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John Ruskin

Male : Author and art critic. Inherited a large fortune from his father, a sherry importer. Married Euphemia Chalmers Gray in 1848, dissolved 1855, when she married John Millais. Became friends with Kate Greenaway in 1880s and had a big influence of her life and work. In 1871 set up his Press at Orpington in Kent. It was run by George Allen, an engraver.
Lived at Brantwood, Coniston in the Lake District from 1872-1900. Buried in Coniston churchyard
Nationality : English Place of Birth : Bloomsbury, London

Date of Birth : 1819 Date of Death : 1900 Age : 81

Other Work : The first Slade Professor of Fine Arts, Oxford in 1869

Education : Christ Church, Oxford
Salsette and Elephanta
(1839 J Vincent, Oxford)
Offered in 1999 for £1090
Modern Painters .. by a Graduate of Oxford
(1843 Smith Elder) (1844. 2nd Ed) - Anon
(1846-60 Smith Elder) - 5 vols
The Seven Lamps of Architecture
(1849 Smith Elder) (1855 2nd Ed)

The King of the Golden River, or The Black Brothers
(1851 Smith Elder - 3 editions in the same year)
(1860 Mayhew & Baker, Boston) - Richard Doyle. Anon
The Stones of Venice
(1851-3 Smith Elder) - 3 vols
(1851 Smith Elder) - Anon
Notes on the Construction of Sheepfolds
(1851 Smith Elder)
Lectures on Architecture and Painting, delivered in Edinburgh
(1854 Smith Elder) (1855 2nd Ed)
(1854 John Wiley, NY)
On the Nature of Gothic Architecture .. and the Workman in Art
(1854 Smith Elder)
Giotto and His Works in Padua
(1854 Arundel Society, London) (1900 George Allen 2nd Ed)
[Florentine painter and architect, c1267-1337]
The Opening of the Crystal Palace considered in some of its relations to the Prospects of Art
(1854 Smith Elder)

Notes on Some of the Principal Pictures exhibited in the Rooms of the Royal
Academy : No II
(1856 Smith Elder)
Notes on Some of the Principal Pictures exhibited in the Rooms of the Royal
Academy : No III
(1857 Smith Elder 2nd Ed)
The Elements of Drawing in Three Letters to Beginners
(1857 Smith Elder) (1857 2nd Ed)
The Political Economy of Art
(1857 Smith Elder) (1858 Wiley & Halsted NY)
Notes on the Turner Gallery at Marlborough House 1856-7
(1857 Smith Elder 3rd Ed)
Cambridge School of Art : Mr Ruskin's Inaugural Address at Cambridge
(1858 Bell & Daldy)
Notes on Some of the Principal Pictures exhibited in the Rooms of the Royal
Academy : No IV
(1858 Smith Elder)
The Elements of Perspective, arranged for the Use of Schools
(1859 Smith Elder)
Notes on Some of the Principal Pictures exhibited in the Rooms of the Royal
Academy : No V
(1859 Smith Elder)
The Oxford Museum
(1859 London) - with H W Acland
The Two Paths : Being Lectures on Art, and its Application to Decoration and Manufacture
(1859 Smith Elder)
Unto This Last
(1860 in "Cornhill Magazine")

Unto This Last
(1862 Smith Elder)
Munera Pulveris
Sesame and Lilies : Two Lectures delivered at Manchester in 1864
(1865 Smith Elder)
The Ethics of the Dust : Ten Lectures to Little Housewives
(1866 Smith Elder) (1866 John Wiley, NY)
The Crown of Wild Olives : Three Lectures on Work, Traffic and War
(1866 Smith Elder) (1866 John Wiley NY)
Time & Tide by Weare and Tyne : 25 Letters to a Working Man of Sunderland on the Laws of Work
(1867 Smith Elder) (1883 Wiley, NY)
The Queen of the Air : Being a Study of the Greek Myth of Cloud and Storm
(1869 Smith Elder) (1869 Wiley, NY)
Aratra Pentelici
(Ploughs of Pentelicus) (1870)
Lectures on Architecture and Painting
(1870 Clarendon Press, OUP)
Lectures on Art, delivered before the University of Oxford
(1870 Clarendon Press)
Catalogue of Examples arranged for Elementary Study in the University Galleries
(1870 Clarendon Press)

