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Ernest Nister

Male : Printer & Publisher based in Nuremberg. Set up a London office in1888 under the direction of the writer Robert Ellice Mack
Nationality : German
Pop-up Books
Little Pets, Panorama Pictures on View Within
(c1893) - 4 pop-ups
Peeps into Fairyland by F E Weatherly
(1895) - 6 pop-ups
Offered in 1997 for £350
The Model Menagerie : A Novel Book of Wild Animals by L L Weedon & Evelyn Fletcher
(1895 Nister) - 6 chromolitho pop-ups
Offered in 1997 for £250 & 325
The Land of Long Ago
(c1898) - E Stuart Hardy

Movables and Panorama Books
Little Folk's Surprises by Hope Myrtoun
(c1890) - Percy Hickling
Wonderland Pictures Pictures
Our Darlings' Surprise Pictures
(nd. 1890s Nister) - 8 chromolitho plates with tab
Offered in 1997 for £350
Magic Moments
Twinkling Pictures by L L Weedon
Nister's Panorama Pictures
(1894) - 5 pop-ups
Pleasant Pastime Pictures
More Pleasant Surprises by F E Weatherly
(1895) - movable book
Changing Pets
Come and Go ! : A Novel Book for Children by Clifton Bingham

Nister Holiday Annuals
Nister's Holiday Annuals : Pictures & stories for Little Folk
(edited by R E Mack) (1888-1916)

Winter Songs and Sketches
(Edited by Ellice & E Nesbit) (c1880 Nister/Griffith Farran)
Scenes from the Bible
My Painting Book
(c1880 Nister, Dutton, London)
Merry Fun
Stories and Rhymes for Holiday Times
(c1880s Nister) - Louis Wain et al
When All is Young by Robert E Mack
(1888 Nister/Dutton US)
Very Funny
Dick and His Dog
(c1890) - shaped picture book
Play Hour Story Book
Gulliver's Travels
(c1890) - A Jackson
As Thy Days, So Shall Thy Strength Be

Hollow Tree House by E Nesbit, Mrs Molesworth et al
Picture House
Pictures & Plums for Fingers and Thumbs
Short and Sweet Stories
Nister's Nonsense
More Nister's Nonsense
Picture Book Garden and Story Land
Pleasant Trips by Train and Ships to Little Folks' Country
Little People's Book of Fun
(nd. c1895)
Sunny Hearts
(nd. c1895 Nister)

Nonsense Rhymes for Holiday Times
(1896) - W Foster
Push & Pull Pictures
(c1897 Nister : Novel Mechanical Book)
More Jingles, Jokes and Funny Folks by Wain and Clifton Bingham
Pathway of Flowers - A Calendar for 1898
(c1898) - with silk ties
Three Little Pets
Picture Companions

When Mother was a Little Girl by Blanchard
Pig Tales by Lilian Gask
As With Gladness
(c1900) - pamphlet
My Little Circus Book by Lavine Helmer
The Games Book for Boys and Girls
King Robert's Page
Let's Pretend
Merry Children's Nursery Rhymes
Lamb's Tales from Shakespeare
Nursery Tales
(c1900) - E Stuart Hardy
My Dolly's Toy Book
(c1900) - untearable
Cosy Corner Stories
Grandma's Memories by Mary D Brine
(c1900 Nister/Dutton, US) - Ambrose Dudley
Warriors Brave : A Story of Little Lead Soldiers
(c1900) - M M Jamieson
A Book of Gnomes by E E Weatherly
The Dandy Lion by Louis Wain and Clifton Bingham
Fun All the Way
Our Bunny Pets
(nd. c1900)
Dick Whittington and His Cat
(nd. c1900)
The Toy Village
(nd. c1900) - Katharine Greenland

The Revolt of the Toys and What Became of Quarrelling
The Doings of a Dear Little Couple by Mary Brine
Pets at the Farm
Marcus the Young Centurian by George Manville Fenn
Shakespeare's Heroines by Anna Jameson
The Story of the Five Rebellious Dolls
Funny Favourites by Clifton Bingham
Paul Creswick in Alfred's Day
Dick of Temple Bar by M C Roswell
(c1905 Nister/Dutton, US) - I Thackeray
Oh ! Such Fun

Stories and Rhymes for Holiday Times
Seaside Playtime
Pleasant Pastimes
(c1900 Nister No. 1809)
Fairy Tales
(1908) - Arthur A Dixon
Full of Fun by Clifton Bingham
Hide and Seek Stories
Playtime Stories
The Poet and Other Animals
(1909) - H G H Thompson
Favourite Fairy Tales
Happy Hearts and Merry Eyes
Mother Goose Jingles
Merchant Ships and what They Bring

After 1911
My Seaside Story Book by E Nesbit & George Manville Fenn
Our New Story Book by E Nesbit et al
(1913 Nister / Dutton, NY)
Merry Children's Nursery Rhymes
Rosy Cheeks Funny Book
Wild Animal Tales
Dolly and Her Doggies : A Book of Pictories and Stories for Girls & Boys
(nd. Nister)
Fur Coats and Feather Frocks
(nd. Nister)
The Windmill Tale by Virginia Bennett
(nd. Nister No. 5068) - E Heatley

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