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Thames, River

A Strange Wonder, or The Cities Amazement, being a relation occasioned by a wonderfull and
unusuall accident in the river of Thames
(1641 London)
An Historical Account of the Late Great Frost
(1684 London)
News from the Thames, or The Frozen Thames in Tears
(in verse) (1684 London)
Wonders of the Deep, or the most exact description of the Frozen River of Thames
(1684 London)
A True Account of the Dreadful Storm that happened on Monday 18th January, 1685
(1686 London)

Reasons Against Building a bridge over the Thames at Westminster
(1736 London)
A Voyage up the Thames
(1738 London)
R Griffiths : A Description of the River Thames
(1758 Longman)
Survey of the River Thames from Boulter's Lock to Mortlake
George SHARP : Remarks Concerning the Encrochments on the River Thames near Durham Yard
(1771 London) - 2 parts

Considerations on the idea of Uniting the Rivers Thames & Severn through Cirencester
(1782 London)
W JESSOP : Reports of the Engineers appointed by Commissioners of the Navigation of the
Rivers Thames and Isis
Robert MYLNE : Report the Second on the Navigation of the River Thames between Lechlade
and Whitchurch
(1791 London)
T Pennant : Some Account of London
(1791 R Faulder. 2nd Ed)
Samuel IRELAND : Picturesque Views on the River Thames from its Source in Gloucestershire
to the Nore
(1792 London) - 2 vols
Robert MYLNE : Report on a Survey of the River Thames from Boulter's Lock
to the City Stone, near Staines
(1793 London)
W COMBES : A History of the River Thames
(1794-6 London) - 2 vols
J BOYDELL : A History of the River Thames
(1794-6 London) - 2 vols
Patrick COLQUHOUN : A Treatise on the Commerce and Police of the River Thames
(1800 London)

Thomas TELFORD : An Account of the Improvements of the Port of London
(1801 London)
Robert POCOCK : Pocock's Gravesend Water Companion, describing all the Towns, etc as seen
from the Thames
(1802 Gravesend)
Pocock's Margate Water Companion, describing all the Towns, etc as seen from the River
Thames between London Bridge and Margate Town
(1802 Gravesend)
Z ALLNUTT : Considerations on the Best Mode of Improving the Navigation of the River
Thames from Richmond to Staines, Illustrated with Maps and Plans
(1805 Henley)

The Thames, or Graphic Illustrations of Seats, Villas, Public Buildings and Picturesque Scenery
on the Banks of That River
(1811 London) - 2 vols
Frostiana, or a History of the River Thames in a Frozen State
(1814 London)
J W NORRIE : Sailing Directions for the River Thames from London to The Nore and Sheerness,
and thence to Rochester
(1817 London) (1847 London)

Descriptions to the Plates of Thames Scenery, Engraved by W B Cooke & G Cooke
(1822 London)
Views on the Thames Engraved by W B Cooke & G Cooke
(1822 London) - 2 vols
Thomas NICHOLLS : The Steam Boat Companion, or Margate, Isle of Thanet, Isle of Sheppey,
Southend, Gravesend and River Thames Guide
(1823 London)
Prospectus of the Proposed Improvements on the Banks of the Thames
(1824 London)
The Thames Tunnel incorporated by Act 5 Geo IV, dated June 24, 1824
(1825 London)
F W FRENCH : A Collection of Papers Relating to the Thames Quay, with Hints for some
Further Improvements in the Metropolis
(1827 London)
Picturesque Tour of the River Thames, Illustrated by 24 Colored Views
(1828 London)
Edward MOGG : Mogg's Table of the New Watermen's Fares
(1828 London)
Panorama of the Thames from London to Richmond
(c1830 London)

Sir Isambard M Brunel : The Tunnel Under the Thames
(1833 London)
(Ed) W G FEARNSIDE : Tombleson's Thames (1834 London)
Eighty Picturesque Views on the Thames & Medway
(1834 Black & Armstrong, London)
Offered in 1993 for £285
W CAMDEN : The Steam Boat Pocket Book, A Descriptive Guide from London
Bridge to Ramsgate
(c1835 London)
A Guide from London to Gravesend, Herne Bay and Margate
(1837 London)
G H DAVIDSON : The Thames and Thanet Guide, and Kentish Tourist
(1838 London. 3rd Ed)
(1840 London. 5th Ed)
Charles MACKAY : The Thames and Its Tributaries, or Rambles Among the Rivers
(1840 London) - 2 vols
G BOYLE : Boyle's Thames Guide
(c1840 London)
Sir Frederick TRENCH : Letter from Sir Frederick Trench to the Viscount Duncannon
(1841 London)
[Concerning the Thames Embankment]
James ELMES : A Guide to the Port of London, Including the Bye-Laws
(1842 London)
R P CRUDEN : The History of the Town of Gravesend and Port of London
(1843 Wm Pickering)
(Ed) E F RIMBAULT : Old Ballads Illustrating the Frost of 1683-4, and the Fair
on the River Thames
(1844 London)
James THORNE : Rambles by Rivers - The Thames
(1847-9 London) - 2 vols
The Oarsman's Guide to the Thames, shewing the Distances of all Locks, Towns, Bridges
& Stairs : By a Member of the Leander Club
(c1850 London) (1857 London. New Ed)

