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Florence Nightingale

Female : Nurse and writer. Single. In 1853 Superintendent of a hospital for invalid women in London. She volunteered for the Crimean War, taking 38 nurses to Scutari in 1854. By her mothods she drastically reduced the mortality rate in the hospital. £5000 was raised for her to establish a training hospital for nurses at St Thomas's & at King's College Hospital
Nationality : English Place of Birth : Florence, Italy

Date of Birth : 1820 Date of Death : 1910 Age : 90

Education : Trained as a nurse at Kaiserwerth (1851) and Paris
The Institution of Kaiserwerth on the Rhine for the Practical Training of Deaconesses
(1851 Printed by the Inmates of the London Ragged Colonial Training School)
Letters from Egypt
(1854 PP)

Statements Exhibiting the Voluntary Contributions Received by Miss Nightingale for the
Use of the British Hospitals in the East
(1857 Harrison & Sons)
Notes on Matters Affecting the Health, Efficiency & Hospital Administration of the British Army
(1858 PP by Harrison for Author)
Subsidiary Notes as to the Introduction of Female Nursing into Military Hospitals in Peace and War
(1858 PP by Harrison for Author)
A Contribution to the Sanitary History of the British Army during the Late Ware with Russia
(1859 Harrison)
Notes on Hospitals
(1859 John W Parker)
(1863 Longmans Green. 3rd Ed - completely rewritten)
Suggestions for Thought to the Searchers after Truth among the Artizans of England
(1860 PP for Author by Eyre & Spottiswoode) - 3 vols
Notes on Nursing : What It is, and What it Is Not
(1859 Harrison, London) (1860 Harrison. 2nd Ed)
(1860 Appleton, NY)

Army Sanitary Administration and its Reform under the Late Lord Herbert
(1862 M'Corquodale)
Observations on the Evidence contained in the Stational reports Submitted to the Royal
Commission on the Sanitary State of the Army in India
(1863 Edward Stanford)
Organisation of Nursing
(1865 A Holden, Liverpool / Longman, London)

Introductory Notes on Lying-In Institutions, Together with a Proposal for Organizing an Institutuion for
Training Midwives & Midwifery Nurses
(1871 Longmans Green)
Life or Death in India
(1873 Assoc for the Promotion of Social Science, Norwich)
The Zemindar, the Sun and the Watering Pot as Affecting Life or Death in India
(1873-6) - unpublished
On Trained Nursing for the Sick Poor
(1876 Metropolitan & National Nursing Assoc)
Miss Florence Nightingale's Addresses to probationer Nurses in the Nightingale Fund School at St
Thomas's Hospital & Nurses who were formerly trained there, 1872-1900
(PP for private circulation)

Florence Nightingale to Her Nurses
(Np. nd. c1935 PP)
[This essay, originally written in 1850-1, attacked the Victorian family]
Florence Nightingale's Indian Letters 1878-82
(1937 Calcutta)
Selected Writings
(1954 NY) - Edited by L R Seymer
Florence Nightingale at Harley Street : Her Reports 1853-4
(1970 Dent)

Llewellyn Jewitt : A Stroll to Lea Hurst, Derbyshire, the Home of Florence Nightingale
(1855 London)
James Croston : A Pilgrimage to the Home of Florence Nightingale
(1862 London)
Sarah A Tooley : The Life of Florence Nightingale
(1904 Bousfield, London)
Sir Edward Cook : The Life of Florence Nightingale
(1912 Macmillan) (1913 NY) - 2 vols
Eliza F Pollard : Florence Nightingale - The Wounded Soldier's Friend
(nd. c1913 Partridge)
J B O'Malley : Florence Nightingale - A Study of Her Life down to the end of the Crimean War
(1931 Thornton Butterworth)
Cecil Woodham-Smith : Florence Nightingale 1820-1910
(1950 Constable) (1955 Penguin)
W J Bishop & S Goldie : A Bio-Bibliography of Florence Nightingale
(1962 Dawsons, London)
F B Smith : Florence Nightingale - Reputation and Power

[The Forence Nightingale Museum is at St Thomas' Hospital, London SE1]

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