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L T Meade

Female : Novelist for girls. Wrote over 300 books. Lived in England from 1874. Married Alfred Toulmin Smith, a solicitor, in 1879 and they settled in London. Edited the magazine Atlanta for 6 years. Collaborated with Robert Eustace (a pseudonym for Dr Eustace Robert Barton) in five science fiction books (1898-1902) and with Clifford Halifax (a pesudonym for Dr Edgar Beaumont) on six crime novels
Nationality : Irish Place of Birth : Bandon, Co Cork

Date of Birth : 1854 Date of Death : 1914 Age : 60

Pseudonyms : Elizabeth Thomasina Meade
Great St Benedict's
The Autocrat of the Nursery
(1884 Hodder & Stoughton) - T Pym
A World of Girls : The Story of a School
(1886 Cassell)
Polly : A New-Fashioned Girl
(1889 Cassell)
Frances Kane's Fortune
(1890 Warne)

A Sweet Girl Graduate
(1891 Cassell) - Hal Ludlow
Bashful Fifteen
(1892 Cassell)
A Young Mutineer
(c1893 Wells Gardner) - Gordon Browne
Stories from the Diary of a Doctor
(1894-6) - 2 vols. with Clifford Halifax MD
Four on an Island
(c1896 Chambers) - William Rainey
Girls New and Old
(c1896 Chambers 5/-) - J Williamson
Under the Dragon Throne
(1897 Gardner, Darton & Co) - with Robert K Douglas
A Princess of the Gutter
(c1897 Gardner, Darton & Co. 2nd Ed)
Bad Little Hannah
(c1897 Warne) - Gordon Browne
A Little Mother to the Others
(c1897 Warne) - F Barnard
A Handful of Silver
(1897 Oliphant, Anderson & Ferrier) - Ida Lovering
A Master of Mysteries
The Gold Star Line
Engaged to be Married
(c1899 Griffith Farran)
The Brotherhood of the Seven Kings
The Sanctuary Club
(c1900 Ward Lock)
Dr Rumsey's Patient
(c1900 Chatto & Windus) - with Clifford Halifax MD

Girls of the True Blue
(1901 Chambers) - Percy Tarrant
The Rebel of the School
The Sorceress of the Strand
Stories from the Old Bible
(1903 Newnes) - T H Robinson
Miss Nonentity
(1904 Chambers)
Light o' the Morning : The Story of an Irish Girl
(nd. c1904 Chambers) - W Rainey
A Bevy of Girls
(1905 Chambers) - Lewis Baumer

Turquoise and Ruby
(1906 Chambers) - Percy Tarrant
The School Favourite
(1908) - Percy Tarrant
A Bunch of Cousins And the Barn Boys
(nd. 1908 Chambers) - Hilda Cowham
A Little Silver Trumpet
(1909 Hodder & Stoughton) - S B Pearse
The Girls of Abinger Close
(c1913 Chambers) - Percy Tarrant
The Girls of King Royal
(1913 Chambers) - Gordon Browne
A Band of Mirth
(1914 Chambers) - Mabel Lucie Attwell
The Manor School
(1915 Chambers) - Lewis Baumer
For Dear Dad
(c1915 Chambers) - Lewis Baumer
The Angel of Love
(c1915 Henry Frowde / Hodder & Stoughton) - Millicent Sowerby

After 1916
The Darling of the School
(1916 Chambers)
The Maid Indomitable
(1916 Ward Lock)
Stories for Holiday Times
(c1920 Nister)
Peter the Pilgrim
(1921 Chambers) - Harold Copping

Undated as yet
Dumps : A Plain Girl - R Lillie
The Odds and the Evens - Percy Tarrant
Peggie and Kerry - Anne Anderson
The Children of Wilton Chase - Everard Hopkins
Betty : A School Girl - Everard Hopkins
Queen Rose - J T Murray

(All Cassell)
The Rebellion of Lil Carrington
Merry Girls of England
Red Rose and Tiger Lily, or In a Wider World
A Sweet Girl Graduate
The Palace Beautiful : A Story for Girls

Marigold - Sarah Birch
Old Readymoney's Daughter
The Lady of the Forest

Heart of Gold - Bernard Partridge
The Little Princess of Tower Hill
The Little Schoolmothers
Daddy's Girl - Gordon Browne
A Madcap
Wild Heather
Betty of the Rectory
Beyond the Blue Mountains
A Word of Girls

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