Henry ROBINSON : A Plan for the Effectual Improvement of the River Thames
(1855 London)
The River Thames from the Palace of Westminster to the Tower : Lithographs
(1858 W Tegg)
Nelson's Handbooks for Tourists : The River Thames from Oxford to the Sea
(1859 Nelson)
S C HALL : The Book of the Thames
(1859 London) (1877 London. 2nd Ed)
C COURT : Wet and Dry, or The Docks of London
(1859 London)
Views on the Thames : London Bridge to Windsor
(1859 London)
A Handbook for Travellers in Berkshire, Bucks and Oxfordshire .. and the Descent
of the Thames to Windsor
(1860 London) (1872 London. 2nd Ed)
Views on the Thames and the Kentish Coast
(1860 London)

J S HOBBS : Sailing Directions for the Rivers Thames & Medway to Orfordness
and the Downs
(1862 London. New Ed)
Charles CAPPER : The Port and Trade of London, Historical, Statistical, Local and General
(1862 London)
Sailing Directions for the Rivers Thames and the South East Coast of England to Beachy Head
(1863 London)
J S HOBBS : Sailing Directions for the Rivers Thames & Medway
(1864 London)
Edward DORLING : Steam Packet Guide between London and Ipswich
(1865 Ipswich)
Bird's Eye View of the Thames Embankment
(1865 London)
The Thames Illustrated by Photographs by R Sedgfield
(1866-8 London : 3 series)
Nelson's Pictorial Guide Books for Tourists : A Trip on the Thames from Blackfriars to The Nore
(1869 Nelson)
S C P : Up the Thames - Sketches by S C P
(1874 London)
G VENABLES : Salmon in the Thames & Other Rivers
(1874 Macintosh, London. 3rd Ed)
Up the River Thames from Westminster to Windsor
(1876 London)
Josiah GRIFFIN : History of the Surrey Commercial Docks
(1877 London)
Up the River from Westminster to Windsor and Oxford
(1879 London)
Popular Guide Up the Thames to Kew, Richmond, Twickenham and Hampton Court
(1879 London)
H W TAUNT : A New Map of the River Thames from Thames Head to London
(1879 Oxford. 3rd Ed)
Charles DICKENS : Dickens's Dictionary of the Thames, from Oxford to The Nore
(1879 London)
W H BROUGHAM : Rise & Progress of Thames Preservation
(1893 Sampson Low)

T Cornish : Naturalist on the Thames
(1902 Seeley)
F A Mansfield : History of Gravesend in the County of Kent
(1922 Gravesend & Dartford Reporter)
J M Hobson : The Book of the Wandle - The Story of a Surrey River
(1924 Routledge)

J Burrett : Fishing the Lower Thames
Pippard Committee : Pollution of the Tidal Thames
(1961 HMSO)
B waters : Thirteen Rivers to the Thames
(1964 Dent)
G Thurston : The Great Thames Disaster
(1965 Allen & Unwin)
A P Herbert : The Thames
(1966 Weidenfeld & Nicolson)
C Cargill : The River Thames - Historical Survey of the Rights over the River and Their Conservancy
(1969 Thames Angling Preservation Society)
C Hibbert : London - The Biography of a City
(1969 Longmans)

After 1971
F Sheppard : London 1808-1870 - The Infernal Wen
(1971 Secker & Warburg)
C Cargill : The Thames Angling Preservation Society - Past, Present & Future
(1972 Thames Angling Preservation Society)
P Howard : London's River
(1975 Hamish Hamilton)
J Howson : A brief History of Barking & Dagenham
(1975 London Borough of Barking)
J Harrison & P Grant : The Thames Transformed - London's River and Its Waterfowl
(1976 Deutsch)
D G Wilson : The Making of the Middle Thames
(1977 Spurbooks)
Alwyne Wheeler : The Tidal Thames - a History of a River and Its Fishes
(1979 Routledge & Kegan Paul £9.75)
Stephen Croad : Liquid History - The Thames Through Time
(2003 English Heritage/Batsford £15.99)
Jonathan Scheer : The Thames - England's River
(2005 Little Brown £18.99)

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