stranger's Guide
(1790 London)
Thomas PENNANT : Some Account of London
(1790 London)
(1793 London. 3rd Ed) (1805 London. 4th Ed)
(1813 London. 5th Ed)

A View of the Waxwork Figures in King Henry VII's Chapel, Westminster Abbey
(1793 London)
Inclosure of Fleet Common : A List of the Claims to Common-Right on the Said Common
(1796 London)
The First Edition ever Published of Boyle's New Fashionable Court & County Guide
and Town Visiting Directory for 1796
(1796 London)
Holden's Triennial Directory
(1799-1811 London)
The Triennial Directory of London, Westminster, Southwark
(1799-1822 London) - 8 vols
The New Annual Directory for 1800
(1800 London)
An Exact Account of All the Streets, Lanes, Courts, Allies, etc of London
(1800 London)

J FELTHAM : The Picture of London for 1802, being a Correct Guide to all the Curiosities,
Amusements, Exhibitions in and Near London
(1802 London)
[Many other editions appeared]
A View of London, or The Stranger's Guide through the British Metropolis
(1803 London)
Modern London : Being the History & Present State of the British Metropolis,
Illustrated with Numerous Copperplates
(1804 London)
Ecclesiastical Topography : A Collection of 100 Views of Churches in the Environs of London
(1807 London) - 2 vols
(1811 London)

Facts and Observations relating to the Temple Church and the Monuments contained in it
(1811 London)
London : A Descriptive Poem, Illustrated with Engravings
(1812 London. 2nd Ed)
A Copius Index to Pennant's Account of London : By T Downes
(1814 London)
James PENNANT : The History of London, Westminster & Southwark
(1814 E Jeffrey) - 2 vols
Kent's Original London Directory
(1814-27 London)
Holden's Annual Directory, Comprising London and 480 Separate Towns in England,
Scotland & Ireland
(1814 London)
A Trip to London, or the Humours of a Berwick Smack : Interspersed with
Topographical Notices
(1815 Edinburgh)
An Account of the Visit of His Royal Highness the Prince Regent to the Corporation
of London in June 1814
(1815 London)
The Antiquarian Itinerary : St Mary Overies, or St Saviour's, Southwark
(1815 London)

Civic Honours, or a Succinct Historical Display of the Origin and Mode of Election of the Chief
Magistrate of the City of London
(1816 London)
Johnstone's London Commercial Guide and Street Directory
(1817 London)
John HASSELL : Picuresque Rides and Walks : 30 miles Round the British Metropolis
(1817-18 J Hassell) - 2 vols
London Before the Great Fire, or a Series of Engravings
(with Historical and Topographical Accounts)
Nos. 1 & 2
(1818 London) - [No more published]
Robson's Improved London Directory, Street Guide and Carrier's List for 1820
(1819 London)
Londina Illustrata : Graphic & Historic Memorials of Monasteries, Churches, Palaces, Halls, etc
in the Cities & Suburbs of London & Westminster
(1819 R Wilkinson, London) - 2 vols
Robson's Classification of Trades, London Commercial Directory for 1821
(1820 London)
Views in London, consisting of the most Remarkable Buildings
(c1820 R Miller)
A Survey of London, by a Party of Tarry at Home Travellers
(1820 London)
London and its Environs, or the General Ambulator and Pocket Companion for the Tour of the
Metropolis and its Vicinity
(1820 London. 12th Ed Enlarged)

A Description of King's Bench Prison, etc
(1823 London)
A Description of London, containing a Sketch of its History and Present State, and of all the
Most Celebrated Public Buildings
(1824 London)
London Parishes : Containing the Situation, Antiquity and Re-Building of the Churches within
the Bills of Mortality
(1824 London)
The Stranger's Guide, or New Ambulator for the Tour of the Metropolis and its Vicinity
(1825 London)
Robson's London Commercial Directory for 1826 & 1830
(1825 & 1829 London)

The Citizen's Pocket Chronicle, containing a View of the History, Antiquity and Temporal
Government of the City of London
(1827 London) - By J S F
A Short Historical and Topographical Account of St Giles's Church, Camberwell
(1827 London)
Thomas H SHEPHERD : London and Its Environs in a Series of Views
(1827-9 Jones & Co) - 2 vols
London Scenes or a Peep into London
(1828 London)
The Steam Boat Companion from London to Gravesend, Southend, Margate
(1830 London)
A Brief Account of the Origin of the City of London
(1830 London)
A Concise and Complete Guide to All the Receiving Houses in the Metropolis, both
for the General & Twopenny Post
(c1830 London)
Robson's London Directory
(1831-41 London)
The Hackney Carriage Pocket Directory for 1832
(1832 London)
Ceremonials connected with the Office of Lord Mayor
(1834 London)
The Metropolitan Ecclesiastical Directory, or a Guide to the Principal Churches, Chapels,
etc in London and Its Environs
(1835 London)
London in May, or Anthony Hoskins' Account of some of the Religious
& Benevolent Institutions in London
(1835 London)

