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Ethel Talbot

Female : Children's Writer of Guide, School and Adventure stories
Peggy's Last Term
The Cosy-Comfy Book
(1920 Collins) - Anne Anderson
Baby Fluff
(1920 OUP)
The Luck of the School
(c1920s Chambers) - Molly Benatar
Farmyard Fun
(1922 Collins) - M Morris
Ted's Adventures
(1922 Dean)
The Island Camp
(1923 Sheldon Press)
The Sport of the School
(1923 Chambers) - J R Burgess
The Adventures of Woodeny and Other Stories
(1923 Nelson) - with Harold Overy & Ada Holman
The Best of All Schools
(1924 Jarrolds)
The Luck of the School
(1924 Chambers) - Molly Benetar
Patricia Prefect
(1925 Nelson)
Fellow Fags
(1925 Sheldon) - P Walford

Jane and the Beanstalks
(1926 Pearson) - R B Ogle
Little Black Tumgo's Tale & Other Stories
(1926 Epworth)
The Camp in the Wood
(1926 Epworth)
Rags : The Pranks of a Little Doggie
(1926 Epworth Press)
Just the Girl for St Jude's
(1927 Cassell)
Twenty-Six Ethel Talbot Tales for Girls
(1926 RTS) - R H Stone
Aunt Mary
(1927 Sheldon Press)
Priscilla the Prefect
(1927 Sheldon)
Jan at Island School
(1927 Pearson) - E Brier
Baby Animals
(1928 Nelson) - A E Kennedy
Adventures of Scurry the Scout
(1928 Epworth)
Ranger Rose
(1928 Nelson)

The Peppercorn Patrol
(1929 Cassell)
Skipper & Co
(1929 Warne)
Rhona Runs Away
(1929 Pilgrim Press)
Ranger Jo
(1929 Pearson)
Carol's Second Term
(c1930 Nelson) - W Bryce Hamilton
Billy of the Wolf Cubs and Other Good Turn Tales
(1930 Epworth)
The Mystery of the Manor
(1930 Sheldon)
My Picture Book of the Circus
(1930 Ward Lock)

Good Turn Tales for Wolf Cubs
(1931 Epworth)
Little Books
(1931 RTS) - 6 vols
A Girl Die-Hard
(1932 Thomson)
The Brownie Pack & Other Good-Turn Tales
(1932 Epworth)
Dearly Bought
(1932 Leng)
Fairy Tales for Brownie Folk
(1933 Epworth)
The Upper Hand
(1933 Leng)
Anne on Her Own
(1933 Ward Lock)
Betty and the Brownies
(1934 Warne)
Mascot of the School
(1934 Hutchinson)
Fifty Two Thrilling Stories for Girls
(1935 Hutchinson) - Glossop
Brownie Island
(1935 Warne)
Schoolgirl by Chance
(1935 Hutchinson)
Pluck at St Cyprian's
(1935 Pilgrim Press)

After 1936
Sea Rangers' Holiday
(1937 Warne)
Guide's Luck
(1938 Pearson)
Gerda Gets There
(1940 Ward Lock)
The Warringtons in War-Time
(1940 Nelson)
Jane Steps Out
(1948 Ward Lock)
The New Girl at the Priory
(nd. Ward Lock)

The Secret of the Sea
The Bravest Girl in the School
An Unexpected Schoolgirl
"Bedroom Books"
(In) The Girls' Budget (1927 Blackie)
"The Cloak of Mystery"
(In) Hulton's Girls' Stories Annual (1927 Allied Newspapers)
"Lost, Stolen or Strayed"
(In) The Girls' Budget (1927 Blackie) - Thomas Somerfield
"The Hijjus Yellow Cat"
(In) The Girls' Budget (nd. Blackie) - Gordon Browne
"The Club of the BYT's"
(In) The Girls' Budget (nd. Blackie) - Graham Simmons
"Running the Old School Mag"
(In) The Boys' Budget (nd. Blackie) - Morgan Rendle
"Phillimore Scores"
(In) The Empire Annual for Boys : Vol 19 (nd. Boy's Own Office)
"Bells Under the Sea"
(In) Collins' Girl Guides Annual (nd. Collins)
"Boss of the Boating Club"
(In) Hulton's Girls' Stories : The Best Annual for Girls (nd. Allied Newspapers)
"The Three Scotts Firs"
(In) The Schoolgirl's Annual (nd. Girl's Own Paper) - E E Briscoe
"Clearing Clarke"
(In) The Schoolgirl's Annual (nd. Girl's Own Paper) - Evens

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