Fors Clavigera : Letters to the Workmen and Labourers of Great Britain
(1871-87 George Allen) - 9 vols. Each volume was 7d
The Eagle's Nest : Ten Lectures on the Relation of Natural Science to Art
(1872) (1894 G Allen. 3rd Ed)
Love's Meinie : Lectures on Greek and English Birds, given before the University of Oxford
(1873-81 Geo Allen)
Modern Painters
(1873 Smith Elder. New Ed) - 1000 signed by Ruskin. 5 vols
Stones of Venice
(1874 Smith Elder. New Ed) - 1500 signed by Ruskin. 3 vols
Frondes Agrestes : Readings in Modern Painters
(1875 George Allen)
Mornings in Florence : being Simple Studies of Christian Art
(1875-7 George Allen)

Ariadne Florentina : Six Lectures on Wood and Metal Engraving
(1876 George Allen)
Bibliotheca Pastorum
(Edited by Ruskin) (1876-85 Ellis & White, George Allen)
Guide to the Principal Pictures in the Academy of Fine Arts, Venice
(1877 Venice)
The Harbours of England
(1877 Smith Elder. New Ed) - T Lupton
Offered in 1998 for £225
St Mark's Rest : The History of Venice
(1877-84 George Allen)
(1884 George Allen - 1st collected ed)
Deucalion : Collected Studies of the Lapse of Waves and Life of Stones : Vol 1
(1879 George Allen)
Letters .. to the Clergy on the Lord's Prayer and the Church
(1879 PP for circulation only) - 150
The Relation between Michael Angelo and Tintoretto
(1879 George Allen 2nd Ed)
Arrows of the Chace : A Collection of Scattered Letters
(1880 George Allen, Orpington) - 2 vols
Notes by Mr Ruskin on Samuel Prout and William Hunt
(1880 The Fine Art Society, London)
[Samuel Prout, English watercolour painter 1783-1852]

The Laws of Fesole
(1882 George Allen 2nd Ed)
Prosperina : Studies of Wayside Flowers Vol 1
(1882 Geo Allen. 2nd Ed)
Catalogue of the Collection of Siliceous Minerals : Given to and arranged for
St David's Sch, Reigate
(1883 PP)
The Storm Cloud of the 19thC
(1884 George Allen)
In Montibus Sanctis : Studies of Mountain Form and of its Visible Cause
(1884-5 George Allen)
The Art of England : Lectures given in Oxford
(1884 George Allen)
Our Fathers Have Told Us - Sketches of the History of Christendom for Boys & Girls
(1884 George Allen)
The Pleasures of England : Lectures given in Oxford
(1884-5 George Allen)
On the Old Road : A Collection of Miscellaneous Essays, Pamphlets .. published 1834-85
(1885 G Allen) - 3 vols
(Ed with added verses by Ruskin) Dame Wiggins of Lee, & Her Seven Wonderful Cats
(1885 Geo Allen) - 400 Large Paper. Kate Greenaway

Praeterita: Outlines of Scenes and Thoughts ..
(1886-9 George Allen) - 3 vols. autobiography
Dilecta : Correspondence, Diary Notes and Extracts from Books, illustrating
(1886-1900 G Allen)
Notes on some of the Principal Pictures of Sir John Everett Millais
(1886 Reeves, London)
Notes on the Pictures of Mr Holman Hunt ..
(1886 Wm Reeves, London)
Hortus Inclusus : Messages from the Wood to the Garden
(1887 George Allen) (1888 2nd Ed)
Modern Painters
(1888 George Allen) - 6 vols incl index
The Crown of Wild Olive : Four Lectures on Industry and War
(1889 George Allen. 3rd Ed)
Aratra Pentelici : Seven Lectures on the Elements of Sculpture
(1890 George Allen. 3rd Ed)
Two Letters concerning "Notes on the Construction of Sheepfolds"
(1890 PP)

