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Christopher Smart

Male : Poet. He edited and contributed to John Newbery's magazine "The Midwife". In 1753 he married Newbery's stepdaughter, Anna Maria Carnan. He was imprisoned for debt in 1747, his wife left him and Newbery disowned him. Thomas Carnan was to help him but he died. Entered a mental asylum from 1756-1763, which led him to constant public prayer and the production of most of his religious poetry. Died in the King's Bench prison
Nationality : English Place of Birth : Vane Estate, Shipbourne, Kent

Date of Birth : 1722 Date of Death : 1771 Age : 49

Pseudonyms : Ebenezer Pentweazle

Education : Durham GS & Pembroke College, Cambridge
The Student's Companion
(1748 for A Millar, London)
The Horatian Canons of Friendship
(1750 for the author & J Newbery, London)
- by Ebenezer Pentweazle
On the Eternity of the Supreme Being
(Ed) The Student, or Oxford and Cambridge Monthly Miscellany (1750-1) - 2 vols. et al
A Solemn Dirge, Sacred to the Memory of Frederic, Prince of Wales
The Nut-Cracker
(Ed) An Index to Mankind, or Maxims Selected from the Wits of All Nations (1751)
On the Immensity of the Supreme Being
Poems on Several Occasions
On the Omniscience of the Supreme Being
(Ed) The Muses' Banquet, or a Present from Parnassus (1752) - 2 vols
The Hilliard : An Epic Poem Book 1
Mother Midnight's Comical Pocket-Book
(Ed) Be Merry and Be Wise, or The Dream of the jests, and the Marrow of Maxims
for the Conduct of Life
On the Power of the Supreme Being

On the Goodness of the Supreme Being
(Trans) The Works of Horace Translated Literally into English Prose (1756) - 2 vols
Hymn to the Supreme Being on Recovery from a Dangerous Fit of Illness
(Ed) The Universal Visitor and Memorialist for the Year 1756 (1756) - with Richard Rolt
(Ed) A Collection of Poems for the Amusement of Children Six Foot High and Three Feet High
(1756) - 2 vols
(Ed) The Nonpareil, or The Quintessence of Wit & Humour (1757 for T Carnan, London)
Jubilate Agno
(Rejoice in the Lamb) (1758) - whilst in mental asylum

Mrs Midnight's Orations and Other Select Pieces
A Song to David
Poems on Several Occasions
Hannah : An Oratorio
(1764) - Music by John Worgan
Ode to the Earl of Northumberland, with Some Other Pieces
A Poetical Translation of the Fables of Phaedrus
(1765 Dodsley)
(Trans) The Fables of Phaedrus (1765)
A Translation of the Psalms of David
(1765 Dryden Leach for Author, London)
Offered in 1999 for £395

1766 Onwards
(Trans) The Works of Horace Translated into Verse with a prose Interpretation (1767) - 4 vols
The Parables of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ
Abimelech : An Oratorio
(1768) - Music by S Arnold
Hymns for the Amusement of Children
(1771 Thos Carnan)
Providence : An Oratorio
The Poems
(1791 Reading & London) - 2 vols
A Song to David
(1901 Elkin Mathews 1/-)
A Song to David & Other Poems
(1924 Cobden-Sanderson) - Edited by Edmund Blunden
Rejoice in the Lamb : A Song from Bedlam
(1939 Cape) - 750. Edited by W F Stead
The Collected Poems
(1949 Routledge) - 2 vols. Edited by Norman Callan
A Song to David
(1960 Rampant Lions Press, Cambridge) - 600. Lynton Lamb frontis
Religious Poetry
(1972) - Edited by Marcus Walsh

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