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Mutiny On The Bounty

An Account of the Mutinous Seizure of the Bounty with the Succeeding Hardship of the Crew
to which are added secret Anecdotes of the Otaheitean Females
(1790 Robert Turner)
A Narrative of the Mutiny on Board HM's Ship Bounty
(1790 George Nicol)
A Voyage to the South Sea Undertaken by Command of HM, for the Purpose of Conveying
the Bread fruit Tree to the West Indies, in HM's Ship the Bounty
(1792 George Nicol)
An Answer to Certain Assertions
(1794 George Nicol)
The Extraordinary Account and Wonderful Preservation of Captain Bligh
(1809 J Hatchard)
The Dangerous Voyage of Captain Bligh, in an Open Boat, Over 1,200 Leagues
of the Ocean, in the Year 1789
(1818 John Arliss)
The Mutiny of the Bounty, or the Marvellous Adventures of Christian
and His Comrades
(c1820 Cheerful Visitor Office) - chapbook

Edward CHRISTIAN : A Short reply to Captain William Bligh's Answer
(1795 George Nicol)
Christian FLETCHER : Letters from Mr Fletcher Christian
(1796 H D Symonds)
The Voyages and Travels of Fletcher Christian, and a Narrative of the
Mutiny on Board HM's Ship Bounty, at Otaheite
(1798 H Lemoine)
Statements of the Loss of HM's New Ship Bounty, W Bligh Esq, also the Adventures
of the Mutineers, as Communicated by Lieut Christian, the Ringleader, to a Relation in England
(c1809 Thomas Tegg)

Amasa DELANO : A Narrative of Voyages & Travels in the Northern & Southern Hemispheres
(1817 E G House, US)
J SHILLIBEER : A Narrative of the Briton's Voyage to Pitcairn's Island
(1817 Law & Whitaker)
Charles Lennox SARGEANT : The Life of Alexander Smith
(1819 Sylvester T Goss, US)
John Stowell ADAMS : The Story of Aleck, or Pitcairn's Island
(1829 JS & C Adams, US)
Sir John BARROW : The Eventful History of the Mutiny and Piratical Seizure of
HMS Bounty : Its Causes and Consequences
(1831 John Murray)
Frederick CHAMIER : Jack Adams, the Mutineer
(1838 Henry Colburn) - 3 vols
Sir John BARROW : A Description of Pitcairn's Island and Its Inhabitants
(1839 J & J Harper, US)

Walter BRODIE : Pitcairn's Island and the Islanders
(1851 Whitaker)
Thomas Boyles MURRAY : Pitcairn Island : The People and the Pastor
(1853 SPCK)
John Stowell ADAMS : Aleck and the Mutineers of the Bounty
(1854 John Jewett, US)
Lady Diana BELCHER : The Mutineers of the Bounty and Their descendants in Pitcairn
& Norfolk Islands
(1870 John Murray)
Alfred MCFARLAND : Mutiny in the Bounty and the Story of the Pitcairn islanders
(1884 J J Moore, Australia)

Edward EDWARDS & George HAMILTON : Voyage of the HMS Pandora Despatched to Arrest
the Mutineers of the Bounty in the South Seas 1789-1791
(1915 Francis Edwards)
Ida LEE : Captain Bligh's Second Voyage to the South Seas
(1920 Longman Green)
Rosalind Amelia YOUNG : Mutiny of the Bounty and the Story of Pitcairn Island
(1924 Dawson, Australia)
(Ed) Owen RUTTER : The Court Martial of the Bounty Mutineers (1931 William Hodge)
George MACKANESS : The Life of Vice-Admiral William Bligh
(1931 Angus & Robertson, Australia) -2 vols
(Ed) Owen RUTTER : The Voyage of the Bounty's Launch (1935 Golden Cockerel Press) - 300 copies
Percy J MARKS : Norfolk Island and the Bounty Mutiny
(1935 PP in Sydney) - 200 copies
(Ed) Irvin ANTHONY : The Saga of the Bounty (1935 Putnam, US)
James MORRISON : The Journal of James Morrison
(1935 Golden Cockerel Press) - 325 copies

(Ed) Lawrence IRVING : Bligh and the Bounty (1936 Methuen)
Owen RUTTER : The True Story of the Mutiny in the Bounty
(1936 Newnes)
Geoffrey RAWSON : Bligh of the Bounty
(1936 Philip Allan)
Harry L SHAPIRO : The Heritage of the Bounty
(1936 Gollancz)
Owen RUTTER : Turbulent Journey : A Life of William Bligh
(1936 Ivor Nicholson & Watson)
(Ed) The Log of the Bounty (1937 Golden Cockerel Press) - 2 vols. 300 copies
Hastings Seton MONTGOMERIE : William Bligh of the Bounty in Fact & Fable
(1937 Williams & Norgate)
(Ed) Owen RUTTER : Bligh's Voyage in the Resource (1937 Golden Cockerel Press) - 350 copies
(Ed) George MACKANESS : A Book of the Bounty (1938 Dent Everyman Library)
Mary Ann FRYER : John Fryer of the Bounty
(1939 Golden Cockerel Press)
- 300 copies. Averil Mackenzie-Grieve. Edited by Owen Rutter

Esme Wingfield STRATTON : This Was a Man - The Biography of the Hon Edward Vesey Bligh
(1949 Robert Hale)
(Ed) George MACKANESS : Some Correspondence of Capt William Bligh with John & Francis
Godolphin Bond 1776-1811
(1949 PP)
(Ed) Fresh Light on Bligh (1949 PP) - 135 copies + 15 signed

