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Sir Walter Raleigh Or Ralegh

Male : Explorer, Courtier, Statesman, Historian & Poet. Married Elizabeth Throckmorton in 1593. Imprisoned in the Tower after the failure of his expedition to find El Dorado, his estates were confiscated on the death of Elizabeth I in 1603. Released in 1615. He was executed (beheaded) in the Tower in 1618 for being an 'agent of Spain'
Nationality : English Place of Birth : Hayes Barton, Devon

Date of Birth : 1552 Date of Death : 1618 Age : 66

Other Work : Warden of Cornwall from 1585. Governor of Jersey 1600-3

Education : Oriel College, Oxford
A Report of the Truth of the Fight about the Isles of the Azores
The discouerie of the large rich, and bewtiful empire of Guiana

The History of the World
(1614 Walter Burre)
[Written whilst imprisoned in the Tower, and unfinished]
The Prerogative of Parliaments in England
(1628 T Cotes, London) - Anon
Instructions to His Son and to Posterity
The Prince, or Maxims of State
Judicious and Select Essayes and Observations
(1650 for Humphrey Moseley)
Offered in 1999 for £600
Maxims of State
A Discourse of the Original and Fundamental Cause of Natural War with the Mystery
of Invasive War
The Sceptic : Miscellany
The Marrow of Historie, or An Epitome of all Historical Passages
(1662 John & William Place, London. 2nd Ed)
The Historie of the World in Five Books
(1677 Jonathan Edwin, London)
(1687 for Thos Basset, London)
(1687 John Walthoe, London)
The Arts of Empire, and Mysteries of State Discabineted
(1692 for Joseph Watts, London)

A Discourse of Sea Ports, Principally of the Port and Haven of Dover
(1700 London)
An Essay on Ways and Means to Maintain the Honour .. of England
(1701 London)
Three Discourses
(1702 Benjamin Barker)
A Military Discourse
The Interest of England with Regard to Foreign Alliances, Explained in Two Discourses

The Poems of Sir Walter Raleigh, now first collected
(1814 Private Press of Longman, Hurst. 2nd Ed)
The Works
(Edited by W Oldys) (1829 Oxford) - 8 vols
Journal of the Second Voyage to Guiana
(1848) - Edited by R H Schomburk

A Report of the Truth concerning the Last Sea-Fight of the Revenge
(1902 Houhgton Mifflin)
The discouerie of the large rich, and bewtiful empire of Guiana
(1905) - Edited by H D Rouse
A Report of the Truth of the Fight about the Isles of the Azores
(1908) - Edited by H Newbolt
The Letters : Edited by Lady Raleigh
(1926 Methuen) - 2 vols
The Discoverie of the large rich, and bewtiful empire of Guiana
(1928 Argonaut Press, London) - 975
The Poems of Sir Walter Raleigh
(Edited by Agnes M C Latham) (1929) (1951 Revised Edition)
Apology for His Voyage to Guiana
(1932) - Edited by V T Harlow

John Shirley : The Life of the Valiant & Learned Sir Walter Raleigh, Knight, with His
Tryal at Winchester
(1677 B Shirley & R Tonson, London)

E Edwards : The Life of Sir Walter Raleigh, with Letters
(1868) - 2 vols
T N Brushfield : A Bibliography of Sir Walter Raleigh
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W Stebbing : Sir Walter Raleigh
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(2002 Penguin £25)

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