How to Enjoy London, or The Elegant Economist
(1836 London)
An Historical Account of the Parish Church of St Peter upon Cornhill
(1837 London)
A Week in London, or How to View the Metropolis
(1842 London)
The New Picture of London, Being a Complete Guide
(1842 London)
The Corporation of London and Municipal Reform
(1843 London)
The Visitor's Guide : The History, Dimensions and Curiosities of the Cathedral
Church of Saint Paul
(1844 London)
Notice on the Savoy Chapel, built by Henry VII, and recently Restored by Queen Victoria
(1844 London)
City Scenes
(1845 London)
Excursions in the Vicinity of London
(1845 New Library of Useful Knowledge, London)
London, or the Great Metropolis : A New Game at Cards, being Metrical Descriptions
of the Public Buildings, etc
(1846 London - printed on cards)
A Handbook to All Places of Public Worship in London
(1848 London)
An Account of the Monuments and Pictures in the Guildhall
(1849 London)
London in the Olden Time, or Sketches of the Great Metropolis
(1850 London)

London made Easy, being a Compendium of the British Metropolis : Cotaining Six Maps
(1851 London)
The Illustrated Omnibus Guide, with an original Distance Map of London : No. 1
(1851 London)
[No more published]
The Metropolitan Lodgings Directory : No. 1
(1851 London)
A Brief Historical Account of the Guildhall
(1851 London)
Watkins's Commercial & General London Directory and Court Guide for 1852
(1851 London)
Environs of London and Companion to Watkins's Directory
(1852 London)
The London Conductor, Being a Guide for Visitors to the Great Industrial Exhibition
(1851 London. 2nd Ed) (a 3rd & 4th Edition appeared in 1851)
The Christian Visitor's Handbook to London, comprising a Guide to Churches & Chapels
(1851 London)
London in Modern Times, or Sketches of the Great Metropolis during the Last Two Centuries
(1851 London)
The English & Continental Guide to London : In English and French
(1851 London)
London Life as it is, or a Handbook to All the Attractions, Wonders, etc
(1851 London)
London as it is Today, where to go, what to See during the Great Exhibition
(1851 London)
The British Metroplis in 1851 : A Classified Guide to London
(1851 London)
St Paul's Cathedral : Its History and Architecture
(1852 London)
What Shall we do with Smithfield ?
(1852 London)
Hints to Railway Travellers and Country Visitors to London : By an Old Stager
(1852 London)

The London Clubs, their Anecdotes and History, Private Rules and Regulations
(1853 London)
Temple Bar, the City Golgotha
(1853 London) - By a member of the Inner Temple
The London Hackney Cab Fares and Distances
(1853 London)
The Islington Directory, including Pentonville, Highbury, Holloway & Barnsbury
(1853-9 London)
A New Survey of London, fully Developing its Antiquity, History & Architecture
(1853 London) - 2 vols
The Illustrated Handbook to London and its Environs
(1853 London)
J T SMITH - Streets of London
The Hampstead Directory & Guide for 1854
(1854 London)
The Royal Companion to the Sights of London, and within 25 Miles of St Paul's
(1855 London)

The Municipal Directory for 1856
(1856 London)
The Free Sights and Free Exhibitions of London and its Environs
(1856 London. 2nd Ed)
A New & Practical Guide to the World's Metropolis, Mighty London
(1857 London)
London and its Sights, being a Comprehensive Guide to All that is Worth Seeing
the Great Metropolis
(1858 London) (1862 London)
The Road to Wealth, or How to Know London : A Merry Game for All
(1859 London)
The Royal London Guide
(1859 London) (1860 London)
Reid's London Omnibus Guide and Local Conveyance Directory
(1859-63 London)
Hardwick's Shilling Handy Book of London for 1859
(1859 London)
The Hampstead Directory & Almanack for 1859
(1858 Hampstead)
The London Royal Album : General Guide to London and its Environs
(1860 London)
The Lord Mayor of London : A Sketch of the Origin, History and Antiquities of the Office
(1860 London) - By T C N
The St John's Wood Directory and Almanack for 1861-4
(1860-3 London)

