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Herbert Strang

Male : Pseud of George Herbert Ely (1866-1958) & C James L'Estrange (1867-1947) who were staff members of the Oxford University Press. They published fiction, textbooks and non-fiction for both boys and girls. Sometimes they collaborated with John Aston, George Lawrence & Richard Stead

Pseudonyms : George Herbert Ely & C James l'Estrange
Tom Burnaby : A Story of Uganda and the Great Congo Forest
(1904 Blackie) - Charles M Sheldon
Boys of the Light Brigade
(1904 Blackie) - William Rainey
Kobo : A Story of the Russo-Japanese War
(1904 Blackie) - William Rainey
Brown of Moukden : A Story of the Russo-Japanese War
(1905 Blackie) - William Rainey
The Adventures of Harry Rochester : A Story of the Days of Marlborough and Eugene
(1905 Blackie) - William Rainey

All Hodder & Stoughton from here onwards
Jack Hardy
(1906) - William Rainey
One of Clive's Heroes
(1906) - William Rainey
(1906) - William Rainey
Rob the Ranger
(1907) - W H Margetson
With Drake on the Spanish Main
(1907) - Archibald Webb
King of the Air
(1907) - W E Webster
On the Trail of the Arabs
(1907 Bobbs Merrill, US) - Charles Sheldon
Herbert Strang's Historical Series
Humphrey Bold
Barclay of the Guides
(1908) - C Fleming Williams
Lord of the Seas
(1908) - C Fleming Williams
Herbert Strang's Annual
(1908) - first issued

Palm Tree Island
(1909) - Archibald Webb & Alan Wright
Settlers and Scouts
(1909) - T C Dugdale
Swift and Sure
The Cruise of the Gyro-car
(1910) - A C Michael
The Adventures of Dick Trevanion
(1910) - William Rainey
Round the World in Seven Days
(1910) - A C Michael

The Flying Boat
(1911) - T C Dugdale
The Air Scout
(1911) - W R S Stott
The Motor Scout : A Story of Adventures in South America
(1912 Frowde, Hodder & Stoughton) - Cyril Cuneo
The Air Patrol
(1912) - Cyril Cuneo
Cerdic the Saxon
(1913) - L L Weedon
A Little Norman Maid
Sultan Jim, Empire Builder

A Gentleman-at-Arms
A Hero of Liege
Fighting with French
The Boy who Would Not Learn
(1915 OUP)
The Silver Shot
(1915 OUP)
In Trafalgar's Bay
(1915 OUP)

Burton of the Flying Corps
Frank Forester
The Old Man of the Mountain
(1916) - Rene Bull
Through the Enemy's Lines
(1916) - H E Elcock
Carry on !
(1917) - H E Elcock & H Evison
With Haig on the Somme
(1917 OUP)
Steady, Boys, Steady
The Orange Book for Boys
(c1919 Humphrey Milford)

After 1921
Herbert Strang's Annual
(1922 OUP)
(Ed) The Golden Book for Boys (1922 Humphrey Milford, OUP) - C E Brock et al
(Collected by) Treasures of English Verse (1925 OUP)
(Ed) The Red Book for Boys (1926 OUP) - Cyrus Cuneo
The Blue Raiders
(1929 Milford, OUP)
(Ed) The Big Book of Fairy Stories (1929 OUP) - A H Watson
Dickon of the Chase
(1931 OUP)
(Collected by) Treasures of English Verse (1934 OUP) - C Walter Hodges
(Ed) The Great Book for Boys (1934 Humphrey Milford, OUP)

With Marlborough to Malplaquet - with Richard Stead
With the Black Prince - with RS
A Mariner of England - with RS
One of Rupert's Horse - with RS
Lion-heart - with RS
Claud the Archer - with John Aston
In the New Forest - with JA
Roger the Scout - with George Lawrence
For the White Rose - with GL

(Ed) As Mrs Herbert Strang
Mrs Strang's Annual for Children
(c1910 OUP)
The Rose Fairy Book
(c1912 Frowde, Hodder & Stoughton) - L A Govey
The Big Book for Baby
(1924 Milford, OUP)
The Great Book for Tinies
(1929 Milford)
Toddles and Me
(1929 Milford, OUP)
(Ed) The Big Book for Girls (1930 Humphrey Milford, OUP)
Fairy Stories for Tiny Folk
(1930 Milford, OUP) - frontis Anne Anderson
The Violet Book for Girls
(1930 OUP)
The Girl Crusoes
(1932 Readers Juvenile Library)
Teeny Weenies at the Farm
(nd. c1932 OUP)
Teeny Weeny's Merry Book
(nd. c1932 OUP)
Teeny Weenies at the Farm
(nd. c1932 OUP)
Teeny Weeny and Mickey Mouse
(1933 Milford Teeny Weeny Series) - Miniature book
Little Dickies
(1938 Henny-Penny Books for Little Chicks)
Our Old Fairy Stories
(1939 OUP) - A H Watson
The Big Book of Mother Goose
(nd. Humphrey Milford, OUP) - Grace Lodge
What Baby Reads
(nd. Hodder & Stoughton, NY) - Millicent Sowerby

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