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John Newbery

Male : Publisher & Bookseller. Began publishing in Reading (possibly with a partner called Micklewright) in 1740 (where he owned the Reading Mercury) and moved to London in 1744. The first publisher to produce children's books. Branched out into newspapers, magazines & a manufacturer of patent medicines. Published the periodical "The Public Ledger".
Nationality : English Place of Birth : Waltham St Lawrence, Berkshire

Date of Birth : 1713 Date of Death : 1767 Age : 54
[His first London address was "Bible and Crown", nr Devereux Court, Temple Bar, and then he
moved to 65 St Paul's Churchyard at the "Sign of the Bible and Sun",
where the firm stayed until well into the 20thC.
He also had another premise at the 'Golden Ball" near the Royal Exchange.
In 1751 he began publishing The Lilliputian Magazine, one of the first magazines for young people.
(The earliest surviving copy is in the British Museum Catlogue, dated 1753)
Between 1740 & 1815 his firm published some 2400 books, of which around 400
were for the juvenile market
After his death the business was run by his son, Francis Newbery and his stepson Thomas Carnan]
Richard Allestree : The Whole Duty of Man
(1740 Newbery, Reading)
A Little Pretty Pocket-Book
[This was his first published book, intended for the Instruction of Little Master Tommy
& Pretty Miss Polly" in 1744. It was almost certainly written
by Newbery but the earliest surviving edition is the 7th Edition, published in 1763.]

The Circle of the Sciences
(1745-6) - 8 vols
[These covered Arithmetic, Logic, Chronology, Grammar, Poetry, Rhetoric & Geography]
A Museum for Young Gentlemen and Ladies, or a Private Tutor for Little Masters and Misses
Nurse Truelove's Christmas Box
A Pretty Book of Pictures for Little Masters and Misses
Nurse Truelove's New Year Gift, or the Book of Books for Children
Historical Descriptions
(1753) - 3 vols
Be Merry & Wise, or the Cream of the Jests, and the Marrow of Maxims, for the Conduct of Life,
by Tommy Trapwit
(c1753 or 1758)
A New Testament adapted for youth
A Collection of Pretty Poems for the Amusement of Children Three Foot High
Food for the Mind, or a New Riddle Book .. by John-the-Giant-Killer, esq
Fables in Verse by Abraham Aesop, Esq
An Abridged Bible
Letters on the Most Common, as well ass Important, Occasions in Life
(1758. 4th Ed)
A Pretty Plaything for Children of All denominations
(by 1759)

The Newtonian System of Philosophy
(1761) (1779 Carnan & Newbery. 5th Ed) - by Tom Telescope
(1798 Ogilvy, London. New Ed)
[Attributed to Oliver Goldsmith]
(1766. 3rd Ed)
(1787 T Carnan 7th Ed)
Plutarch's Lives
(1762-3) - 7 vols
[Written by Goldsmith]
The Circle of the Sciences
Giles Gingerbread, a Little Boy who Lived Upon Learning
A History of England, in a series of Letters from a Nobleman to His Son
(1764 Newbery) - 2 vols
- Anon, [but written by Oliver Goldsmith]
Mother Goose's Melody, or Sonnets for the Cradle
The History of Little Goody Two Shoes, otherwise called Mrs Margery Two Shoes
[Only one copy exists of this book, in the British library]
The Valentine's Gift
Twelfth Day Gift for 1767

After 1771
Dr Goldsmith's Roman History
An History of the Earth and Animated Nature
(1774) - 8 vols
Poetry Made Familiar and Easy
(1776 Carnan & Newbery)
Offered in 1995 for £250
Logic Made Familiar and Easy
(1777 Carnan & Newbery. 4th Ed)
London cries
Arithmetic Made Familiar and Easy to Young Gentlemen and Ladies
(1788 Carnan. 5th Ed)

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