The Post Office and Suburban Court Guide for 1861
(1861 London)
Whibley's Shilling Court Directory and London Fashionable Guide
(1861 London)
Illustrated Guide to London Sights
(1862 London)
International and Polyglot Agency Cosmopolitan Guide
(1862 London)
The St Pancras Directory for 1862
(1862 London)
Simpson's Street Directory of St Pancras
(1862 London)
Dolling's Paddington Directory for 1862, Including Bayswater, Notting Hill, etc
(1862 London)
London and its Environs : A Practical Guide to the Metropolis & its Vicinity
(1862 Blacks, Edinburgh) - By J Y J
London Cab Fares, Official Tables, containing 29,520 References
(1862 London)
Charles CAPPER : The Port and Trade of London
(1862 Smith Elder)
Baily's London in Six Rambles : Excursions to the Interesting Localities 10 Miles Round
(1862 London) - By E C
The Visitor's Guide to Places Worth Seeing in London : A Handbook to the Great Metropolis
(1862 London)
A Brief Guide to the Environs of London
(1862 London)
The World's Guide to London in 1862 by Day and by Night
(1862 London)
The Sights of London, with Cab Fares
(1862 London)

The Marylebone Directory for 1863
(1863-4 London)
London Guide : A Guide to the Principal Objects of Interest
(1864 London)
The Marylebone and St John's Wood Directory for 1865
(1864 London)
Charing Cross Handy Book Guide and Directory
(1865 London)
Guide to the Sights of London
(1865 London)

The Camden and Kentish Town Directory
(1866 London)
A Glance at the Commons and Open Spaces near London : Reprinted from the Parochial Critic
(1867 London)
Allen's West London Street, Court and Trades Directory
(1868 London)
The Waterway to London, as Explored in the 'Wanderer' and 'Ranger' with Sail, Paddle and Oar,
in a Voyage on the Mersey, Perry, Severn and Thames and Several Canals
(1869 London)
The ABC Court Directory and Fashionable Guide for 1871
(1870 London)
Hampstead and Highgate Express Directory, Diary & Almanack
(1870 Hampstead)

(Ed) W HILL & L COLLINGRIDGE : The City of London Directory for 1861 : Also a Coloured
Map on a Large Scale
(1871 London)
A Short Account of St Paul's Cathedral
(1871 London)
The Educational Places of Amusement in London
(1871 London)
The Charter and Statutes of the College of the Minor Canons in Saint Paul's Cathedral
(1871 London)
The Borough of Hackney Directory 1872, including the Parishes of Hackney, Shoreditch
& Bethnal Green
(1871 London)
The Paddington & Bayswater Directory for 1872
(1871 London)
J LARWOOD : Story of the London Parks
(1872 Chatto & Windus) - 2 vols
The Multum in Parvo Guide to London and its Environs
(1872 London)
Scenes in Old London
(1872 London)
London : A Complete Guide to the Leading Hotels
(1872 London)
The Kilburn Directory, including Willesden, Cricklewood & West End, Hampstead for 1872
(1872 London)
Walter THORNBURY & Edward WALFORD - Old and New London Illustrated
(1873-8 Cassell, Pettin & Galpin) - 6 vols
The Great Centre Pleasure Guide No. 1 : London and Surroundings
(1875 London)
The Golden Guide to London
(1875 London) - By J C
How to Get from or to Any Part of London and its Suburbs
(1875 London)

The Kensington, Notting Hill, Brompton & Knightsbridge Directory for 1876
(1876 London)
John THOMPSON : Street Life in London
(1877 Sampson, Low, Searle & Rivington) - 12 parts
Routledge's Popular Guide to London
(1877 Routledge)
Round About London : Historical, Archaeolgoical and Picturesque Notes Suitable for the Tourist
(1877 London)
The Old and the New : Associations of the King's Head Tavern, Fenchurch Street
with English Romantic History
(1877 London)
The History of Temple Bar
(1877 London)
Wonderful London, its Lights and Shadows
(1878 London)
Guide to London and its Suburbs
(1878 London)
Ye Lord Mayor's Show : A Coloured representation of the Procession
(1878 London)
Dickens' Dictionary of London
(1879 Charles Dickens)
Directory for Hornsey and Neighbourhood
(1879 London)
R E B : Geological Rambles round London
(1881 London)
The Suburban Homes of London : A Residential Guide to Favourite London Localities,
their Society, Celebrities and Associations, with Notes on their Rental, Rates
and House Accommodation
(1881 London)
Augustus J C HARE - Walks in London
W J LOFTIE - A History of London
Walter BESANT : London
(1892 Chatto & Windus)
Walter BESANT : South London
(1899 Chatto & Windus)

