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Mother Goose

Mother Goose's Melody, or Sonnets for the Cradle
(c1765 Newbery)
Mother Goose's Tales
(1768 Francis Newbery & Thomas Carnan)
Mother Goose's Tales by Charles Perrault
(1777 Newbery & Collins. 7th Ed)
Mother Goose's Melody
(c1785 Isaiah Thomas, Worcester, Mass)
[The earliest surviving copy of this book was published in 1791 by Francis Power]

The Entertaining Tales of Mother Goose
(c1815 Lunsden)
Mother Goose's Melody
(1817 Marshall)
Tales of Mother Goose
(c1820 Oliver & Boyd, Edinburgh)
Mother Goose's Quarto, or Melodies Complete
(c1825 Munroe & Francis, Boston)
[Only one known copy survives]
The Only True Mother Goose Melodies
(1833 Munroe & Francis, Boston)
[Maybe a 100,000 copies were printed but few survive]
A New Mother Goose and the Golden Eggs
(c1845 Dean & Co)

Mother [Goose] in Hieroglyphics : Part First
(1853 E H Babcock, NY)
Mother Goose, or Harlequin and the Golden Egg
(1864 London)
Mother Goose's Melodies
(1870 Porter & Coates, Phila)
Mother Goose's Melodies for Children
(1872 London) - H L Stephens & G Fay

Mother Goose's Nursery Rhymes
(1877 Routledge) - Sir John Gilbert, John Tenniel et al
Mother Goose's Jingles
(1878 Nister) - Harrison Weir, Walter Crane et al
Mother Goose Rhymes & Jingles
(c1878 McLoughlin, NY)
Mother Goose's Mursey Rhymes & Fairy Tales
(1878 Routledge) - 2 vols
The Original Mother Goose Melodies
(1880 Lee & Shepard, Boston / Dillingham, NY) - J F Goodridge
Mother Goose, or The Old Nursery Rhymes
(1881 Routledge) - Kate Greenaway
Old Mother Goose and Her Son Jack
(c1885 McLoughlin)
Old Mother Goose & other Rhymes
(1886 Routledge) - H Weir
Mother Goose's Nursery Rhymes, Tales and Jingles
(1890 Warne)
Choice Selections from Mother Goose's Melodies
(c1890 Pond's Extract Co, London) - Louis Rhead
Old Mother Goose's Rhymes and Tales
(1890 Warne) - Constance Haslewood

Little Mother Goose
(1892 Ward) - Jessie Watkins
The New Mother Goose Melodies
(1895 Monarch Book Co, Chicago)
Mother Goose
(1895 McLoughlin, NY) - Shapebook
Mother Goose in Prose by L Frank Baum
(1897 Chicago) - Maxfield Parrish
Little Mother Goose
(c1898 Mcloughlin, NY)
New Mother Goose Melodies
(1899 Lothrop, Boston)
Mother Goose's Nursery Rhymes
(1900 Lippincott) - F Opper

Denslow's Mother Goose
(1901 NY) (1902 Chambers) - W W Denslow
Mother Goose Complete : Nursery Rhymes, Tales & Jingles
(1902 Regan, Chicago)
Mother Goose's Nursery Rhymes
(1903 Dent) - Mabel Chadburn
The Only True Mother Goose Melodies
(1905 Lothrop, Boston) - Facsimile of 1833 Boston Edition
Mother Goose
(1910 Raphael Tuck) - Mabel Lucie Attwell
Mother Goose Jingles
(c1910 Nister)
Mother Goose ABC
(c1910 Dean)
Mother Goose Rhymes
(c1910 Dean) - H G C Marsh

Jolly Mother Goose Annual
(1912 Rand McNally, Chicago & NY) - Blanche Fisher Wright
(1914 Harrap)
Mother Goose : The Old Nursery Rhymes
(1913 Heinemann) + 1130 signed - Arthur Rackham
The Little Mother Goose
(1914 Dodd Mead) - Jessie Willcox Smith