The Poems .. Now First Collected
(1891 George Allen) - 2 vols. edited by W G Collingwood
The Nature of Gothic
(1892 Kelmscott Press)
Stray Letters from Professor Ruskin to a London Biblipole
(F S Ellis)
(1892 PP in London) - 33. edited by T J Wise
The Stones of Venice
(1893 George Allen) - 3 vols
Offered in 1998 for £500
Sesame and Lilies
(1893 George Allen) - new complete edition
The Poetry of Architecture ..
(1893 George Allen)
Three Letters and an Essay 1836-41 : Found in his Tutor's Desk
(1893 George Allen)
Letters Addressed to a College Friend during the Years 1840-5
(1894 Geo Allen) (1894 Macmillan NY)
Ruskin on Music
(1894 George Allen) - edited by A M Wakefield
Verona and Other Lectures
(1894 Geroge Allen)
The Harbours of England
(1895 George Allen) - Edited by Thomas J Wise. J M W Turner
250 Large Paper
Studies in Both Arts : Being Ten Subjects Drawn & Described
(1895 George Allen)
John Ruskin & Frederick Denison Maurice on "Notes on the Construction of Sheepfolds"
(1896 PP) - edited by T J Wise
Lectures on Landscape, delivered at Oxford in Lent Term 1871
(1897 George Allen) - 150
The Complete Works : Connoisseur Edition
(1897 Estes & Lauriat, Boston) - 26 vols. 50
The Complete Works
(c1900 Thomas Y Crowell, NY) - 30 vols
Val D'Arno : Ten Lectures on the Tuscan Art
(1900 George Allen)

After 1900
Unto This Last
(1902 George Allen) - 400
The Works : Library Edition edited by E T Cook & A Wedderburn
(1903-12 George Allen) - 39 vols. 2062
Letters to MG & HG
(1903 PP Edinburgh & London) - 400 copies
Letters of John Ruskin to Charles Eliot Norton
(1905 Houghton Mifflin. 3rd Imp) - 2 vols
Unto This Last
(1907 Doves Press, Hammersmith) - 325
The King of the Golden River, or the Black Brothers
(1914 The Mosher Press, Portland, Maine) - 300
The King of the Golden River
(1932 Harrap) (1932 Harrap Signed Ltd Ed 750) - Arthur Rackham
Dearest Mamma Talbot : A Selection of Letters to Mrs Fanny Talbot
(1966 Allen & Unwin)
The Ruskin Family Letters 1801-1843
(1973 Cornell UP) - 2 vols
The King of the Golden River
(1978 Hamish Hamilton) - Krystna Turska
Time and Tide

Richard H Shepherd : Bibliography of Ruskin
(1878 John Wiley, NY)
W G Collingwood : The Life and Works of John Ruskin
(1893 Methuen) - 2 vols. 320
Charles Waldstein : The Work of John Ruskin : Its Influence upon Modern Thought &
(1894 Methuen) - 35 on Japanese paper
T J Wise & J P Smart : Complete Bibliography of the Writings in Prose & Verse of
John Ruskin
(1889-93 - 2 vols)
Alice Meynell : John Ruskin
M H Spielmann : John Ruskin - A Sketch of His Life, his Work and His Opinions
(1900 Cassell)
G W Kitchin : Ruskin at Oxford & Other Studies
(1904 Murray)
Edward T Cook : The Life of John Ruskin
(1911 George Allen, London) - 2 vols
Joan Evans : John Ruskin
(1955 Cape 25/-)
T J Wise & J P Smart : Complete Bibliography of the Writings in Prose & Verse of
John Ruskin
(1964 Dawsons Pall Mall, London)
R Herbert : The Art Criticism of John Ruskin
(1964 Da Capo Press, NY)
Tim Hilton : John Ruskin - The Early Years 1819-1859
(1985 Yale UP)
W Kemp : The Desire of My Eyes - The Life and Work of John Ruskin
(1991 Harper Collins)
John Batchelor : John Ruskin - No Wealth but Life
(2000 Chatto & Windus £25)
Tim Hilton : John Ruskin - The Later Years
(2000 Yale UP)

[John Howard Whitehouse, founder of Bembridge School, began collecting material
about Ruskin and it now houses the largest collection on Ruskin in the world.
The Ruskin Galleries, Bembridge, Isle of Wight]

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