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Scotland, Books On

Certayne Matters composed together, etc
(1594 Edinburgh)

Certayne Matters concerning the Realm of Scotland
(1603 London)
Scotiae Indiculum, or the Present State of Scotland
(1682 London)
A Journey to Scotland, giving a Character of that Country, the People
and Their Manners : By an English Gentleman
(1699 London)

A Description of Scotland and its Inhabitants
(1705 London) - by E B
A Description of the Most Remarkable Highways, and Whole Known Fairs
and Mercats in Scotland
(1711 Edinburgh)
A Journey to the Highlands of Scotland, with Occasional Remarks on Dr Johnson's Tour
(1776 London) - By A Lady
One Day's Journey to the Highlands of Scotland, March 12, 1784
(1784 Perth)
Scotland Delineated, or a Geographical Description of Every Shire in Scotland,
including the Northern and Western Isles
(1791 Edinburgh)
Thirty Six Views in Scotland, chiefly from Drawings by J C
(1791-4 London)
Select Views of Picturesque Scenery in Scotland
(1794 London)
Journal of a Tour Through the Northern Counties of Scotland and the Orkney
Isles in 1797
(1798 Edinburgh. 3rd Ed)
The Traveller's Guide, or a Topographical Description of Scotland,
and of the Islands Belonging to It
(1798 Edinburgh)
(1814 Edinburgh. 6th Ed) - 2 vols
(1818 Edinburgh. 7th Ed) - 2 vols
(1829 Edinburgh. 9th Ed)

The Gazeteer of Scotland
(1803 Dundee)
Three Reports of the Commissioners for Roads and Bridges in the Highlands of Scotland
Gazeteer of Scotland, containing a Particular Description of the Counties, Parishes, Islands,
Cities, Towns, etc
(1806 Edinburgh. 2nd Ed Enlarged)
Sketch of a Tour in the Highlands of Scotland, through Perthshire, Argyllshire
and Invernesshire
(1819 London)
The Steam Boat Companion and Stranger's Guide to the Western Islands
and Highlands of Scotland
(1820 Glasgow)
(1825 Glasgow. 2nd Ed)
An Account of the Principal Pleasure Tours in Scotland
(1821 Edinburgh. 2nd Ed)
Principal Roads through Scotland from Edinburgh, Glasgow, etc
(1823 Edinburgh. 2nd Ed)
The Contrast, or Scotland as it was in the Year 1745, and Scotland in the Year 1819
(1825 London)
The Scottish Tourist and Itinerary, or a Guide to the Scenery and Antiquities of Scotland
(1825 Edinburgh)
A Summer Ramble in the North Highlands
(1825 edinburgh)

The Pocket Guide to the Picturesque Scenery of Scotland
(1836 Glasgow)
The Scottish Tourist's Steam Boat Pocket Guide
(1836 Glasgow. 2nd Ed)
The Scottish Land Tourist's Pocket Guide
(1839 Glasgow)
(1850 Glasgow)
The Topographical, Statistical and Historical Gazeteer of Scotland
(1842 Glasgow) - 2 vols
Fragmenta Scoto-Monastica : Memoir of what has been already done, and what Materials
Exist, Towards the Formation of a Scotch Monasticon
(1842 Edinburgh)
The Comprehensive Gazeteer of Scotland
(1846 Glasgow)
Notes of Travel at Home : During a Month's Tour in Scotland & England
(1846 London) - By G A S
Annual List of Northern Lighthouses for 1847 & 1848
(1847-8 Edinburgh)

The Tourist's Memorial of Scotland : A Series of Twenty Views of Picturesque Scenery
and Celebrated Localities
(1852 Edinburgh)
Lectures on the Mountains, or Highlands and Highlanders : Two Series
(1860 London) - By W G S
Characteristics of Old Church Architecture in the Mainland and Western
Islands of Scotland
(1861 Edinburgh)
Three Days in the Highlands with the Late Rev A Fletcher, in the Summer of 1858, with Special
Reference to His Visit to the Islands of Staffa and Iona
(1861 London) - By T G
Journal of a Few Days' Tour in the Western Highlands, in the Autumn of 1862
(1862 London) - By O W
A Fortnight in the Highlands for £6 by One who Has tried It
(1862 London)
Lake Land : English and Scottish
(1864 London) - By S B H
Forest Sketches, Deer Stalking and Other Sports in the Highlands Fifty Years Ago
(1865 Edinburgh)
A Traveller's Notes in Scotland, Belgium, Devonshire, the Channel Islands,
the Mediterranean, France, Somersetshire, Cornwall, the Scilly Islands,
Wiltshire and Dorsetshire in 1866
(1867 London) - By H G

After 1871
The Tourists' Handy Guide to Scotland
(1872 Edinburgh)
The Tourist's Picturesque Guide to the Trossachs, Loch Lomond,
Central Highlands
(1872 London)
Owners of Lands and Heritages
(1874 Edinburgh)
The Tourists' Shilling Handy Guide to Scotland
(1875 Edinburgh)
Notes on the Fauna and Flora of the West of Scotland
(1876 Glasgow)
Notices of Some of the Principal Manufactures of the West of Scotland
(1876 Glasgow)
The Tourists' Half-Crown Guide to Scotland
(1880 Edinburgh. 11th Ed)
The Highland Handbook and List of Shootings and Fishings
(1880 London)

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