Robert MACHRAY : The Night Side of London
(1902 John MacQueen)
Mrs E T COOK : Highways and Byways in London
(1902 A & C Black)
My Visit to the Metropolis of the World
(1902 Eyre & Spottiswoode)
Darlington's London and Environs
(1902 Darlington & CO) - 4th Ed
The Handy Handbook of London
(1903 H Grube)
Philip NORMAN : London Vanished and Vanishing
(1905 A & C Black)
Cook's Handbook for London
(1905 Thomas Cook)
The ABC Guide to London
(1906 H Grube)
Walter BESANT : Medieval London
(1906 C & W)
E V LUCAS : A Wanderer in London
(1906 Methuen)
Mrs E CECIL : London Parks and Gardens
(1907 Constable) - Lady V Manners
Arthur RANSOME : Bohemia in London
(1907 Chapman & Hall)
Mrs A G BELL : The Skirts of a Great City
(1907 Methuen)
Hilaire BELLOC : The Rivers of London
(1912 Foulis)
Cook's Handbook to London
(1912 Thomas Cook) - 30th Ed
Guide to London
(1914 Ward Lock) - 38th Ed
Muirhead's London & Its Environs
(1918 Macmillan Blue Guides)
H A HARBEN - A Dictionary of London

Thomas BURKE : The London Spy
(1922 Butterworth)
Walter T SPENCER : Forty years in My Bookshop
(1922 Constable)
Alan STAPLES : London Alleys, Byways and Courts
(1924 John Lane)
The Artist's London
(1924 John Castle)
James BONE : The London Perambulator
(1925 Cape)
H V MORTON : The Heart of London
(1925 Methuen)
T S BOYS : Original Views of London
(1926 Architectural Press)
Times book of the City of London
Joseph PENNELL : A London Reverie
(1928 Macmillan)

William KENT : London for Everyman
(1931 Dent)
Harold CLUNN : The Face of London
(1932 Simpkin Marshall)
William KENT : An Encyclopaedia of London
(1937 Dent)
Paul PRY : For Your Convenience
(1937 Routledge)
Steen RASMUSSEN : The Unique City
(1937 Cape)
Maurice GORHAM : The Local
(1939 Cassell)
Bill BRANDT : A Night in London
(1939 Country Life)
Open Air London
(1939 LCC & London Transport)
H V MORTON : London
(1940 Methuen)

John BETJEMAN : Vintage London
(1942 Collins)
London's Glory
(1945 Allen & Unwin)
Hanslip FLETCHER : Bombed London
(1947 Cassell)
Alan BOTT : The Londoner's England
(1948 Avalon Press)
(Ed) peter QUENNELL : Mayhew's London (1949 Pilot Press)

Paul ELEK : The Other London
(1951 Elek)
The Youngest County
(1951 LCC)
Ivor BROWN : Winter in London
(1951 Collins)
Aytoun ELLIS : Three Hundred Years on London River
(1952 Bodley Head)
Nikolaud PEVSNER : The Cities of London & Westminster
(1957 Penguin)

Michael HARRISON : London Beneath the Pavement
(1962 Peter Davies)
Geoffrey FLETCHER : The London Nobody Knows
(1962 Hutchinson)
V S PRITCHETT : London Perceived
(1962 C & W)
T C BARKER & R M ROBBINS A History of London Transport
(1963 & 1976 Allen & Unwin) - 2 vols
Ida DARLINGTON & James HOWGEGO : Printed Maps of London, circa 1553-1850
(1964 London)
(Ed) Hunter DAVIES : The New London Spy (1966 Anthony Blond)
Richard CHURCH : London : Flower of Cities All
(1966 Heinemann)
Ian NAIRN : Nairn's London
(1966 Penguin)
John BETJEMAN - The City of London Churches
Christopher HIBBERT : London - The Biography of a City
(1969 Longmans)
John TALLIS & W GASPERY : London Street Views 1838-47
(1969 Nattali & Maurice)
AL SMITH : Dictionary of City of London Street Names
(1970 David & Charles 50/-)

After 1971
John BETJEMAN : London's Historic Railway Stations
(1972 John Murray)
John PUDNEY : Crossing London's River
(1972 Dent)
A NOAKES : London Pride
(1978 Jupiter)
Robert CLAYTON : Portrait of London
(1980 Robert Hale)
Tony ALDOUS : The Illustrated London News Book of London's Villages
(1980 Secker & W)
Hugh MELLER : London Cemeteries : An Illustrated Guide and Gazeteer
(1981 Avebury)
Ben Weinreb & Christopher Hibbert : The London Encyclopaedia
(1983 Macmillan)
J FREEMAN & P DORMER : London Revealed
(1989 MacDonald Orbis)
Judith Summers : Soho - A History of London's Most Colourful neighbourhood
(1989 Bloomsbury)
James Winter : London's Teeming Street 1813-1914
(1993 Routledge)
Roy Porter : London - A Social History
(1994 Hamish Hamilton)
Richard Tames : Soho Past
(1994 Historical Publications)
Stephen Inwood : A History of London
(1998 Macmillan)
Fergus Linnane : London - The Wicked City - A 1000 Years of Vice in the Capital
(2003 Robson Books £18.95)

[The Museum of London, London Wall EC2Y contains an art collection that reflect the
topographical history of the capital from the 16thC]

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