Mother Goose
(1915 David McKay, Phila) - Monro S Orr
Wrigley's Mother Goose
(1915 Wm Wrigley, Jnr)
Mother Goose
(1915 Volland, Chicago) - Frederick Richardson
Mother Goose Her Rhymes
(1915 Saalfield) - H B Matthews
The Real Mother Goose
(1916 Rand McNally, Chicago) - Blanche Fisher Wright
All About Mother Goose
(1916 Cupples & Leon) - John Gruelle
Everychild's Mother Goose
(1918 Macmillan, NY) - Edith R Wilson
Mother Goose's Nursery Rhymes
(1919 A & C Black) - Charles Folkard
The Boyd Smith Mother Goose
(1920 Putnam) - E Boyd Smith
Mother Goose's Rag Book
(c1920 Dean's Rag Book Co)

(Ed) Eulalie Osgood : Mother Goose (1921 Volland, Chicago) - Frederick Richardson
The Old Mother Goose Rhyme Book
(1926 Nelson) - Anne Anderson
Mother Goose Nursery Rhymes
(1928 Collins) - Charles Robinson
Mother Goose : Nursery Rhymes
(1929 Ward Lock) - Margaret W Tarrant
Willy Pogany's Mother Goose
(1929 Nelson) - Willy Pogany
Mother Goose Nursery Tales
(1920s J Coker, London) - Margaret Tarrant

Mother Goose
(1932 Harrap) - Sybil Tawse
Mother Goose Rhymes
(1932 Platt & Munk) - Eulalie & Lois Lenski
The Pop-Up Mother Goose
(1933 Blue Ribbon Books, NY) - Harold B Lenz. 3 Pop-Ups
Mother Goose : Her Best Known Rhymes
(1933 Saalfield) - Fern Bisel Peat
Mother Goose Rhymes
(1935 Coker) - S B Pearse & Winifred M Ackroyd
Mother Goose
(1944 Walck) (1944 Oxford) - Tudor Tasha
The Julian Wehr Mother Goose
(1945 Grosset & Dunlap, NY)
Mother Goose
(c1945 Juvenile Productions) - A E Kennedy
The Mother Goose Book
(1946 Peter Pauper Press) - Sonia Roetter
The Big Book of Mother Goose
(1946 Foulsham)
Adventures with Mother Goose
(1948 Pilot Press)

Since 1951
Mother Goose : The Old Nursery Rhymes
(1952 Heinemann) - 2 vols. Arthur Rackham
Book of Nursery Rhymes and Mother Goose Rhymes
(1954 Doubleday) - Marguerite De Angeli
A Mother Goose ABC in a Pumpkin Shell
(1960 Harcourt) (1961 Collins) - Joan Walsh Anglund
The Annotated Mother Goose : By William & Cecil Baring-Gould
(nd. 1962 Bramhall House, NY) - Walter Crane et al
Mother Goose in Hieroglyphicks
(1963 Gollancz)
The Real Mother Goose
(1963 Collins) - Blanche Fisher Wright
Mother Goose
(1964 OUP) - Brian Wildsmith
A Mother Goose Treasury
(1966 Hamish Hamilton) (1966 Coward McCann) - Raymond Briggs
Mother Goose
(1967 Windmill, Harper NY) - Charles Addams
The City & Country Mother Goose
(1969 American Heritage Press) - Hidle Hoffmann
Favorite Nursery Rhymes : Mother Goose
(1970 Hallmark) - Pat Paris. 4 Pop-Ups
Mother Goose Nursery Rhymes
(1970 Grabhorn Press, SF) - 300. Philip Van Aver
The Mother Goose Book
(1976 NY) - Alice & Martin Provensen
(Ed) Michael Hague : Mother Goose - A Collection of Nursery Rhymes (1984 Holt US)
Tail Feathers from Mother Goose : The Opie Rhyme Book by Peter & Iona Opie
(1988 Walker)

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