C S WILKINSON : The Wake of the Bounty
(1953 Cassell)
Alexander MCKEE : The Truth About the Mutiny on the Bounty
(1961 Wm Morrow, US)
Bengt DANIELSSON : What Happened on the Bounty ?
(1962 Allen & Unwin)
Madge DARBY : Who Caused the Mutiny on the Bounty ?
(1965 Angus & Robertson, Australia)
Rolf E DU REITZ : Studia Bountyana
(1965 Almquist & Wiksell, Sweden) - 500 copies. 2 vols
R B NICHOLSON : The Pitcairners
(1965 Angus & Robertson, Australia)
Madge DARBY : The Causes of the Bounty Mutiny
(1966 Angus & Robertson, Australia)
J M COUPER : The Book of Bligh
(1969 Melbourne UP)
Sidney Alfred SPENCE : Captain William Bligh 1754-1817 & Where to Find Him
(1970 PP) - 75 copies

Richard HOUGH : Captain Bligh and Mister Christian
(1972 Cassell)
Ian M BAKER : Pitcairn - Children of the Bounty
(1973 Gollancz)
J E CHANDLER : A Story of the Mutiny of the Bounty
(1973 Marlborough)
Arthur HAWKSEY : Bligh's Other Mutiny
(1975 Angus & Robertson, Australia)
William BLIGH : A Voyage to the South Seas, for the purpose of conveying the Bread Fruit
Tree to the West Indies in HMS Bounty
(1975 Ltd Eds Club, Adelaide)
Richard HUMBLE : Captain Bligh
(1976 Arthur Barker)
Kenneth S ALLEN : That Bounty Bastard - The True Story of Captain William Bligh
(1976 Robert Hale)
William BLIGH : Mutiny ! Aboard HM Armed Transport in 1789
(1978 Bowker & Bertram)
Gavin KENNEDY : Bligh
(1978 Duckworth)
John FRYER : The Voyage of the Bounty's Launch
(1979 Genesis Publications)
Rolf E DU REITZ : Thoughts on the Present State of Bligh Scholarship
(1979 Dahlia Books, Sweden) - 250
William BLIGH : AWake, Bold Bligh ! William Bligh's Letters descriibing the Mutiny of
HMS Bounty
(1980 Allen & Unwin, Australia)
Sir John BARROW : The Mutiny of the Bounty
(1980 Godine, US)

William BLIGH : An Account of the Mutiny on HMS Bounty
(1981 Alan Sutton)
Glynn CHRISTIAN : Fragile Paradise - The Discovery of Fletcher Christian, Bounty Mutineer
(1982 Hamish Hamilton)
Christian FLETCHER : Letters from Mr Fletcher Christian
(1984 Genesis)
(Ed) John BACH : The Bligh Notebook (1986 National Library of Australia) - 2 vols
J E CHANDLER : Beloved, Respected and Lamented
(1987 Tradescant Trust)
Douglas OLIVER : Return to Tahiti - Bligh's Second Breadfruit Voyage
(1988 Melbourne UP)
Alexander MCKEE : HMS Bounty - A True Account of the Notorious Mutiny
(1989 Souvenir Press)
Sven WAHLROOS : Mutiny and Romance in the South Seas - A Companion to the
Bounty Adventure
(1989 Salem, US)
Gavin KENNEDY : Captain Bligh - The Man and His Mutinies
(1989 Duckworth)
Julie PEARSON : Bounty - Beyond the Voyage
(1989 Trusson)
Sam MCKINNEY : Bligh
(1989 International Maritime Publications)
Greg DENING : Mr Bligh's Bad Language
(1992 CUP £24.95)
Caroline ALEXANDER : The Bounty

Jules VERNE : The Begum's Fortune, with an Account of the Mutineers of the Bounty
(1880 Sampson Low)
R M BALLANTYNE : The Lonely Island - The Refuge of the Mutineers
(1990 J Nisbet)
Louis BECKE & Jeffrey WALTER : The Mutineer - A Romance of Pitcairn Island
(1898 T Fisher Unwin)
Frank T BULLEN : A Bounty Boy
(1907 Marshall)
Charles NORDHOFF & James Norman HALL : Mutiny on the Bounty
(1933 Chapman & Hall)
[Filmed in 1935 & 1962]
Men Against the Sea
(1934 Chapman & Hall)
Pitcairn's Island
(1934 Chapman & Hall)
The Bounty trilogy
(1951 Little Brown, US)
Crawford VAUGHAN : The Last of Captain Bligh
(1950 Staples)
Erle WILSON : Adams of the Bounty
(1958 Criterion, US)
Warren ARMSTRONG : Mutiny Afloat
(1959 John Day, US)
Joyce NICHOLSON : Men Against Mutiny - The Story of Captain Bligh
(1961 Lutterworth)
Rex RIENTIS : Stormy Petrel
(1963 Muller)
I G EDMONDS : The Bounty's Boy
(1964 Dobson)
Robert MERLE : The Island
(1964 Michael Joseph)
S K MCKULLAGH : Mutiny at Sea
(1965 Hart-Davis)
James BARBARY : The Boy Mutineer
(1966 Max Parrish)
Philip WEATE & Caroline GRAHAM : Captain William Bligh
(1972 Paul Hamlyn, Australia)
Hugh EDWARDS : Captain William Bligh , RN
(1972 Robert Hale)
Stanley MILLER : Mr Christian ! The Journal of Fletcher Christian
(1973 Macmillan)
John MAXWELL : HMS Bounty
(1977 Cape)
David ANDERSON & Margaret LINCOLN : The Mutiny on the Bounty
(1989 Ladybird)
Bill COLLETT : The Last Mutiny
(1993 Little Brown, US)

George Gordon Noel BYRON : The Island, or Christian & His Comrades
(1823 John Hunt)
John MCGILCHRIST : The Mutineers - A Poem
(1859 Sutherland & Knox)

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